EMS Workshop on Communication Skills for Climatologists

Date: 16-17 September 2011, immediately following the EMS&ECAM conference
Location: SeminarisHotel, Berlin-Dahlem
Organisers: European Meteorological Society (EMS) and the Slovenian Environmental Agency (ARSO)
Language: English
Number of participants: max. 25
Workshop fee: €30

Participation by registration only.

EMS in collaboration with ARSO is organizing a training workshop of 1.5 days for climatologists, covering preparation for an interview on TV or radio, preparing a press release and press conference, talking to journalists and the general public, and preparing material for policy makers.


We expect climatologists who are occasionally interacting with the media, therefore such an intensive training on basics of science communication could serve to improve their performance in the media. Pre-registration is mandatory. Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs.


  • Presentation of the workshop contents and its objectives;
  • Science communication; why scientists should get involved with the media;
  • Different media – different requirements;
  • Networking (existing networks on climate change communication);
  • The EMS Media team recommendations on climate communication;
  • Non - verbal communication;
  • The use of voice;
  • Short radio interviews;
  • Filming short TV statements;
  • The analysis of short statements;
  • General press conference guidelines and their implementation;
  • Simulation of the press conferences with short TV statements;
  • Analysis of team cooperation at the press conferences;
  • Interviews in front of the camera and their individual analyses.