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  Poster Programme - AS3.03 Cloud Chemistry and Microphysics (General Session)

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Convener: Herrmann, H.
Co-Convener: Grothe, H., Möhler, O., Leisner, T.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 08:00 -
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: MÖHLER, O.

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EGU06-A-06555;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0129
Ghosh, S.; Smith, M.H.; Dobbie, S.
Integrating microphysical and radiative responses of a tri-component aerosol system into GCMs

EGU06-A-08494;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0130
Maté, B.; Ortega, I. K.; Moreno, M. A.; Herrero, V. J.; Escribano, R.
Orientation Effects on Nitric Acid Dihydrate Films

EGU06-A-04622;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0131
Grothe, H.; Tizek, H.
Vibrational spectra of nitric acid hydrates

EGU06-A-04674;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0132
Grothe, H.; Tizek, H.; Waller, D.; Stokes, D.
Crystallization kinetics and morphology of nitric acid trihydrate

EGU06-A-01997;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0133
Möhler, O.; Bunz, H.; Saathoff, H.; Stetzer, O.; Wagner, R.
Homogeneous nucleation rates of nitric acid dihydrate (NAD) at simulated stratospheric conditions

EGU06-A-01923;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0134
Wagner, R.; Höpfner, M.; Möhler, O.; Saathoff, H.; Stetzer, O.; Schurath, U.
Infrared spectra of nitric acid hydrates - influence of particle shape

EGU06-A-05696;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0135
Delval, C.; Rossi, M. J.; Chiesa, S.
Evaporation lifetimes of ice films dosed with small quantities of HCl and HNO3 in the range 180-210K

EGU06-A-09194;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0136
Lian, Y.; Seisel, S.; Zellner, R.
Uptake of N2O5 on ice in the temperature range 140 K to 215 K

EGU06-A-06445;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0137
Hellebust, S.; O Riordan, B.; Sodeau, J.
Low-temperature surface chemistry of nitrogen oxides relevant to the atmosphere

EGU06-A-06712;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0138
Zobrist, B.; Marcolli, C.; Koop, T.; Peter, T.
Heterogeneous ice nucleation in the immersion mode- the role of water activity

EGU06-A-03525;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0139
Benz, S.; Möhler, O.; Wagner, R.; Saathoff, H.
Ice nucleation rates of ammonium sulphate and sulphuric acid aerosol droplets at upper tropospheric temperatures: Experiments in the aerosol chamber AIDA

EGU06-A-02002;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0140
Möhler, O.; Schnaiter, M.; Cotton, R.; Cziczo, D.; Froyd, K.; Galavardin, S.; Schmitt, C.; Schneider, J.; Ulanowski, Z.
The effect of coating layers on the heterogeneous ice nucleation efficiency of mineral particles

EGU06-A-01917;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0141
Wagner, R.; Benz, S.; Möhler, O.
Retrieving the Size Distribution of Laboratory Ice Clouds from Broadband Infrared Extinction Measurements: Case Studies from Experiments at the Aerosol and Cloud Chamber AIDA

EGU06-A-10451;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0142
Svendby, T. M.; Lund Myhre, C.; Kahnert, M.
Sensitivity studies of Arctic Ice clouds

EGU06-A-10453;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0143
Sekushin, V.N.; Tsyganenko, A.A.; Grothe, H.
FTIR Studies of Adsorption on Dispersed Ice

EGU06-A-00481;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0144
Chang, R.; Broekhuizen, K.; Leaitch, R.; Liu, P.; Abbatt, J.
Analysis of ambient cloud condensation nuclei concentrations in a semi-rural setting

EGU06-A-04325;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0145
Wex, H.; Stratmann, F.; the LExNo-Team
LExNo – Hygroscopic growth and activation of laboratory-generated aerosol particles imitating combustion aerosols

EGU06-A-09218;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0146
Keil, Th.; Seisel, S.; Zellner, R.
Interaction of SO2 with mineral dust model surfaces

EGU06-A-01088;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0147
van Pinxteren, D.; Herrmann, H.
Organic acid analysis in aerosol particles and cloud water using capillary electrophoresis – mass spectrometry

EGU06-A-03484;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0148
Parazols, M.; Amato, P.; Marinoni, A.; Mailhot, G.; Delort, A-M.; Zappoli, S.; Laj, P.
A 5-year climatology of cloud droplets chemical composition from puy de Dôme

EGU06-A-02950;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0149
Weller, C.; Hoffmann, D.; Herrmann, H.
Temperature dependent reactions of the NO3-radical with para-substituted phenols in aqueous solution

EGU06-A-02973;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0150
Hoffmann, D.; Gligorovski, S.; Parajuli , K.; Herrmann, H.
Influence of the ionic strength on radical reactions in aqueous solution

EGU06-A-06872;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0151
Barzaghi, P.; Weigert, B.; Herrmann, H.
Laser-based studies of OH radical reactions in aqueous solution

EGU06-A-07036;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0152
Gaillard de Sémainville, Ph; George, Ch
Reaction of the nitrate radical with dicarboxylic acids: evolution of the reactivity with the pH

EGU06-A-02996;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0153
Villani, P; Picard, D; Sellegri, K; Laj, P; Kulmala, M
Influence of surface coating of aerosol particles on their hygroscopic properties

EGU06-A-04107;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0154
Tilgner, A.; Wolke, R.; Herrmann, H.
SPACCIM model studies of the multiphase aerosol processing in warm tropospheric clouds

EGU06-A-07564;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0155
Wolke, R. ; Zoboki, J.; Tilgner, A.; Herrmann, H.
Treatment of non-ideality in the multiphase model SPACCIM

EGU06-A-04305;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0156
Champeau, F.; Leriche, M.; Chaumerliac, N.
Modelling of chemistry in mixed phase clouds

EGU06-A-06675;  AS3.03-1WE3P-0157
Rap, A.; Ghosh, S.; Smith, M.H.
Integrating multi-component aerosol responses into general circulation models

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