Financial management

There are two options for the financial management of your conference.

If we act in the name of and on behalf of your organization, our services are regulated through a service contract including the VAT liability of your organization. The outgoing registration invoices to participants (or abstract invoices to authors) are charged by Copernicus but in the name of and on behalf of your organization. Depending on the legal status, the invoices may or may not include VAT. We will transfer the total amount to your bank account and generate a settlement. Any taxation has to be declared by you. Our service costs are invoiced afterwards including German VAT.

Alternatively, we offer the organization of the conference  on our own account. This additional service is only meant for non-profit organizations, which are not liable for paying VAT. We will organize the conference as a licensee, including the fiscal registration in the country where the conference takes place. We then provide the respective sales tax summary reports to the revenue office in the corresponding country. After the completion of the meeting including taxation, we calculate a licence fee to be paid to your organization as the difference between net surplus and our service fees.

For this additional service, we charge €2,500 net per conference. If you book our service package B and there are more than 1,000 participants, this is waived! If you book our service packages A and B and there are more than 500 abstract submissions, it is waived as well.

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