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  List of Accepted Contributions - US9/PS1.5 Titan - Huygens - Cassini: First Results (co-listed in ST)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Jackman, C.M.; Achilleos, N.; Bunce, E.J.; Clarke, J.T.; Cowley, S.W.H; Kurth, W.S.; Zarka, P
Interplanetary conditions and magnetospheric dynamics during the Cassini orbit insertion fly-through of Saturn’s magnetosphere

Bunce, EJ; Cowley, SWH; Jackman, CM; Wright, DM; Coates, AJ; Dougherty, MK; Kurth, WS; Krupp, N; Rymer, AM
First observation of a compression-induced hot plasma injection event in Saturn’s magnetosphere: A multi-instrument comparison

Owen, T.; Niemann, H.; Atreya, S.; Gautier, D.
Titan and Earth: Sisters or Strangers?

Fletcher, L; Irwin, P; Teanby, N; de Kok, R; The CIRS Team, &
Preliminary Results from Cassini/CIRS: Measuring Deep Elemental Abundances and Isotopic Ratios on Saturn

de Kok, R; Irwin, P; Teanby, N; Fletcher, L ; The Cassini/CIRS Team, &
Abundance measurement of oxygen compounds and aerosols in Titan's stratosphere by Cassini/CIRS.

Wall, S.; Elachi, C.; Soderblom, L.; The Cassini Radar Science Team
The surface of Titan as seen by Cassini Radar

Flasar, F. M.; CIRS Investigation Team
Exploration of Saturn, its rings, and its moons with the Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS)

Ma, Y.; Nagy, A.; Cravens, T.; Sokolov, I.; Hansen, K.
A Comparison of MHD Model Calculations with Observations for the Ta Flyby of Titan by Cassini

Raulin, F.; Israel, G.; Niemann, H.; Owen, T.; THE GPCOS-LISA TEAM
Exo/astrobiology on Titan: a new vision from the Cassini-Huygens data

Hansen, K.C.; Gombosi, T.I.
Global simulations of Saturn's magnetosphere

Giampieri, G.; Smith, E.; Dougherty, M.; Russell, C.
Cassini and Saturn's magnetic field: In-orbit observations

Brown, R. H.; The VIMS Team
Cassini VIMS at Saturn: The first 9 months

Sotin, C.; LeMouelic, S.; Rodriguez, S.; Jaumann, R.; Buratti, B.; Brown, R.; Clark, R.; Soderblom, L.; McCord, T.; THE VIMS TEAM
Analysis of VIMS image cubes: clues on Titan’s geology

Bouhram, M.; Berthelier, J.-J.; Illiano, J.-M.; Johnson, R. E.; Smith, H. T.; Sittler, E. C.; Young, D. T.
Test particle modelling of ion transport and sources in Saturn magnetosphere, initial results.

Dougherty, M. K.; Neubauer, F. M.; Slootweg, P. ; Kellock, S.; Mueller-Wodarg, I.
Cassini magnetometer observations during the Huygens descent through Titan’s atmosphere

Illes-Almar, E
On the Origin of the Dark Material on Japetus

Illés-Almár, E
On the Origin of the Saturnian Ring Systems

Dougherty, M. K.; The Magnetometer Team
Overview of Cassini magnetometer observations at Saturn

Russell, C. T.; Leisner, J. S.; Dougherty, M.; Smith, E. J.; Tsurutani, B. T.; Blanco-Cano, X.
Water-group ion cyclotron waves: Evidence for a time variable loss rate of water from the E ring

Fulchignoni, M.; Ferri, F.; Colombatti, G. ; Zarnecki, J. C.; Harri, A-M. ; Grard, R. ; Schwingenschuh, K.; Hamelin, M.; Lopez Moreno, J.J.; Svedhem, H. ; the HASI team
First results on the characteristics of Titan’s atmosphere by the Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument (HASI) measurements

Leisner, J. S.; Russell, C. T.; Khurana, K. K.; Dougherty, M.; Andre, N.
Diamagnetic depressions in the inner magnetosphere of Saturn: Evidence for strong magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling

Kurth, W. S.; Gurnett, D. A.; Hospodarsky, G. B.; Zarka, P. ; Moncuquet, M.; Canu, P.; Dougherty, M.
Global morphology of Saturn's magnetosphere from RPWS observations

Roatsch, Th.; Waehlisch, M.; Scholten, F.; Hoffmeister, A.; Denk, T.; Neukum, G.; Thomas, P.; Helfenstein, P.; Porco, C.
Mapping of the icy saturnian satellites: First results from Cassini-ISS

Bird and/ for THE DWE TEAM, M.K.; THE DWE TEAM
The Huygens Doppler Wind Experiment: results from Titan

Srama, R.; Kempf, S.; Moragas-Klostermeyer, G.; Beckmann, U.; Burton, M.; Dikarev, V.; Gruen, E.; Helfert, S.; Roy, M.; Spahn, F.
Dust measurements of Cassini in the vicinity of Enceladus

Bernard, J.-M.; Quirico, E.; Montagnac, G.; Reynard, B.; Derenne, S.; Coll, P.; Nguyen, M.-J.; Mc Millan, P.; Rouzaud, J.-N.; Schmitt, B.; PAMPRE Team
Cassini-Huygens mission : which tholins for simulating Titan's aerosols ?

Irwin, P.; Teanby, N.; Fletcher, L.; de Kok, R.; Calcutt, S.; Read, P.; Taylor, F.
Retrieval of atmospheric properties of Saturn and Titan from Cassini CIRS Spectra

Teanby, NA; Irwin, PGJ; de Kok, R; Calcutt, SB; Bowles, NE; Fletcher, L; Taylor, FW; The CIRS Team
Latitudinal variations in nitrile and hydrocarbon abundances in Titan's stratosphere derived from Cassini CIRS data

Neukum, G.; Wagner, R.; Denk, T.; Porco, C. C.; Cassini ISS Team, the
The cratering record of the major Saturnian satellites in comparison: First results from analysis of the Cassini ISS imaging data

Jaumann, R.; Stephan, K.; Roatsch, T.; Scholz, C.; Scholten, F.; Matz, K. D.; Brown, R. H.; VIMS Science Team, the
High resolution Cassini-VIMS mosaics of the Saturnian satellites

Harri, A.-M.; Mäkinen, T.; Kahanpää, H.; Lehto, A.; Leppelmeier, G.W.; Siili, T.; Genzer, M.; Fagerström, B. ; Siikonen, T.
Pressure profile of Titan, PPI/HASI instrument for Huygens.

Denk, T.; Neukum, G.; Thomas, P.; Giese, B.; Porco, C.; Roatsch, T.; Helfenstein, P.; McEwen, A.; Turtle, E.; Wagner, R.; the Cassini ISS Team
Nine Months of Iapetus Observations by the Cassini ISS Camera

Hillier, J.; Green, S. ; Schwanethal, J.; McBride, N.; Srama, R.; Kempf, S.; McDonnell, J.; Postberg, F.
Cassini cosmic dust analyser: composition of Saturnian ring particles

Krimigis, S. M.; Mitchell, D. G.; Hamilton, D. C.; Krupp, N.; Livi, S.; Roelof, E. C.; Dandouras, J.; Mauk, B. H.; Brand, J. P.; Paranicas, C.; The MIMI Team
Observations of energetic particles and neutrals at Saturn from the Cassini magnetosphere imaging instrument (MIMI)

Vilppola, J.; Mursula, K. ; Tanskanen, P.; Kallio, E.; Sillanpää, I. ; Steinberg, J.; Barraclough, B.; Crary, F.; Coates, A.
Cassini CAPS/IBS results from first Titan encounters and comparison to Titan quasi-neutral hybrid model

Coates, A.J.; Crary, F.J.; Rymer, A.M.; Szego, K.; Steinberg, J.; Vilppola, J.; Young, D.T.; CAPS TEAM, A.
Cassini’s first Titan encounters: a comparison of plasma results

Wahlund, J-E.; RPWS LP Titan Results
Cassini RPWS LP Measurements of Cold Plasma in the Ionosphere of Titan

Hamelin, M.; the PWA-HASI team
Relaxation Probe measurements with PWA-HASI in the atmosphere of Titan.Is Titan's conductive atmosphere permeated by a DC electric field ?

Wahlund, J.-E; RPWS Inner Magnetosphere
RPWS Cold Plasma Results from the Inner Magnetosphere of Saturn

Castillo, J.; Sotin, C.; Johnson, T.; Lunine, J.; Thomas, P.; Matson, D.
Composition and Structure of Iapetus – Constraints on the Kronian Nebula

Electric Fields, acoustic Waves and Permittivity Measurements performed by HUYGENS during its Descent through the Atmosphere and after its Impact on the Surface of Titan

Giese, B.; Denk, T.; Neukum, G.; Roatsch, T.; Thomas, P. C.; Wagner, R.; Porco, C.
A study of crater morphologies on Phoebe using Cassini-ISS images

Simoes, F.; Brown, V. J.; Chabassiere, C.; Falkner, P.; Ferri, F.; Fulchignoni, M.; Grard, R.; Hamelin, M.; Jernej, I.; Lopez-Moreno, J. J.; The PWA Team
First results on the dielectric properties of the atmosphere and surface of Titan as measured during the mission of the Huygens Probe

Esposito, L.; THE UVIS TEAM
Cassini UVIS observations of the Saturn system and Titan

Kempf, S.; Srama, R.; Horanyi, M.; Grün, E.; Moragas-Klostermeyer, G.
Saturn's E ring as seen by the Cassini dust detector CDA

López-Moreno, J.J.; the PWA-HASI team
Electronic and ionic conductivity along the atmosphere of Titan as measured by the Relaxation Probe of HASI

Smith, H.T.; Shappirio, M.; Sittler, E.C.; Johnson, R.E.; Reisenfeld, D.; Crary, D.F.; McComas, D.J.; Young, D.
N+ in saturn’s inner magnetosphere

Crary, F; Burch, J; Goldstein, J; Young, D; Hill, T; Coates, A; Thomsen, M; Andre, N; Dougherty, M; Russell, C
Interchange and plasma injection events in Saturn’s magnetosphere: Average properties, frequency, spatial distribution, and plasma transport

Thomsen, M.; CAPS Team Members
Transport and dynamics in Saturn's magnetosphere

Blanc, M.; MAPS working group
Initial Cassini observations reveal a multi-faceted magnetosphere at Saturn

Schwingenschuh (4), K.; Hofe (8), R.; Fulchignoni (9), M.; Ferri (10), F.; Morente (11), J.A.; PWA-HASI
First in-situ Observations of Lightning and related Phenomena in the Atmosphere of Titan

Israel, G; Niemann, H; Raulin, F; Riedler, W; Cabane, M; Owen, T; Atreya, S; Brun, J.; Coscia, D; Steller, M; THE ACP TEAM
First results of the aerosol collector pyrolyser experiment of huygens

Svedhem, H.; Trautner, R.; Falkner, P.; Witasse, O.; Floury, N.; Lebreton, J-P.; Kofman, W.; Herique, A.; Lorenz, R.; Plettemeier, D.; Huygens Radar Altimeter Team
Radar Altimetry of Titan by the descending Huygens Probe

Hirtzig, M; Coustenis, A; Gendron, E; Drossart, P; Combes, M; Hartung, M; Emsellem, E; Pécontal, A; Negrăo, A
Titan Observations at the Time of the Huygens Descent with the VLT

Pogrebenko, S.; tResults of the express , ; the Huygens VLBI tracking team
Results of the express analysis of the VLBI observations of the Huygens probe

Matson, D.
Cassini-Huygens Mission overview

Lebreton, J-P.; Matson, D.L.; Witasse, O.; and the Huygens Team,
Huygens Misison Highlights: A New View of Titan is Emerging

Tomasko, M.
DISR initial results

Kasprzak, W. T.; The INMS Team
Ion and Neutral Gas Mass Spectrometer (INMS) Results from Fybys of Titan

Niemann, H.
The Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) Experiment on the Cassini-Huygens Probe: First Results

Stallard, T.
Linking Saturn's aurora to cassini measurements using ground-based observations

Gurvits, L.I.
VLBI Tracking of the Huygens Probe

Zarnecki, J.C.; and the SSP team,
Huygens Surface Science package initial results

Kazeminejad, B.; and the Huygens DTWG team,
Reconstruction of the Huygens Probe Entry and Descent Trajectory at Titan

Srama, R.
Dust measurements of Cassini in the vicinity of Enceladus (withdrawn)

Iess, L.; Rappaport, N.; Tortora, P.; Rapino, G.; Somenzi, L.
The determination of Iapetus mass from Doppler tracking of the Cassini spacecraft

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