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  Poster Programme - AS3.06 Air Pollution Modelling: Air Quality and Hazardous Accidents (to the 20th Chernobyl Anniversary)

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Convener: Brandt, J.
Co-Convener: Hertel, O., Frohn, L., Sofiev, M.
Co-Sponsorship: ACCENT T&TP

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 3 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Monday, 3 April 2006 08:00 -
Monday, 3 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: BRANDT, J., FROHN. L. M., SOFIEV, M. AND HERTEL, O.

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EGU06-A-00114;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0121
Capilla, C.
Spatial and temporal variations of an atmospheric pollutant in an urban area

EGU06-A-00808;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0122
Glushkov, A.; Khokhlov, V.; Bunyakova, Yu.; Bykowszczenko , N.
Modelling air pollution field structure in the industrial city’s atmosphere: Correlation integral method and fractal dimension

EGU06-A-02642;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0123
Li, K; Ogle, A; Peng, J; Pizzileo, B
Advanced regression method for prediction of NOx pollutant concentrations in urban air

EGU06-A-03361;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0124
Piringer, M.; Schauberger, G.; Petz, E.
On the calculation of separation distances to avoid odour annoyance from livestock farms

EGU06-A-05924;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0125
Skjřth, CAS; Ellermann, TEL; Gyldenkćrne, SGY; Hertel, OH; Frohn, LMF; Andersen, HVA; Frydendal, JFR
Footprints on ammonia concentrations from emission regulations

EGU06-A-08392;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0126
Rigby, M; Toumi, R
Similarities of Boundary Layer Ventilation and Particulate Matter Wind Roses

EGU06-A-09335;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0127
Yushkov, V.P.; Tarasova, O.A.; Anischenko, V.I.; Glyadkov, P.S.
Modelling of the pollutants dispersion with sodar data assimilation

EGU06-A-10891;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0128
Kaasik, M.; Sofiev, M.; Ruuskanen, T.; Aalto, P.
Tracing the aerosols for LAPBIAT Varrio measurement campaign, April-May 2003

EGU06-A-00911;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0129
Panitz, H.-J.
Optimization of long-term air quality modelling for Baden-Württemberg (FRG): Part I, annual chemistry-transport modelling using the KAMM/DRAIS model system

EGU06-A-02451;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0130
Ramos, A. M.; Conde, F. C.; Lucio, P. S.; Freitas, S.; Longo, K.; Recuero, F. S.; Moreira, D. S:
Multivariate Approach to Recognise Emission Patterns Provoked for “Forest Fires”. Case Study: Continental Portugal – Summer Episodes of 2002 and 2003

EGU06-A-03962;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0131
Arteta, J.; Cautenet, S.
Impact of previous day plumes and residual layers to produce pollution peaks

EGU06-A-04243;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0132
Modelling of the sea breeze and atmospheric pollution transport in the French coastal region of the North Sea

EGU06-A-04358;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0133
Baumann-Stanzer, K.; Krüger, B.C.; Hirtl, M.; Langer, M.
Ozone-forecasts for Austria with ALADIN/CAMx – Part I: Experiences of summer 2005

EGU06-A-05982;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0134
Krüger, B. C.; Baumann-Stanzer, K.; Langer, M. ; Hirtl, M.
Ozone-Forecasts for Austria with ALADIN/CAMx - Part II: Improvements of the Model System

EGU06-A-06113;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0135
Katragkou, E.; Poupkou, A.; Lisaridis, I.; Markakis, K.; Symeonidis, P.; Melas, D.
Study of regional air pollution in Greece including particulate matter

EGU06-A-08330;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0136
Couach, O; Kirchner, F; Balin, I; Jimenez, R; Ristori, P; Calpini, B; Simeonov, V; van den Bergh, H
MAP3D: a mesoscale air pollution modeling tool

EGU06-A-10258;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0137
Couach, O.; Vinuesa, J.-F.; Kirchner, F.; Balin, I.; Parlange, M.
Photochemical regimes analysis over several summer pollution episodes: the Upper Rhine Valley case

EGU06-A-10260;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0138
Ristori, P.; Couach, O.; Kirchner, F.; Balin, I.; Simeonov, V.; van den Bergh, H.
Ozone 3D measurements and modelling analysis: Strasbourg 2003 campaign (cancelled)

EGU06-A-08792;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0139
Stortini, M.; Deserti, M.; Bonafe, G.; Minguzzi, E.; Jongen, S.
Long term simulation of ozone and PM10 and emission control scenarios in the Po Valley (solicited)

EGU06-A-09810;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0140
Deguillaume, L.; Beekmann, M.; Menut, L.; Pison, I.
Bayesian Monte Carlo analysis applied to regional scale inverse emission modelling for reactive trace gases: from daytime to climatologic periods

EGU06-A-09926;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0141
Tricio, V.; Viloria, R; Minguito, A
Ozone air quality, parameters meteorological and OLS regression model in Burgos (Spain)

EGU06-A-09963;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0142
Rögnvaldsson, Ó.; Kjaran, S. P.; Ólafsson, H.
Meteorological time series from a high-resolution NWP model simulation in data sparse complex terrain in N-Iceland

EGU06-A-10902;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0143
Christensen, J. H.; Brandt, J.; Frohn, L. M.; Geels, C.; Hansen, K. M
Intercontinental Modelling of Air Pollution using the Danish Eulerian Hemispheric Model, DEHM

EGU06-A-10903;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0144
Frydendall, J.; Brandt, J.; Christensen, J. H.
Development, implementation and testing of a simple chemical data assimilation algorithm

EGU06-A-05736;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0145
Ortega, S; Soriano, C; Soler, MR; Pino , D; Alarcón, M
Synoptic circulations related to air quality levels at a regional scale

EGU06-A-01702;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0146
Grigoropoulos, G.K.
Radon daughters in atmosphere of Athens correlation with exhausts

EGU06-A-09266;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0147
Solomon, S. J.; Kuttippurath, J.; Ladstätter-Weissenmayer, A.; Burrows, J.
Exposure assessment of VOCs in an indoor workplace environment of a university building in Germany

EGU06-A-01097;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0148
Pavlovic, R.; Bouchet, V.; Cousineau, S.; Sassi, M.; Crevier, L.-P.
Air Quality Modelling in Support of Policy Regulations

EGU06-A-05521;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0149
Andreani-Aksoyoglu, S.; Keller, J.; Ordonez, C.; Prevot, A.S.H; Schultz, M.
Impact of various emission scenarios for 1985-2010 on ozone in Switzerland

EGU06-A-06137;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0150
Krysta, M.; Bocquet, M.; Quélo, D.; Sportisse, B.; Isnard, O.
Inverse modelling for radionuclides from small to regional scale

EGU06-A-08279;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0151
Becker, A.; Wotawa, G.; De Geer, L.-E.
On the enhancements of backtracking mthodologies achieved since the Chernobyl accident

EGU06-A-03781;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0152
Mahura, A.; Baklanov, A.; Sorensen, J.; Tridvornov, A.
Long-term modelling for estimation of man-induced environmental risks

EGU06-A-08337;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0153
Bader, S.; Eleveld, H.; Kok-Palma, Y.
Development of a strategy for using atmospheric dispersion modelling to determine intervention zones in case of nuclear accidents.

EGU06-A-06862;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0154
Langer, M.; Polreich, E. ; Pechinger, U. ; Hitl, M.
The Austrian Emergency Response Modelling System TAMOS: Recent Developments and Evaluation

EGU06-A-00625;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0155
Vincze, Cs.; Lagzi, I.; Mészáros, R.; Kullmann, L.; Radnóti, G.; Horányi, A.
An operational model for the accidental release in Hungary

EGU06-A-05566;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0156
Brandt, J; Christensen, J. H.; Frohn, L. M.; Frydendall, J.; Geels, C.; Hansen, K. M.
Modelling transport and deposition of caesium and iodine from the Chernobyl accident using the DREAM model

EGU06-A-03718;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0157
Frank, A.; Seibert, P.
Modelling the Cs-137 dispersion over Europe after the Chernobyl accident

EGU06-A-07249;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0158
Mathieu, A; krX Team
krX system: multi-scale modelling of atmospheric dispersion and consequences assessments for radiological emergencies

EGU06-A-07386;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0159
Minier, Y; Quelo, D; Mathieu, A; Sportisse, B; Isnard, O; Krysta, M; Bocquet, M
Numerical modelling and parametric study of the atmospheric dispersion after radionuclide releases: the Chernobyl accident and the Algeciras incident. Comparison with observation data

EGU06-A-07102;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0160
Couach, O; Kirchner, F; Balin, I; Ristori, P; Simeonov, V; van den Bergh, H
MMAP3D: a mesoscale air pollution modeling tool (cancelled)

EGU06-A-10889;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0161
Ristori, P.; Couach , O.; Kirchner, F.; Balin, I.; Simeonov, V.; van den Bergh, H.
Ozone 3D measurements and modelling analysis: Strasbourg 2003 campaign

EGU06-A-10890;  AS3.06-1MO3P-0162
Couach, O.; Vinuesa, J.-F.; Kirchner, F.; Balin, I.; Parlange, M.
Photochemical regimes analysis over several summer pollution episodes: the Upper Rhine Valley case

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