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  List of Accepted Contributions - ST7 Open session on the magnetosphere (including Hannes Alfvén Medal Lecture)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

de Lucas, A.; Gonzalez, W. D.; Echer, E.; Guarnieri, F. L.; Dal Lago, A.; Vieira, L. E.; da Silva, M. R.; Saraiva, A. C.
A comparison of interplanetary parameters and geomagnetic indices during intense and super intense magnetic storms

Echer, E.; Alves, M. V.; Gonzalez, W. D.; Balmaceda, L. A.; Guarnieri, F. L.
Geomagnetic index variability and ring current asymmetry during April 1999 (magnetic cloud driven) and February 2000 (complex ejecta driven)

Biktash, L.
The solar wind energy input rate to the magnetospheric ring current during the two last solar cycles (withdrawn)

Kleimenova, N.
ULF Pc5 signature of the 2003 superstorms recovery phases

Kuznetsova, T. V.; Laptukhov, A. I.
Geomagnetic activity response to changes of orientation of the solar wind velocity, the interplanetary magnetic field and the solar wind electric field with respect to geomagnetic moment taking into account annual and daily motion the Earth

Facskó, G.; Kecskeméty, K.; Tátrallyay, M.; Erdös, G.; Daly, P. W.; Dandouras, I.
An extended global study of hot flow anomalies using Cluster multi-spacecraft measurements

Metallinou, A; Moore, T; Fok, M; Daglis, I; Delcourt, D
Periodic Substorms, Sawtooth Oscillations And Their Contribution To The Ring Current (withdrawn)

Lutsenko, V.N.; Gavrilova, E.A.; Grechko, T.V.
Observation Statistics of Fine Dispersion Structures in Energetic Particle Spectra in Auroral Regions.

Lutsenko, V.N.; Gusev, A.A.; Delcourt, D.
New method of checking the Earth’s magnetic field models

Mager, P.N.; Klimushkin, D.Yu.
Spatial localization and azimuthal wave numbers of Alfven waves generated by drift-bounce resonance in the magnetosphere

Klimushkin, D.Yu.; Mager, P.N.
Alfven ship waves: emission of ULF waves by substorm injected particles

Hurtaud, Y.; Peymirat, C.; Richmond, A. D.
Modelling seasonal and diurnal effects on the magnetospheric and ionospheric plasma dynamics

Pallocchia, G.; Cattaneo, M. B.; Dandouras, I.; Kistler, L. M.; Klecker, B.; Carlson, C. W.; Korth, A.; McCharty, M.; Lundin, R.; Balogh, A.
Interplanetary shock waves in the Earth's magnetosheath: CLUSTER observations

Roeder, J.; Fennell, J.; Mulligan, T.; Korth, A.
Field-aligned energetic electrons during the storm of July 24, 2004: Cluster RAPID observations

Jhuang, B.-Y.; Shue, J.-H.; Song, P.
A Study of Dawn-Dusk Asymmetry of the Magnetopause Shape

Imber, S. M.; Milan, S. E.; Hubert, B.
The auroral and ionospheric flow signatures of dual lobe reconnection

Lobzin, V. V.; Krasnoselskikh, V. V.; Bosqued, J.-M.; Pincon , J.-L.; Schwartz, S. J.; Dunlop, M.
Nonstationarity and Reformation of High-Mach Number Quasiperpendicular Shocks: Cluster Observations

Kudela, K
Energetic ions in the magnetosheath observed on Interball-1

Kudela, K
Transmissivity predictions for cosmic rays in disturbed magnetosphere: a case study

Simunek, J.; Safrankova, J.; Nemecek, Z.
Temporal vs spatial changes of dispersion patterns at the cusp

Tkachenko, O.; Safrankova, J.; Nemecek, Z.; Simunek, J.; Prech, L.
Vortex–like structure in the cusp-magnetosheath interface

Gutynska, O.; Safrankova, J.; Nemecek, Z.
Two-point observations of magnetosheath fluctuations

Klassen, A.; Gomez-Herrero, R.; Boehm, E.; Mueller-Mellin, R.; Heber, B.; Wimmer-Schweingruber, R.
Observations of energetic electrons far upstream of the Earth's bow - shock at COSTEP/SOHO

Jelinek, K.; Nemecek, Z.; Safrankova, J.
Influence of the tilt angle on the bow shock location

Dusik, S.; Safrankova, J.; Nemecek, Z.; Simunek, J.
Determination of the LLBL profile under different IMF conditions using Te-Ne plots

Stenberg, G.; Yordanova, E.; André, M.; Vaivads, A.; Retinň, A. ; Buchert, S. ; Hamrin, M.
The characteristics of thin current sheets in the magnetosheath

Agapitov, A. V.; Cheremnykh, O. K.; Parnowski, A. S.
Comparison of magnetometric observational data with theoretical model of ballooning eigenmodes in the inner magnetosphere of the Earth

Andreeova, K.; Prech, L.
Tracing fast forward shocks into the Earth's magnetosphere

Zhou, X.; Rostoker, G.
Study of ring current asymmetry during intense storms

Trattner, K.J.; Petrinec, S.M. ; Fuselier, S.A.
Pulsed Reconnection at the Dayside Magnetopause

Shue, J.-H.; Ieda, A.; Lui, ATY; Parks, G. K.; Mukai, T.
Two classes of earthward plasma sheet fast flows

Eriksson, T.; Blomberg, L.; Schaefer, S.; Glassmeier, K.-H.
Sunward propagating Pc5 wave observed in the post-midnight magnetosphere flank

Hubert, B.; Meurant, M.; Blockx, C.; Gérard, J.-C.; Milan, S.E.; Grocott, A.; Cowley, S.W.H
Internal and external control of shock-induced flux closure in the Earth magnetosphere: a statistical study.

Yahnin, A.G.; Yahnina, T.A.; Frey, H.U.
Two-dimensional view of the proton precipitation related to geomagnetic Pc1 pulsations

Sun, W.; Du, A.; Zhou, X.-Y.
Quantitative Separation of the Directly-driven and Unloading Components: View from the Ionospheric Electric Potential

Du, A.; Sun, W.; Zhou, X.-Y.
An Insight into Auroral Electrojet Development: Identification and Decoupling of DP1 and DP2 Current Systems

Keika, K. ; Nakamura, R. ; Baumjohann, W. ; Runov, A. ; Takada, T. ; Klecker, B. ; Re`me, H. ; Dandouras, J.; Lucek, E. ; Frey, H.
Implication for O+ Acceleration in the Magnetotail triggered by Solar Wind Compression: 24 August 2005 Event

Keika, K. ; Nakamura, R. ; Baumjohann, W. ; Runov, A. ; Takada, T. ; Klecker, B. ; Re`me, H. ; Dandouras, J.; Lucek, E.
Estimate of the Orientation and Current Density in the Plasma Sheet: Application of the Energetic Ion Sounding Technique

Smolin, S.
Model of the pitch angle diffusion

Dandouras, I.; Vallat, C.; Ganushkina, N.; Reme, H.; Cao, J.
Energetic ion dynamics of the inner magnetosphere revealed in coordinated Cluster- Double Star observations

Tatrallyay, M.; Erdos, G.; Lucek, E.; Georgescu, E. ; Dandouras, I.
On the occurrence of mirror mode fluctuations in the terrestrial magnetosheath based on multipoint observations

Barkhatov, N.A.; Levitin, A.E.; Tserkovnuk, O.M.
Influence of Solar Wind Parameters and Interplanetary Magnetic Field on Global and Polar Indices of Geomagnetic Activity during Geomagnetic Storms

Snekvik, K.; Nakamura, R.; Haaland, S.; Řstgaard, N.
A statistical survey of the electric field Z(GSM) component in the plasma sheet based on Cluster data

Peng, F.; Shen, S.; Chen, H.; Xu, W; Yeoman, T.K.; Wright, D.M.; Wang, D.; Zhang, X.
Frequency-time analysis on geomagnetic ULF disturbances during magnetic storm in Mar. 1989

Laundal, K.M.; Řstgaard, N.
Global observations of proton precipitation during the 21.-25. October 2001 geomagnetic storm

Lucek, E. A.; Horbury, T. S.; Dandouras, I.; R{\`e}me, H.
Properties of magnetic structures within the quasi-parallel shock: evidence for refraction

De Michelis, P.; Consolini, G.; Tozzi, R.
On the spectral and statistical properties of principal components of geomagnetic daily changes

Terada, N.; Tanaka, T.
Numerical modeling of the circulation of ionospheric particles in the magnetosphere: Gyrokinetic approach

Waara, M; Nilsson, H; Arvelius, S; Marghitu, O; Yamauchi, M; Stenberg, G; André, M; THE CIS TEAM
Oxygen ion outflow observed at high altitude

Voros, Z.; Nakamura, R.; Baumjohann, W.; Runov, A.; Volwerk, M.; Asano, Y.; Jankovicova, D.; Lucek, E.; Klecker, B.
Turbulence in the Earth's plasma sheet associated with reconnection and bursty bulk flows

Fear, R. C.; Milan, S. E.; Fazakerley, A. N.; Owen, C. J.; Lucek, E. A.
A statistical test of the Cooling model of reconnected field line motion

Jankovicova, D.; Voros, Z.
The Influence of Solar Wind Turbulence on Geomagnetic Activity

Grigorenko, E.E.; Hirai, M.; Hoshino, M.; Mukai, T.; Zelenyi, L.M.
Signatures of quasi-steady and inductive ion acceleration in the distant magnetotail: Geotail observations.

Laakso, H.; Perry, C.; Taylor, M.; Escoubet, P.
Cluster Active Archive

Kozak, L.V.; Lui, A.T.Y; Ivchenko, V.M.
Statistical analysis of magnetic field fluctuations in the Earth's magnetotail

Savin, S.; Kuznetsov, E. A.; Amata, E. ; Dunlop, M. ; Genot , V. ; Khotyaintsev, Yu. ; Buechner, J. ; Panov, E.; Blecki, J. ; Asadchiy, A.
Magnetic barrier generation between moving plasmas: evidence for Alfvenic collapse

Nakamura, T.; Fujimoto, M.; Otto, A.
Plasma mixing and transport across the tail-magnetopause during northward IMF caused by the coupling between the MHD-scale Kelvin-Helmholtz vortex and magnetic reconnection: 2D and Two-fluid simulations

Alleyne, H.; Balan, N.; Walker, S.; Lucek, E.; Reme, H.; Fazakerley, A. N.
Compression of the Magnetosphere by CME clouds

Blockx, C.; Gérard, J.-C.; Coumans, V.; Hubert, B.; Connors, M.
Global morphology of substorm growth phases observed by the IMAGE-SI12 imager

Marklund, G.T.; Johansson, T.; Lynch, K.
On the degree of ionospheric contribution to high-altitude auroral potentials using Cluster data

Vogiatzis, I. I.; Sarris, T. E.; Sarris, E. T.; Fritz, T. A.; Zong, Q.-G.; Zhang, H.
Ion acceleration up to supra-thermal energies due to wave-particle interactions in the cusp region. A CLUSTER case study.

Lindstedt, T; Khotyaintsev, Yu. V; Vaivads, A
Reconnection separatrix regions at the magnetopause: Cluster observations

Grebowsky, J; Sibeck, D; Mauk, B; Fox, N; Giles, B
Living With a Star Radiation Belt Storm Probes and associated Geospace missions

Khotyaintsev, Yu.V.; Vaivads, A.; Retinň, A.; André, M.; Owen, C.J.; Nilsson, H.
Formation of The Inner Structure of a Reconnection Separatrix Region

Amata, E.; De Franceschi , G.; Alfonsi, L.; Romano, V.; Marcucci, M.F.; Coco, I.; Lester, M.; Dyson, P. L.
Statistical Correlation between GPS Scintillations and HF Backscatter

Stauning, P.
Magnetospheric response to solar wind dynamic pressure

Trenchi, L.; Marcucci, M.F.; Pallocchia, G.; Bavassano Cattaneo, M. B.; Reme, H.; Kistler, L.; Klecker , B.; Korth, A.; Carr, C.M.
Study of the occurrence of reconnection jets at the dayside magnetopause with Double Star.

Maggiolo, R.; Sauvaud, J.-A.; Lucek, E.
Dayside reconnection under extremely low solar wind density conditions

Anagnostopoulos, G.; Vassiliadis, E.; Tenentes, V.; Plainaki, C.; Mavromichalaki, H.
Signature of shock drift acceleration of energetic (<~1 MeV) ions near the earth's bow shock on May 4, 1998

Westerberg, L.G.; Ĺkerstedt, H.O.
Large Scale Flow Near a Reconnection Site at the Dayside Magnetopause: A 3D Analytical Model Coupled with Cluster Multi-Spacecraft Data (withdrawn)

Vaivads, A.; Santol\'{\i}k, O.; Stenberg, G.; Andr\'e, M.; Owen, C. J.; Canu, P.; Dunlop, M.
The source of whistler emissions at the dayside magnetopause

Alexandrova, O.; Budnik, E.; Génot, V.; Lacombe, C.; Jacquey, C.; Dandouras, I.; Lucek, E.
Statistical study of magnetic field fluctuations in the Earth magnetosheath

Gannon, JL; Onsager, T; Singer, H
GOES-11 Pitch Angle Distribution Analysis of Energetic Magnetospheric Electron During Storm Recovery Phase

Carlson, C. W.
Properties of the aurora as seen from FAST (Hannes Alfvén Medal Lecture)

Brown, P; dunlop, M.W; balogh, A; carr, C; gloag, J; lucek, E; oddy, T
Calibration techniques for magnetometers implementing on-board de-spinning algorithms - filling the gaps within the Cluster dataset.

Mursula, K.; Holappa, L.; Karinen, A.
Motivations and Implications for Revising the Dst Index

Zong, Q.G.; Fu, S.Y.; Korth, A.; Daly, P.
BBFs with Rich Ionospheric Oxygen Ions Observed by Cluster and Double Star

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