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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS3.03 Trace gases in the atmosphere: observations and modelling

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kim, K; Na, N; Newchurch, N; Martine, M
Tropical tropospheric ozone morphology and seasonality seen in satellite, model, and in-situ measurements

Dehghan, F.; Michelangeli, D.
The regional modeling of the stable carbon isotope ratio in the oxidation of hydrocarbons (withdrawn)

Verma, S; Boucher, O; Upadhyaya, H.C; Sharma, O.P
Gas-Phase and Aqueous-Phase chemical reactions: incorporation and evaluation in an online global chemistry model. (withdrawn)

Delgado-Saborit, J.M.; Querol-Balaguer, M.A.; Amigó-Descarrega, J.M.; Esteve-Cano, V.J.
Seasonal trend of nitrogen dioxide levels measured by means of passive samplers in la plana de Castellon (Spain)

Delgado-Saborit, J.M.; Querol-Balaguer, M.A.; Amigó-Descarrega, J.M.; Esteve-Cano, V.J.
Field study of diffusion collection rate coefficient in nitrogen dioxide passive samplers.

Pekey, B.; Karakas, D.; Ayberk, S.; Karademir, A.
Wet and dry deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the industrialized area of Izmit Bay, Turkey

Young, P; Zeng, G; Pyle, J
Modelling isoprene chemistry in a GCM

Statistical properties of three-dimensional ozone and temperature fields based on CRISTA data (withdrawn)

Tarasova, O.A.; Brenninkmeijer, C.; Elansky, N.F.; Assonov, S.; Kuznetsov, G.I.
On the impact of temperature inversions on the variability of atmospheric trace gases in TROICA experiments

Curci, G.; Palmer, P.; Fu, M.; Visconti, G.; Chance, K.; Korosu, T.
Formaldehyde column over Europe from GOME: model validation and proxy for biogenic emissions over Europe

Struzewska, J.; Kaminski, J.W.; Neary, L.
The impact of vertical transport on free troposphere composition during ESCOMPTE field experiment, IOP2. MC2-AQ model simulations.

Cede, A.; Herman, J.; Krotkov, N.
Measurements of Trace Gases (NO2, SO2, HCHO, O3) Amounts Using a Brewer Double Monochromator in Direct Sun Mode

Kuttippurath, J; Kleinboehl, A; Bremer, H; Sinnhuber, B.-M; Kuellmann, H; Notholt, J; Davis, S; Chipperfield, M
Seasonal and latitudinal distribution of stratospheric trace gases: observations and model calculations

Kuttippurath, J ; Kleinboehl, A ; Bremer, H; Sinnhuber, B.-M; Kuellmann, H; Notholt, J; Davis, S; Chipperfield, M
Seasonal and latitudinal distribution of stratospheric trace gases: observations and model calculations

Amekudzi, L. K.; Sinnhuber, B.-M.; Sheode, N. V.; Meyer, J.; Rozanov, A.; Lamsal, L. N.; Bovensmann, H.; Burrows, J. P.
Comparison of retrieved NO3 vertical profiles from SCIAMACHY with 1-D model outputs

Berresheim, H.; Plass-Duelmer, C.; Elste, T.; Rohrer, F.
Five Years of OH Measurements at the Global Atmosphere Watch Observatory Hohenpeissenberg

Sinreich, R.; Filsinger, F.; Kern, C.; Platt, U.; Sebastian, O.; Wagner, T.; Volkamer, R.
MAX-DOAS Measurement of Glyoxal at the MIT in Cambridge during the NEAQS-ITCT 2004 Campaign

Evans, M.J.; Jacob, D.J.
Impact of new laboratory studies of N2O5 hydrolysis on tropospheric NOx, O3 and OH

Palazzi, E.; Petritoli, A.; Giovanelli, G.; Ravegnani, F.; Kostadinov, I.; Bortoli, D.
The Monte Carlo radiative transfer model “PROMSAR” for the interpretation of DOAS remote sensing measurements

Franz, P.; Roeckmann, T.
Measurements of d18O and D17O of water vapor in the UT/LS region

Müller, M.; Fierli, F.; Yushkov, V.; Lukyanov, A.; Khaykin, S.; Hauchecorne, A.
Stratospheric water vapour in the Arctic: measurements and analysis

Strunk, A.; Elbern, H.
Chemical 4D-variational tropospheric data assimilation on multiple scales

Behnke, W.; Zetzsch, C.
Efficiency of Br- and I- for activating chloride in sea-spray aerosol, derived from aerosol smog chamber experiments and model calculations

Konovalov, I.B.; Beekmann, M.; Burrows, J.P.; Richter, A.; Nuess , H.
Inverse modelling of spatially resolved NOx emissions on a continental scale using tropospheric NO2 columns from satellite measurements

Tsaknakis, G. ; Papayannis, A.
One-year systematic measurements of tropospheric ozone profiles over the city of Athens, Greece using a ground based DIAL system

Bocquet, M.; Roustan, Y.
Inverse modelling for mercury dispersion over Europe

Semeniuk, K.; McConnell, J. C.; Jackman, C. H.
Simulation of the October-November 2003 Solar Proton Related Events in the CMAM GCM

Yurganov, L.; Edwards, D.; Grechko, E.; Kramer, I.; Mahieu, E.; Notholt, J.; Novelli, P.; Strandberg, A. ; Sussmann, R.; Tanimoto, H.
Interannual variations of the carbon monoxide tropospheric burden between 30º N and 90º N in 1996 - 2003: ground-based and satellite measurements, estimates of biomass burning emissions

Folini, D.; Stemmler, K.; Reimann, S.; Ubl, S.
HFC-365mfc: European emission estimates for a new foam blowing agent

Keppler, F.; Harper, D.B.; Röckmann, T.; Hamilton, J.T.
New insight into the atmospheric chloromethane budget gained using stable carbon isotope ratios

Schumann, U.; Huntrieser, H.; Kurz , C.; Schlager , H.
Nitrogen Oxides from thunderstorms in the continental tropics - Measurements and model results from the project TROCCINOX

Kämpfer, N.; Deuber, B.
Dynamical case study using ground based microwave remote sensing of water vapour

Bruns, M.; Buehler, S. A; Burrows, J. P.; Richter, A.; Rozanov, A.; Wang, P.; Heue, K.-P.; Platt, U.; Pundt, I.; Wagner, T.
NO2 Profile Retrieval using airborne multi axis UV-visible skylight absorption measurements over central Europe

Fietkau, S.; Medeke, T.; Richter, A.; Shoede, N.; Sinnhuber, B.-M.; Wittrock, F.; Burrows, J. P.
Comparison of ground-based observations and model calculations of stratospheric bromine monoxide above Nairobi (1°S, 36°E)

Medeke, T.; Fietkau, S.; Oetjen, H.; Richter, A.; Wittrock, F.; Burrows, J. P.
SCIAMACHY validation with the BREDOM network

Klausen, J.; Schaub, D.; Zellweger, C.; Nurhayati, N.; Nasrullah, U.; Siregar, C.
Carbon monoxide and surface ozone measurements at the global GAW station Bukit Koto Tabang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Carrega, P; Berolo, W; Martin, N
Tropospheric ozone and air circulation in the mountains of South East France

Parrington, M; Braesicke, P
Chemical hindcast experiments using the Unified Model

Katrynski, K. S; Heimann, M.; Chilmonczyk, Z.
Three years of long-lived trace gas measurements in the lower troposphere over north-eastern Poland by means of light aircraft.

Jin, J.; Semeniuk, K.; Josson, A.; Beagley, S.; McConnell, J.; ACE and Odin team
Strato-mesospheric CO measurements from ACE-FTS and Odin/SMR and a comparison with CMAM, a middle atmosphere model

Kourtidis, K.; Kelesis, A.; Maggana, M.; Petrakakis, M.; Tzoumaka, V.
One year of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) measurements in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece: High ambient levels due to traffic emissions

Schaub, D.; Boersma, K. F.; Weiss, A. K.
Towards validation of tropospheric nitrogen dioxide columns from space with columns deduced from ambient air measurements at different altitudes in the Alps

Petritoli, A.; Palazzi, E.; Giovanelli, G.; Kostadinov, I.; Ravegnani, F.; Bortoli, D.; Contrafatto, V.
The diurnal variation of NO2 column in the planetary boundary layer of a polluted area

Kramer, I.; Blumenstock, T.; Hase, F.; Mikuteit, S. ; Schneider, M.; Raffalski, U.
Ground-based FTIR measurements of CO from Kiruna (Sweden) and Izaña (Tenerife Island, Spain): characterization and comparison with MOPITT data

Mikuteit, S.; Blumenstock, T.; Hase, F.; Kramer, I.; Raffalski, U.
Trends of stratospheric trace gases derived from ground-based FTIR measurements in Kiruna (Sweden)

Bortoli, D.; Petritoli, A.; Giovanelli, G.; Ravegnani, F.; Kostadinov, I.
Stratospheric NO2 over Antarctica – 9 years of observation with GASCOD Spectrometer

Bortoli, D. ; Silva, A.M.; Giovanelli, G.; Costa, M.J.
Seasonal and diurnal variation of Nitrogen Dioxide and Ozone over the south of Portugal

Vermeulen, A.T. ; Pieterse, G.; Hensen, A.; Erisman, J.W.
Greenhouse gas emission verification by inverse modelling of Tall Tower observations of vertical concentration gradients in the mixed layer

Steinbacher, M.; Zellweger, C.; Hüglin, C.; Schwarzenbach, B.; Bugmann, S.; Ordonez, C.; Prevot, A.
Nitrogen Oxides Measurements at rural Sites in Switzerland: Bias of conventional Measurement Techniques

Coello, C.; Nolasco, D.; Pérez, V.; Gómez Escoto , R.; Pichinte, R.; Hernández, P.A.; Pérez, N.M.
VOCs in the urban atmosphere of San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America

Ibrahim, O.W.; Wagner, T.; Richter, A.; Dix, B.; Sinreich, R.; von Harling, B.; Platt, U.
Latitudinal variation of atmospheric NO2, O3 and BrO between October 2003 and May 2004

Dils, B.; De Mazière, M. ; Bergamaschi, P.; Meirink, J.F.; Müller, J.F.; the FTIR NDSC community
Comparison between global chemistry models and ground-based FTIR data for several important tropospheric gases.

Nourtier-Mazauric, E.; Martinerie, P.; Barnola, J.-M.; Sturges, W.; Worton, D.; Atlas, E.; Brasseur, G.
Twentieth century atmospheric halocarbon trends: comparison of model results with atmospheric and firn air data sets

Redeker, K. R.; Kalin, R. M.
Isotopic signatures of selected atmospheric species (CFCs, halocarbons, alkanes, alkenes, alkynes and aromatics) over one annual cycle from urban, rural and marine locations in Ireland.

Lamsal, L.N.; Weber, M.; Rozanov, A.; Tellmann, S.; Burrows, J.P
The new University of Bremen ozone and temperature climatology and its impact on satellite total ozone retrieval

BEIRLE, S.; Spichtinger, N.; Stohl, A.; Platt, U.; Wagner, T.
Estimating the NOx produced by lightning from GOME data: A case study

KHOKHAR, M.F.; Platt, U.; Wagner, T.
Global distribution of SO2 derived from satellite born DOAS observations

Frankenberg, C.; Meirink, J.F.; van Weele, M.; Platt, U.; Wagner, T.
Global distribution of CH$_4$ and CO as retrieved by SCIAMACHY: Identification of source regions and comparison with a TM3 model

Meirink, J.F.; Eskes, H.; Goede, A.P.H
Inverse modelling of methane emissions from sciamachy satellite observations

Schwinger, J.; Elbern, H.; Botchorishvili, R.
Assimilation of ENVISAT stratospheric trace gas observations into the new SACADA global chemistry circulation model

Chabrillat, S.; Daerden, F.; Hendrick, F.; Errera, Q.; Bonjean, S.; Van Roozendael, M.; Fonteyn, D.
Objective comparison between a 3D-PSC-CTM and simultaneous observations by different satellite instruments

Hoffmann, L.; Vogel, B.; Konopka, P.; Spang, R.; Riese, M.
Trace gas transport in the UTLS region during the year 2003

Heue, K.-P.; Song, B. C.; Bruns, M.; Burrows, J. P.; Platt, U.; Wang, P.; Wagner, T. ; Richter, A.; Pundt, I.
Measurements of NO2 and HCHO in Northern Italy with the AMAXDOAS Instrument

Dix, B.; Brenninkmeijer, C.; Friess, U.; Wagner, T.; Platt, U.
A flying laboratory: DOAS measurements as part of the CARIBIC aircraft project

Ponater, M.; Stenke, A.; Burkhardt, U.; Sausen, R.; Grooss, J.-U.; Bruehl, C.
Systematic errors of GCM simulated water vapour in the lowermost extratropical stratosphere

Hak, C.; Mettendorf, K. U.; Bäuerle, A.; Platt, U.; Pundt, I.
Sources of Formaldehyde: Trace Gas Emissions from agricultural Fires in Northern Italy

Schnitzhofer, R.; Dunkl, J.; Beauchamp, J.; Weber, A.; Wisthaler, A.; Hansel, A.
Long-term measurements of CO, NO, NO2, organic compounds and PM10 at a motorway location in an Austrian valley

Waterfall, A.M.; Remedios, J.J.; Allen, G.
Measurement of formic acid in the upper troposphere with MIPAS

Worton, D. R.; Sturges, W. T.; Begley, P.; Salmon, R.; Mulvaney, R.; Atlas, E.
Seasonal cycles of halocarbons and alkyl nitrates at Halley Bay, Antarctica.

Liu, L; Flatoey, F; Braathen, G
A study with a regional CTM during the 2002 FORMAT campaign

Taghavi, M.; Lacour, S.; Issartel, J.-P.
Estimation of CO emission sources in southern France using inverse modeling (application on ESCOMPTE campaign)

Tiwari, Y. K.; Gloor, M.; Engelen, R.; Rodenbeck, C.; Heimann, M.
Comparing model predicted atmospheric CO2 with satellite retrievals and in-situ observations – Implications for the use of upcoming satellite data in atmospheric inversions

Feist, D.; Geer, A.; Müller, S.; Kämpfer, N.; Lahoz, W.
Intercomparison of stratospheric water vapor profiles from an airborne microwave instrument with the ECMWF water vapor product

Kaminski, J.W.; Menard, R.; Charron, M.; Jarosz, J.; Semeniuk, K.; Neary, L.; McConnell, J.C.; Struzewska, J.
Development of GEM-strato with on-line chemistry – initial model validation

Junkermann, W.
The 3D - distribution of formaldehyde in the Milano area, Po-valley, Italy

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