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  Poster Programme - GM21 New applications of terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides in Earth surface science (co-listed in IG)

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Convener: Dunai, T.
Co-Convener: Stuart, F., Benedetti, L.
Co-Sponsorship: CRONUS-EU

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 16 April 2007 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Monday, 16 April 2007 08:00 -
Monday, 16 April 2007 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU2007-A-01960;  GM21-1MO5P-0277
Mai, K; van der Borg, K
Cosmogenic nuclides – Calibration sites for 36Cl on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

EGU2007-A-02169;  GM21-1MO5P-0278
Merchel, S.; Benedetti, L.; Braucher, R.; Bourlès, D.
Chlorine-36 data from CRONUS-EU calibration sites - Recent landslides in the Southern French Alps

EGU2007-A-02177;  GM21-1MO5P-0279
Kubik, P.W.; Ivy-Ochs, S.; Kerschner, H.
Multiple prehistoric landslides at Köfels (Austria): Timing by cosmogenic 10Be

EGU2007-A-02389;  GM21-1MO5P-0280
Rixhon, G.; Bovy, B.; Hallot, E.; Bourlès, D.; Demoulin, A.
The quaternary uplift and river incision of the Rhenish Massif: a cosmogenic nuclides (10Be) approach

EGU2007-A-02911;  GM21-1MO5P-0281
Strasky, S.; Di Nicola, L.; Oberholzer, P.; Baroni, C.; Salvatore, M.C.; Baur, H.; Kubik, P.W.; Wieler, R.; Schlüchter, C.
Pleistocene East Antarctic Ice Sheet variations in the Ricker Hills

EGU2007-A-03510;  GM21-1MO5P-0282
Carretier, S.; Regard, V.
Theoretical cosmogenic nuclide concentrations in pebbles along river course

EGU2007-A-03919;  GM21-1MO5P-0283
Goethals, M.; Hetzel, R.; Fenton, C.; Niedermann, S.
Rates of erosion along actively growing normal faults: The cosmogenic Ne-21 inventory from quartz of the Bishop Tuff (California)

EGU2007-A-04097;  GM21-1MO5P-0284
Di Nicola, L.; Strasky, S.; Baroni, C.; Salvatore, M.C.; Kubik, P.W. ; Ivy-Ochs, S.; Wieler, R.; Akcar, N.; Schluechter, C.
Exposure history of pre-LGM glacial drifts in Terra Nova Bay: field work and first results from the XX and XXI Italian Antarctic expeditions

EGU2007-A-04288;  GM21-1MO5P-0285
Shabanian, E.; Siame, L.; Bellier, O.; Benedetti, L.; Abbassi, M.-R.
Quaternary slip-rates in the Kopet Dagh Mountains, NE Iran

EGU2007-A-04431;  GM21-1MO5P-0286
Fenton, C.R.; Niedermann, S.; Goethals, M.; Schneider, B.
Evaluation of cosmogenic 3He and 21Ne concentrations in an olivine-rich Pleistocene basalt flow, western Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

EGU2007-A-06332;  GM21-1MO5P-0287
Kober, F.; Baur, H.; Menet, U.; Wieler, R.
A new extraction line for terrestrial produced cosmogenic 14C at the Isotope Geochemistry lab of ETH Zurich, Switzerland

EGU2007-A-05015;  GM21-1MO5P-0288
Pinzuti, P.; Manighetti, I.; Gaudemer, Y.; Finkel, R.C.; Ryerson, F.J.
Growth and propagation of normal faults in the Asal-Ghoubbet rift from chlorine-36 cosmogenic dating and offset measurements

EGU2007-A-08428;  GM21-1MO5P-0289
Dunai, TJ; The CRONUS-EU team
CRONUS-EU – advancing cosmogenic nuclide methodology

EGU2007-A-09514;  GM21-1MO5P-0290
Haeussler, R.; Dunai, T.; Stuart, F.; Gonzalez Lopez, G.
21Ne and 3He ages on quartz and Fe-Ti-oxide minerals from the Atacama Desert, northern Chile

EGU2007-A-09629;  GM21-1MO5P-0291
Binnie, S; Dunai, T; Gonzalez, G
A novel approach to determine the rates of displacement on thrust faults using terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides

EGU2007-A-09641;  GM21-1MO5P-0292
Foeken, J.; Day, S.; Stuart, F.
Cosmogenic 3He exposure dating of the Quaternary lavas at Fogo, Cape Verde Islands

EGU2007-A-09925;  GM21-1MO5P-0293
Schimmelpfennig, I.; Benedetti, L.; Pik, R. ; Burnard, P.; Blard, P.H.
In situ cosmogenic 36Cl chemistry on silicates from basaltic flows of Mount Etna (Sicily 38°N)

EGU2007-A-10055;  GM21-1MO5P-0294
Schneider, B.; Wijbrans, J.R.; Kuiper, K.F.
A furnace extraction system for 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of young basalts

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