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  Poster Programme - CL017 Land-atmosphere coupling in past, present and future climate (co-listed in AS, BG & HS)

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Convener: Seneviratne, S.
Co-Convener: Betts, A., Schär, C.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 08:00 -
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: BETTS, A.K.

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EGU06-A-00301;  CL017-1WE3P-0225
Hill, T; Williams, M; Moncrieff, J; Woodward, F
Effects of the biosphere on the atmospheric boundary layer: An investigation into the feedbacks between plant physiology and the atmosphere

EGU06-A-01132;  CL017-1WE3P-0226
Weigel, A.P.; Rotach, M.W.
The effect of steep and complex topography on net vertical export of moisture into the free atmosphere

EGU06-A-02059;  CL017-1WE3P-0227
Bosilovich, M.; Chern, J.
Simulation of water sources and precipitation recycling for the MacKenzie, Mississippi and Amazon river nasins

EGU06-A-10477;  CL017-1WE3P-0228
Leuzinger, S.; Körner, C.
Hydrological implications of atmospheric CO2 enrichment in deciduous forests

EGU06-A-09562;  CL017-1WE3P-0229
Pavlick, R.; Kleidon, A.
Climate sensitivity to atmospheric CO2 concentrations with optimally adapted vegetation

EGU06-A-06546;  CL017-1WE3P-0230
O'oishi, R.; Abe-Ouchi, A.; Sitch, S.; Prentice, I.C.
The role of Dynamical Vegetation processes under the CO2 increase and global warming with a newly coupled LPJ-MIROC AGCM

EGU06-A-03760;  CL017-1WE3P-0231
Schurgers, G.; Mikolajewicz, U.; Gröger, M.; Maier-Reimer, E.; Vizcaíno, M.; Winguth, A.
Biogeochemical and biophysical interactions between climate and vegetation: Simulations for the Eemian with a complex Earth System Model

EGU06-A-03481;  CL017-1WE3P-0232
Wolf, A.; Callaghan, T. V.; Göttel, H.; Jakob, D.; Keup-Thiel, E.
Future changes in vegetation of the Barents Region, including an iterative feedback of the climate-vegetation system

EGU06-A-00564;  CL017-1WE3P-0233
de Campos, C.P.; Matthews, B.; Muylaert, M.S.; Rosa, L.P.; van Ypersele, J.P.
Uncertainties in the historical land use change emissions, the global carbon cycle and linking to IPCC scenarios

EGU06-A-10173;  CL017-1WE3P-0234
Litschi, M.; Seneviratne, S.I.; Schär, C.
Mid-latitude summer climate variability in the IPCC AR4 simulations

EGU06-A-02368;  CL017-1WE3P-0235
Roesch, A.; Wild, M.; Calanca, P.
Summer drying under enhanced greenhouse gas warming

EGU06-A-01558;  CL017-1WE3P-0236
Hanlon, H; Stone, D; Allen, M; Stott, P; Troccoli, A; Hawkins, M
“Attribution of changes in extreme weather risk: a study of the European Summer 2003 Heatwave”

EGU06-A-05985;  CL017-1WE3P-0237
Fischer, E.; Seneviratne, S.; Vidale, P.L.; Lüthi, D.; Schär, C.
Soil moisture – atmosphere interactions during the 2003 European summer heatwave

EGU06-A-07114;  CL017-1WE3P-0238
Fischer, E.; Vidale, P. L.; Seneviratne, S.; Lüthi, D.; Schär, C.
Regional climate modelling of European summer climate variability over the period 1958-2001

EGU06-A-06937;  CL017-1WE3P-0239
Conil, S.; Douville, H.
Relative influence of soil moisture and SST on climate variability within ensembles of AMIP-type simulations

EGU06-A-10479;  CL017-1WE3P-0240
McGuffie, K.
Intercomparison of models of stable water isotope fluxes at the land surface in iPILPS: results from Phase 1

EGU06-A-10343;  CL017-1WE3P-0241
Lafont, S.; Beljaars, A.; Viterbo, P.; Voogt, M.
Evaluation of an improved vegetation parameterisation in the ECMWF land surface model

EGU06-A-08203;  CL017-1WE3P-0242
Rechid, D.; Hagemann, S.; Jacob, D.
Sensitivity of the global climate simulated by ECHAM5 to the annual surface albedo cycle as a function of vegetation phenology

EGU06-A-00865;  CL017-1WE3P-0243
Tadross, M.; Hewitson, B.
Climate modelling uncertainty over southern Africa attributable to land-surface characteristics

EGU06-A-00700;  CL017-1WE3P-0244
Meissner, C.; Schädler, G.; Kottmeier, C.; Haller, M.
Impact of soil-vegetation representation on episodic and regional climate simulation (cancelled)

EGU06-A-09186;  CL017-1WE3P-0245
Formayer, H.; Zueger, J.; Dorninger, M.; Gobiet, A.; Haas, P.; Gorgas, T.; Truhetz, H.; Loibl, W.
Influence of the land-surface scheme on the modelled precipitation in the European Alps

EGU06-A-02710;  CL017-1WE3P-0246
Bokwa, A.; Limanowka, D.
The impact of macroscale meteorological factors on the mesoclimatic structure of the Wieliczka Foothills (Carpathian Foreland)

EGU06-A-08764;  CL017-1WE3P-0247
Salgado, R.; Miranda, P. M.
Impact of a Southern Iberia artificial lake on fog winter climatology

EGU06-A-06535;  CL017-1WE3P-0248
Sen, O.L.
Optimizing snow-rain transition temperature in a regional climate model using satellite snow cover data (cancelled)

EGU06-A-00372;  CL017-1WE3P-0249
Duan, A. ; Wu, G.
Climate warming and change of sensible heating flux on the Tibetan Plateau

EGU06-A-05292;  CL017-1WE3P-0250
Frauenfeld, O. W.; Zhang, T.
The role of land surface processes on climate variability in the Tibetan Plateau

EGU06-A-03225;  CL017-1WE3P-0251
Hallgren, W; Beringer, J; Lynch, A; Tapper, N
Analysis of atmosphere-biosphere interactions and feedbacks in the Arctic (cancelled)

EGU06-A-02716;  CL017-1WE3P-0252
Saha, S. K.; Rinke, A.; Dethloff, K.
Influence of an Improved Soil Scheme on the Arctic Climate

EGU06-A-10480;  CL017-1WE3P-0253
Cao, Z.; Ma, J.
Variational computation of surface heat flux under stable conditions over the Arctic ice

EGU06-A-04976;  CL017-1WE3P-0254
Kiani, F; Jalalian, A; Pashaii, A
Archaeology in soil science and climatology, Stratigraphy, Mineralogy and soil properties in loess-derived landforms, north of Iran

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