European Geosciences Union
General Assembly 2008
Vienna, Austria, 13 – 18 April 2008
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Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung

International Year of Planet Earth 2007-2009

The Electronic Geophysical Year 2007-2008 International Polar Year 2007-2008

Conference Hours

Oral & Poster Sessions

Monday – Friday, 14 – 18 April 2008

In general, the meeting days are cut into five time blocks each with one and a half hour. Concerning the Oral & Poster Block V, 17:30–19:00, there are two options: within option 1 an additional extensive public poster viewing is scheduled to enhance the visibility of poster presentations, whereas within option 2 this time block is reserved for oral and poster presentations like within the time blocks 1 – 4.

Posters may be on display daily from 08:00–19:30 (Display Time). After 19:30 posters are removed by the conference staff and stored, day-by-day, with their poster numbers attached in special boxes in the poster area (Taken-Down-Posters). During the poster sessions scheduled in parallel to the oral sessions the authors are kindly asked to stand near their posters for interview and discussion (Author in Attendance).

Oral & Poster Block I08:30–10:001MO1
Break I10:00–10:30
Oral & Poster Block II10:30–12:001MO2
Lunch Break12:00–13:30
Lunch Block 1 (EBM, SPM, UM only)12:00–13:301MO2L
Lunch Block 2 (DBM only)12:15–13:151MO2L2
Oral & Poster Block III13:30–15:001MO3
Break II15:00–15:30
Oral & Poster Block IV15:30–17:001MO4
Break III17:00–17:30
Poster viewing only17:30–19:00 (Option 1)1MO5
Oral & Poster Block V17:30–19:00 (Option 2)1MO5
Block VI (TM, SPM only)19:00–20:001MO6

Time Block Identification

If you use the public link "Schedule" in the "Session Programme", you will see the scheduled time blocks for the appropriate session, e.g. 1MO5, with the following structure:

1 = week of the meeting/conference
MO = day of this week (Monday)
5 = time block of that day

Furthermore, this time block identification is part of the "Paper Schedule Number", which is explained here.

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