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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS3.13 Recent developments in Tropospheric Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Hoffmann, M. R.; Colussi, A. J.; Guzman, M.; Boxe, C.
Photochemistry of Organic and Inorganic Molecules on the Surface of Ice and Snow Crystals

Camredon, M.; Aumont, B.; Madronich, S.
Development of an explicit model for the formation of secondary organic aerosol

Stephanou, E. G.; Apostolaki, M.; Kouvarakis, A.
Biogenic primary plant emissions influence on secondary organic aerosol formation: A comparison study between a boreal forest (Hyytiala-Finland) and a Central European rural area (Melpitz-Germany)

Ullerstam, M; Abbatt, JPD
Evidence for significantly enhanced uptake of gas-phase HNO3 by growing ice surfaces

Winterhalter, R.; Baker, A.; Williams, J.; Moortgat, G.K.
Detection of linear dicarboxylic acid monoamides in marine aerosol particles

Joniec, S.; Winterhalter, R.; Römpp, A.; Moortgat, G.K.
Chemical composition of aerosol samples taken from ambient air near Strasbourg, France: carboxylic acids and nitrophenols

Cziczo, D.; DeMott, P. ; Thomson, D. ; Murphy, D.; Brooks, S.; Richardson, M.; Kreidenweis, S.; Dunlea, E.; Jimenez, J.
Single Particle Studies of Aerosol / Ice Cloud Interactions

Gligorovski, S.; Morozov, I.; Barzaghi, P.; Herrmann, H.
Hydroxyl Radical Reactions with Halogenated Ethanols in Aqueous Solution

Iinuma, Y.; Böge, O.; Gnauk, T.; Miao, Y. K.; Herrmann, H.
SOA Formation from alpha-Pinene Ozonolysis: Influence of OH Scavengers to the SOA Yields and Products

Hoffmann, D.; Barzaghi, P.; Herrmann, H.
Ionic Strength Dependencies of Electron Transfer Reactions of Nitrate Radicals in Aqueous Solution

Barzaghi, P.; Tilgner, A. ; Majdik, Z.; Gligorovski, S.; Poulain, L.; Monod, A.; Herrmann, H.
CAPRAM 3.0: A Mechanism with a more Detailed Description of Tropospheric Aqueous Phase Organic Chemistry

Barzaghi, P.; Hesper, H.; Herrmann, H.
Spectroscopic and Kinetic Investigations of OH-Radical Reactions in Aqueous Solution

van Pinxteren, D.; Plewka, A.; Müller, K.; Kramberger, H.; Svrcina, B.; Bächmann, K.; Jaescke, W.; Mertes, S.; Collett Jr., J. L.; Herrmann, H.
Determination of Organic Compounds during the FEBUKO Hill-cap Cloud Experiments

Tilgner, A.; Wolke, R.; Herrmann, H.
SPACCIM Simulations of the Multiphase Chemistry Occurring in Orographic Hill-Capped Clouds

Parajuli, K.; Herrmann, H.
Reactivity Study of Br-atoms with Tropospherically Important Oxygenated Organic Compounds in Aqueous Solution

Decesari, S.; Fuzzi, S.; Emblico, L.; Cavalli, F.; Andreae, M.O.; Artaxo, P.; Claeys, M.; Maenhaut, W.; Mayol-Bracero, O.L.; Rudich, Y.
Evolution of the size-segregated inorganic and organic aerosol composition from the biomass burning period to the on-set of the wet season in Rondonia, Brazil.

Heinold, B.; Tilgner, A.; Jaeschke, W.; Haunold, W.; Knoth, O.; Wolke, R.; Herrmann, H.
Characterisation of Air Flow Conditions during the FEBUKO Hill Cap Cloud Experiments using Non-hydrostatic Atmospheric Models and Tracer Techniques

Cavalli, F.; Facchini, M.C.; Decesari, S.; Emblico, L.; Mircea, M.; Fuzzi, S.
Aerosol chemical composition in a continental boreal forest, southern Finland, during the quest experiment 2003

Velay, J. M.; Desboeufs, K. V.; Losno, R.; Colin, J. C.
Impact of photo-redox chemistry on dust dissolution in cloud droplets

Andronache, C.
Diffusion and electric charge contributions to below-cloud wet removal of atmospheric ultra-fine aerosol particles

King, S. M.; Katrib, Y.; Kendall, T. A.; Martin, S. T.
Water film growth on submicron NaCl crystals

Pöschl, U.; Fehrenbach, T.; Franze, T.; Mikhailov, E.; McKeon, U.; Schauer, C.; Zerrath, A.
Carbonaceous aerosol components: chemical composition, reactitvity, and hygroscopicity (CARBAERO)

Schlenker, J. S.; Katrib, Y.; Malinowski, A.; Martin, S. T.; Hung, H. M.; Rudich, Y.
Crystals formed at 293 K by aqueous sulfate-nitrate-ammonium-proton aerosol particles

Katrib, Y.; Martin, S. T.; Hung, H. M.; Rudich, Y.; Davidovits, P.; Jayne, J. T.; Worsnop, D. R.
Chemical and physical changes of organic particles upon reaction with ozone

Tillmann, R.; Mentel, T. F.; Kiendler-Scharr, A.
Oxidation of monoterpenes in the presence of aqueous sulphate

Roselli, D.; Kiendler-Scharr, A.; Mentel, T .F.; Tillmann, R.
Formation and properties of organic films on inorganic aerosol particles

Tost, H.; Sander, R.; Jöckel, P.; Bott, A.; Lelieveld, J.
Wet deposition and aqueous phase chemistry of trace gases and aerosols in clouds and precipitation: a global model study

Capouet, M.; Peeters, J.; Müller, J.-F.
Simulation of organic aerosol production from alpha-pinene oxidation in laboratory experiments.

Liu, Q.; Krüger, H.-U.; Zetzsch, C.
Degradation study of the aerosol-borne insecticides Dicofol and DDT in an aerosol smog chamber facility by OH radicals in relation to the POPs convention

Dymarska, M.; Murray, B.J.; Knopf, D. A.; Bertram, A. K.
Ice Nucleating Properties of Soot

Pedersen, J.O.P; Enghoff, M.B.; Svensmark, H.; Marsh, N.D.
Experimental investigation of aerosols produced by cosmic rays

Ndour, M.; George, Ch.; Ka, O.
Effect of Light on the uptake rate of NO2 on minerals

Pöschl, U.; Rudich, Y.; Ammann, M.
Kinetic model framework for aerosol and cloud surface chemistry and gas-particle interactions

Ammann, M.; Pöschl, U.
Kinetic model framework for aerosol and cloud surface chemistry and gas-particle interactions: exemplary numerical simulations for steady-state systems

Ammann, M.; Pöschl, U.
Kinetic model framework for aerosol and cloud surface chemistry and gas-particle interactions: exemplary numerical simulations for time-dependent systems

Vesna, O.; Stemmler, K.; Sjoegren, S.; Weingartner, E.; Kalberer, M.; Ammann, M.
Oxidative processing and mass transfer properties of fatty acids associated with aerosol particles

Stemmler, K.; Ammann, M.; Kleffmann, J.; George, C.
A new Source of Nitrous Acid: NO2 Photochemistry on various organic Surfaces

Caseiro, A.; Pio, C.; Kasper-Giebl, A. ; Bauer, H.; Puxbaum, H.
Determination of cellulose and levoglucosan in aerosol samples

Gaillard de Sémainville, Ph.; Hoffmann, D.; Barzaghi, P.; George, Ch.; Herrmann, H.
Reactions of the nitrate radical with three carboxylic acids: comparison of the reactivity of the neutral and the anionic form

Smirnov, A.; Sakerin, S.; Holben, B.; Kabanov, D.; Slutsker, I.; Giles, D.; Kopelevich, O.
Ship-based aerosol optical depth measurements in the Atlantic Ocean

Knoth, O. ; Wolke, R. ; Sehili, A.M. ; Simmel, M. ; Tilgner, A.
Simulation tools for the Lagrangian modelling of joint microphysical and chemical cloud processes

Mayol-Bracero, O. L.; The tropical aerosols team
Carbonaceous aerosols over the tropics: Size-resolved chemical characterization of marine, urban and biomass burning aerosols

Esteve, W; Noziere, B
Uptake of carbonyl compounds by acidic aerosols: reaction kinetics, mechanisms and light absorbing products.

Kalberer, M.; Samburova , V.; Emmenegger , C.; Sax, M.; Zenobi, R.; Baltensperger , U.; Dommen , J.
Oligomers in ambient organic aerosols and in SOA generated in a smog chamber

Soto-García, L.; Mayol-Bracero, O.; González, S.; Andreae, M.; Artaxo, P.; Elbert, W.; Maenhaut, W.; Trebs, I.; Kirchstetter, T.; Novakov, T.
Chemical apportionment of size-resolved aerosol particles during the dry-to-wet period in the Brazilian Amazon

Sen, A.; Nieto, L.; Krueger, H.-U.; Zetzsch, C.
Atmospheric transformation of semivolatile industrial chemicals on aerosol particles in a cold environment: Smog chamber investigation of octadecylvinylether (ODVE) and its major transformation product on SiO2 and Al2O3

Northway, M.; Jayne, J. ; Worsnop, D.; Toohey, D.; Onasch, T. ; Canagaratna, M.; Jimenez, J.
The use of vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) ionization for the determination of organic aerosol composition in aerosol mass spectrometry

Karagulian, F.; Rossi, M. J.
The heterogeneous reaction of NO3 on laboratory flame soot

PRATHER, K.; Guazzotti, S.; Qin, X.; Holecek, J.; Shields, L.; Sullivan, R.; Spencer, M.; Toner, S.
Single particle insight into heterogeneous chemistry and sources of tropospheric aerosols

Onasch, T.B.; Worsnop, D.R.; Jayne, J.T.; Canagaratna, M.; Boudries, H.; Zhang, Q.; Jimenez, J.L.; Alfarra, R.; Allan, J.; Coe, H.
Aerosol mass spectrometry: Aerosol chemical and microphysical properties

Behr, P.; Terzyiski, A.; Scharfenort, U.; Zellner, R.
Adsorption of Acetone on Ice at Temperatures between 190 and 220 K: Thermodynamic Data and Kinetic Model Simulation

Puxbaum, H.
Bioaerosols and related substances at sites in eastern Austria

Grassian, V.
Laboratory Studies of the Impact of Atmospheric Aging through Heterogeneous Chemistry on the Physicochemical Properties of Mineral Dust Aerosol

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