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Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics
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  Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics - Wednesday Programme

Please find the the floor plans for the room locations here.

NP1.02/ERE2   Nonlinear problems of wind energy (co-organized by ERE)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 2 / 15:30-17:00
NP3.02   Scale, Scaling, nonlinear variability and turbulent structures in oceans, atmosphere and the climate (co-listed in AS, BG, CL & OS)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 9 (P) / 13:30-15:00
NP3.03   Scaling, subgrid models, downscaling and parameterization (co-listed in OS)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 9 (P) / 15:30-17:00
NP3.04   Geophysical Extremes: scaling aspects and modern statistical approaches (co-listed in AS, CL, HS & NH)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 20 (N) / 17:30-19:00
NP3.08   Scales and scaling in groundwater and surface hydrology (co-listed in HS)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 9 (P) / 17:30-19:00
NP6.03   Jets and Vortices
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 9 (P) / 08:30-10:00
NP6.05   Turbulence in the Atmosphere and Ocean (co-listed in AS & OS)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 9 (P) / 10:30-12:00
AS2.03   Basic Studies on Turbulence in Atmospheric and Oceanic Boundary Layers (General Session) (co-listed in OS & NP)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 29 / 13:30-15:30
  Poster Presentation / Halls X/Y / 15:30-17:00
NH11.01   Modelling, computer-assisted simulations and mapping of dangerous phenomena for hazard assessment (co-sponsored by CNR - IRPI) (co-listed in AS, BG, GMPV & NP)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 16 (L) / 08:30-12:00
  Poster Presentation / Halls X/Y / 15:30-17:00


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