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  List of Accepted Contributions - PS3.3 Venus Express: two years in orbit

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Gubenko, V.N.; Andreev, V.E.; Pavelyev, A.G.
The regular thin structure of the upper cloud layer of the Venus northern polar atmosphere observed from radio occultation data

Belyaev, D. A.; Korablev, O. I.; Fedorova, A. A.; Bertaux, J.-L.; Vandaele, A.-C.; Neefs, E.; Wilquet, V.; Mahieux, A.
First observations of SO2 above Venus� clouds by means of solar occultation in the infrared

Tellmann, S.; Häusler, B. ; Pätzold, M.; Bird, M.; Tyler, G.L.
The structure of the Venus neutral atmosphere from the Radio Science Experiment VeRa on Venus Express

Mahieux, A.; Wilquet, V.; Vandaele, A. C.; Federova, A.; Korablev, O.; Montmessin, F.; Bertaux, J. L.
Minor constituents of the Venus atmosphere measured by SPICAV/SOIR on board Venus Express

Barthelemy, M.; Heather, D.J.; Vazquez, J.L.; Witasse, O.; Manaud, N.; Ortiz, I.; Arviset, C.
Venus Express data distribution via the Planetary Science Archive

Volwerk, M.; Delva, M.; Zhang, T.L.; Baumjohann, W.; Glassmeier, K.H.; Treumann, R.A.
Mirror Mode Waves in Venus’ Magnetosheath

Luz, D.; Berry, D. ; Piccioni, G.; Drossart, P.; VIRTIS/Venus Express Team
Velocities of Venus clouds derived from VIRTIS observations

Markiewicz, W.J.; Titov, D.V.; Limaye, S.S.; Keller, H.U.; Ignatiev, N.; Jaumann, R.; Thomas, N.; Michalik, H.
Morphology and dynamics of the Venus upper cloud layer

Balikhin, M.A.; Zhang, T.; Gedalin, M.; Pope, S.A.
VEX observes a New Type of Collisionless Shock

Slavin, J. A.; Acuña, M. H.; Anderson, B. J.; Barabash, S.; Benna, M.; Boardsen, S. A.; Fraenz, M.; Gloeckler, G.; Ho, G. C.; Korth, H.
MESSENGER and Venus Express observations of the near-tail of Venus: Magnetic flux transport, current sheet structure, and flux rope formation

Russell, C. T.; Zhang, T.-L.; Delva, M.
Whistler mode signals due to Venus lightning: Magnetic field control of access to the ionosphere

Luhmann, J.G.; McEnulty, T.; Brain, D.A.; Fedorov, A.; Barabash, S. ; Futaana, Y. ; Zhang, T-L.; Russell, C.T. ; Howard, R.A.; Thompson, W.T.
Survey of Venus space weather events and responses observed with the VEX and STEREO missions

Taylor, FW
The Climate on Venus: Insights from Venus Express

Zhang, T. L.
Venus Express magnetic field observation of the solar wind interaction with Venus at solar minimum

Nakamura, M.; Satoh, T.; Imamura, T.; Abe, T.; Ueno, M.; Yamazaki, A.; Ishii, N.; Suzuki, M.; Takemae, T.; Mochihara, Y.
Present Status of Venus Climate Orbiter development in 2008

Yung, Y; Liang, M
Chemical Sources and Sinks of OCS in the Lower Atmosphere and on the Surface of Venus

Politi, R.; Piccioni, G.; Drossart, P.; Cardesín Moinelo, A.; VIRTIS-Venus Express team
Dynamical and morphological evolution of Venus Southern polar vortex

Erard, S.; Drossart, P.; Piccioni, G.; the Virtis-VEx team
Multivariate analysis of Virtis/Venus-Express night side observations

Satoh, T.; Carlson, R.; Esposito, L.
What have we learned about Venus clouds and haze with Venus Express?

Piccioni, G. ; Drossart, P.; the VIRTIS-Venus Express team
Observations by VIRTIS on Venus Express

Wei, H. Y.; Russell, C. T.; Zhang, T. L.; Luhmann, J. G.; Delva, M.
Flux-rope formation in the ionosphere of Venus: mechanisms and observations

Wei, H. Y.; Russell, C. T.; Zhang, T. L.; Strangeway, R. J.; Luhmann, J. G.; Delva, M.
Plasma waves near the ionopause of Venus

Barabash, S.; Sauvaud, J.-A.; Fedorov, A. ; ASPERA-4
Review of the results from Analyzer of Space Plasmas and Energetic Atoms ASPERA-4 onboard Venus Express

Palomba, E.; Longobardo, A.; Zinzi, A.; Tsang, C.; Piccioni, G.; Helbert, J.; VIRTIS-Venus Express Team
Venus surface properties from the analysis of the spectral slope @ 1.03-1.04 microns

Bertaux, J.-L.
Overview of the SPICAV/SOIR results in the context of dynamics and chemistry of the Venus atmosphere

Svedhem, H.; Titov, D. ; Witasse, O.
Status and scientific highlights of the Venus Express mission

Basilevsky, A.; Shalygin, E. ; Scholten, F. ; Titov, D.; Markiewicz, W.
Surface observations by Venus Monitoring Camera

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