Core PCO

As your Core PCO, Copernicus Meetings provides its expertise and services for either multiple events of your organization or for the same event over many years. Your organization as well as the participants coming to your meetings would benefit from a long-term collaboration for the following reasons:

  • Our System is comfortable for users, both organizers and participants. Your community does not need to get used to a new system and to a new support team every time.
  • With every meeting, we learn from your community. Through a long-term partnership, we can adapt to your needs even better.
  • The programme of your meeting can be compiled easily, because our system can use structures and events from previous meetings.
  • We guarantee continuous branding for your meeting. Website templates will always correspond to your event or organization and will only be changed if and when you wish.

This sounds great, but your meeting takes place in different locations around the globe? No problem! We can also take care of the fiscal registration and the financial administration and carry out the conference as your licensee.

We would be very happy to assist you in organizing your event. For further information, please contact us.

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