European Geosciences Union
General Assembly 2008
Vienna, Austria, 13 – 18 April 2008
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Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung

International Year of Planet Earth 2007-2009

The Electronic Geophysical Year 2007-2008 International Polar Year 2007-2008

Live Online Broadcasting of Union Medal Lectures

The Medal Ceremony as well as the Union Medal Lectures during the US1 on Wednesday, 16 April will be broadcasted live and online! It will be a Rich Media Format with the record of the presenter and its talk synchronized with his PowerPoint presentation. All interested parties and especially the representatives from Press & Media as well as scientists who are not able to attend the conference are cordially invited to watch these key note talks free of charge! Afterwards, the records will be available via the EGU webpage.

Please enter the Live Stream on 16 April from 16:00 at: http://www.webstream.at/egu/


16:15–17:00Medal Ceremony - Presentation of the Outstanding Young Scientist Awards, the Union Service Awards as well as the Union Medals & Honorary Memberships
17:15–18:00Jean Dominique Cassini Medal Lecture
Bibring, J.-P.
Mars history end evolution, revisited by on going space exploration
18:00–18:45Alfred Wegener Medal Lecture
Morel, P.
Models and Reality
18:45–19:30Arthur Holmes Medal Lecture
Watts, A.B.
Isostasy, Flexure and Geological Processes

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