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  Poster Programme - TS7.7 Alpine Geology: Information and inspiration from the best studied orogen of the world

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Convener: Bertotti, G.
Co-Convener: Schmid, S., Schlunegger, F.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 08:00 -
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: BERTOTTI, G.

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EGU06-A-02756;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0859
Wagreich, M.
Ultrahelvetic units in Austria – pieces of a puzzle from the Cretaceous European continental margin

EGU06-A-02936;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0860
Ortner, H.
Relationship between nappe thrusting and coeval sedimentation: Cretaceous thrusting in the Northern Calcareous Alps

EGU06-A-04572;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0861
Spagnolo, C.; Crispini, L.; Capponi, G.; Federico, L.
Modelling the late Alpine/early Apennine structural evolution in the "Ligurian Knot" (Voltri Massif, NW Italy)

EGU06-A-04620;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0862
Federico, L.; Spagnolo, C.; Crispini, L.; Capponi, G.
New field evidences of transpressional regime at the Alps/Apennine boundary (Voltri Massif, NW Italy)

EGU06-A-04809;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0863
Kindler, P.; Coppo, N.; Frébourg, G.
New biostratigraphic, petrographic, and sedimentological data from the Voirons massif, Gurnigel nappe, Haute Savoie, France. Implications for alpine geology

EGU06-A-05109;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0864
Wiederkehr, M.; Bousquet, R.; Schmid, S. M.; Berger, A.
New occurrences of pseudomorphs after carpholite indicating early HP/LT metamorphism in Ultra-Helvetic Mesozoic sediments of the Gotthard massif

EGU06-A-05741;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0865
Derks, J. F.; Froitzheim, N.; Walter, J. M.; Sciunnach, D.
A Permian extensional detachment fault at the floor of the Collio Basin (Southern Alps, Italy)

EGU06-A-05795;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0866
Bertotti, G; Foeken, J
Messinian paleovalleys and the Miocene to Present tectonics of the Ligurian Alps and Sea.

EGU06-A-06330;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0867
Pleuger, J; Froitzheim, N; Walter, JM
Deformation of the Monte Rosa nappe along the Stellihorn shear zone and the nappe’s tail as revealed by neutron texture goniometry of mylonitic quartzites

EGU06-A-08181;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0868
Allanic, C; Sue, C; Burkhard, M
From transtension to extension: Neogen kinematic evolution of the Lepontine Dome (Swiss Alps) revealed by dynamic fault analysis and morphotectonics

EGU06-A-08775;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0869
Rosenberg, C.L.; Schneider, S.
On the deep fate of the SEMP Fault along the TRANSALP seismic section (Eastern Alps)

EGU06-A-09852;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0870
Darbellay, B; Baumgartner, L; Vennemann, T; Putlitz, B
Field work and stable isotope composition of the white schist (Monte Rosa Nappe, Ayas Valley Italy): implication for their formation.

EGU06-A-10401;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0871
Viereck-Goette, L; Zoellner, A
Latest news on the MORB within the Arosa-Zone

EGU06-A-10403;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0872
Sue, C; Champagnac, J.-D.; Delacou, B; Tricart, P; Allanic, C; Burkhard, M
Extensional neotectonics around the bend of the western/central Alps: an overview

EGU06-A-10406;  TS7.7-1WE3P-0873
Berza, T; Neubauer, F; Wiesinger, M
Geodynamic significance of Late Cretaceous Banatite magmatism in the Carpathian-Pannonian area: a key for reconstructing eo-Alpine tectonics of SE Europe

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