Package B – registration management

We provide all services needed to register your participants. We are not only available to serve you prior to the conference, but we are also pleased to offer our professional on-site assistance. The following is a list of services offered.

Pre-registration services

  • flexible online forms to manage conference registrations, memberships, and participation in social events
  • online credit card payment via a secured and encoded connection (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or JCB)
  • offline payment by credit card or bank transfer
  • financial management and administration including invoices and receipts
  • preparation of name badges for participants and lists of pre-registrants to be forwarded to the venue

The registration process is carried out via an online form in which an online shopping system is embedded. Thereby, product-relevant information and statistical data can be compiled.

On-site registration services

  • credit card and cash payment
  • software for conference organizers to execute on-site registrations and generate name badges on their own
  • Copernicus staff to manage the on-site registration, if requested (depending on the size and budget of your conference)

Prices and additional services

The rate for package B depends on your chosen services:

  • B: €11.00 per conference registration excluding badge. Included services are online registration form, online registration tracking, invoicing, payment administration, and the forwarding of a digital participation list. The organizer generates the badges.
  • B+: €16.00 per conference registration including badge. Included services are as for B. In addition, the badge material is included containing ticket and sleeve (or butterfly as greener alternative) together with a lanyard. For participants registered prior to the conference, the badges are produced and sent to the venue. For on-site registrations handled by the organizer (if Copernicus is not booked for on-site management), the material (ticket, sleeve, and lanyard) to produce the badges is delivered to the venue and the software to register participants is provided. Regarding the latter, the organizer must use a notebook/PC running Windows XP or higher with stable Internet connection and an A4 printer attached.
  • B1: €6.00 per registration for additional events excluding badge. The B1 service fee will only be invoiced for registrations that are not combined with the conference registration itself. That means B/B+ (€11/16) for registration processes combining conference registration and additional event registration in one form and B/B+ + B1 (€17/22) for two separate registration processes, either in two separate forms or in one form but with subsequent usage.
  • The above-mentioned lanyards (see B+) can be customized for conferences with more than 300 participants. For smaller events, standard Copernicus lanyards are provided. The production and delivery time for customized lanyards is 8–10 weeks. Therefore, the organizer of a conference and Copernicus Meetings have to agree two months prior to the event whether the minimum number of 300 participants will actually be reached.
  • Regarding the forwarding of name badges (prepared badges for pre-registered participants and blank material to produce badges for further registrations at the conference) the conference organizer and Copernicus Meetings agree on a forwarding agency meeting best the requirements of the conference country and location within Europe. For conferences outside of Europe, the conference organizer determines a contact person inside of Europe receiving the material from Copernicus Meetings and carrying the material to the conference venue.
  • Bank and credit card charges are extra. If there is any kind of return debit in conjunction with the credit card payments after the final settlement, the organizer will receive a separate invoice for the respective amount.
  • If Copernicus staffs the on-site registration: travel, accommodation, and per diem. The net price of the per diem depends on the size of your conference:
    • 1–200 participants: €500/day
    • 201–400 participants: €300/day
    • > 400 participants: free
Mario Ebel
Conference Manager
Please contact me:
Phone +49 551 90 03 39 21