Home office for Copernicans

We see it as our civic duty to protect our staff members, their families, and our fellow citizens during these challenging times following the recent coronavirus outbreak. We decided to move into 100% home office. Rest assured, our staff members are at your disposal during the normal working hours and can be contacted by email whenever needed. The only limitation is that we are not reachable by telephone.

Welcome to Copernicus Meetings

We promote the sciences by organizing conferences and exhibitions worldwide. We provide a wide array of services – abstract/programme management, registration management, and local organization. The personal support of our experienced team complemented by our custom-developed online tools integrates all involved parties in the conference process. We are also your partner in publishing open-access conference proceedings.

Upcoming meetings

Date: 26–29 October 2020
Virtual meeting
Date: 15–18 March 2021
Virtual meeting
Date: 19–30 April 2021
vEGU21: Gather Online
Date: 12–15 October 2021
Location: Frascati, Italy
Date: 5–9 September 2022
Location: Potsdam, Germany