Packages D/E – conference publications

We combine professional congress organization by Copernicus Meetings with innovative open-access publishing by Copernicus Publications to fulfil all the service needs of scientists. Our services focus on the production & distribution of accepted proceedings (package D) as well as the peer review (package E).

Package D – production & distribution

  • As precondition, proceedings papers must be embedded in proceedings series. These have been established before by an individual conference or can be launched with us.
  • Within a proceedings series, each conference defines its own volume.
  • The production of the individual proceedings papers starts after acceptance. Based on the author's LaTeX or MS WORD file, we provide typesetting, English language copy-editing, and author's galley-proofreading.
  • Each proceedings paper is published with its own publication date.
  • The copyright remains property of the author(s) and the distribution licence follows the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Package E – peer review

  • If the abstract & session management of the conference is organized by Copernicus Meetings through service package A, the peer review takes place during the session organization in Copernicus Meetings' abstract tools. That requires the usage of the review options including referees.
  • If the abstract & session management of the conference is organized outside of Copernicus Meetings, the review system of Copernicus Publications is used to apply a full peer review including referees.

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