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  List of Accepted Contributions - G12 Open Session on Geodesy and Geodynamics

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Nankali, H; Djamour, Y; Vosoughi, B
Establishment of permanent GPS network for crustal deformation monitoring in Iran

Grácová, M.; Schenk, V.; Mantlík, F.; Schenková, Z.; Kottnauer, P.
GPS site movements detected in NE Bohemia, Central Europe

Raizner, C.; Sharifi, M.; Fotopoulos, G.
GNSS-levelling for practical height determination via Radial Base Functions (withdrawn)

Mahmoud, S.; Reilinger, R.; McClusky, S.
Seismicity and monitoring crustal deformation in and around Egypt using GPS techniques: Implication for Hazards Assessments

Klokocnik, J.; Kostelecky, J.
Evolution of Earth gravity induced geographically dependent radial orbit error for satellite altimetry

Timár, G.
Separated estimation of the shift, rotation and scale parameters of the Bursa-Wolf transformation

Luo, X.; Mayer, M.; Heck, B.
Effect of SNR-based weighting on the results of GNSS phase observations

Cheraghi, H; Hatam, Y; Vanicek, P; Najafi Alamdari, M; Qarakhani, J; Saadat, R; Jamour, Y
Effect of lateral topographical density on geoid in Iran

Safari, A.; Ardalan, A.A.; Allahtavakoli, Y.
On the optimum choices of estimation of regularization parameter for downward continuation problem of geoid computation without applying Stokes formula

Timár, G.; Molnár, G.; Székely, B.; Biszak, S.; Jankó, A.
Projection and datum parameters of the second military survey of the Habsburg Empire (1806-1869) for GIS data integration purposes

Sudau, A.; Weiß, R.
Tide Gauges and the Mean Sea Level

Janak, J.; Sprlak, M.; Mikula, K.
Downward continuation of second radial derivation of disturbing potential - application for GOCE mission

Sprlak, M.; Janak, J.; Mojzes, M.
Comparison of gravimetric quasigeoid models using spherical Stokes's function and its five deterministic modifications

Martinez-Benjamin, J.J.; Martin-Davila, J.; Garate, J.; Bonnefond, P.; Martinez-Garcia, M.; Ortiz-Castellon, M.A.; Talaya, J.; Baron, A.; Perez, B.; Rodriguez-Velasco, G.
Calibration Experiences at the Western Mediterranean Sea using Altimetry and Tide Gauges

Martinez-Garcia, M.; Leckzinsky, R.; Pascual, J.; Martinez-Benjamin, J.J.
CGPS Reference Station at l'Estartit for Monitoring Sea Level

Catalao, J.; Bos, M.; Antunes, C.
A new high precision gravity and geoid model for the Azores archipelago

Ghazavi, K.; Nahavandchi, H.; The OCTAS Team
The OCTAS07- North Atlantic/Arctic Ocean Mean Sea Surface Model based on a wavelet adjustment of multiple satellite altimetry data

Salem, M.; Ben Suleman, A.
Gravity and magnetic study of northeastern Libya

Ardalan, A. A.; Karimi, R.
Precise quasi-geoid map of Iran based on minimum-distance Molodensky telluroid mapping

Malservisi, R.; Furlong, K.P.; Govers, R.
How does a lithospheric plate boundary adapt to changes in plate motion? An example from South Island of New Zealand

Tanir, E.; Tornatore, V.; Boehm, J.; Felsenstein, K.; Schuh, H.
The Combination of Kalman Filter and Least-Squares Solutions of Different VLBI Analysis Centers

Schwahn, W.; Soehne, W.; Kluegel, T.
GPS, sea level and air pressure time series during the surge “BRITTA” (October, 30 – November, 2, 2006) in the German Bight

GEIRSSON, H.; Árnadóttir, Th.; Bennett, R.; Hreinsdóttir, S.; Jónsson, S.; Deutscher, J.; LaFemina, P.; Sturkell, E.; Villemin, T.; Miyazaki, S.
A new high-rate continuous GPS network in Iceland for crustal deformation research

Rudenko, S.; Schoene, T.
Influence of parameterization on the accuracy of altimetry satellite orbits

Omang, O.C.D; Solheim, D.; Hunegnaw, A.; Lysaker, D.I.; Ghazavi, K.; Nahavandchi, H.
Updated OCTAS geoid - OCTAS07

Landerer, F. W.; Jungclaus, J. H.; Marotzke, J.
Regional bottom pressure changes from ocean thermal expansion in the 21st century and their effect on the degree-two Stokes coefficients

The OCTAS project, the interrelationship between the geoid, the mean sea surface and the mean dynamic topography

Soltanpour, A.; OCTAS team
Assessment and Validation of the geoid, MSS and MDT models in the OCTAS project

Ferhat, G.; van der Woerd, J.; Ferry, M.; Masson, F.; Meghraoui, M.; Hinderer, J.; "Alps-GPSQuakenet" partners, and
Continuous GPS network monitors the Upper Rhine Graben deformation

Alasonati Tasarova, Z.; Götze, H.-J.; Bielik, M.
Gravity Field Analysis and a preliminary three-dimensional Density Model of Central Europe based on the CELEBRATION Seismic Experiment.

Elhabiby, M.M.; Sideris, M.G.
Evaluation of the parameters affecting the wavelet solution of geodetic integrals

Robin, P-Y
The Strain Probe: local two-dimensional Strain Determination from moving Points – Applications to regional GPS Data

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