European Geosciences Union
General Assembly 2008
Vienna, Austria, 13 – 18 April 2008
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International Year of Planet Earth 2007-2009

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Abstract Evaluation

Review and Notice of Status

Abstracts are reviewed by the relevant conveners, who decide about acceptance or rejection or transfer of a contribution to another session; the final rejection of a paper, however, is reserved for the Programme Committee. Based on their "Session Organization" compiled and included on the web by the Copernicus Meetings, the conveners classify the contributions received into oral and poster sessions, select solicited talks and arrange the papers in each session in the order of their presentation.

Based on the recommendations by the conveners, the Copernicus Meetings will send a "Notice of Status" for each contribution to the person to whom all correspondence should be addressed by electronic mail. Abstracts of accepted contributions are included free of charge in the CD-Rom version of the abstract book of the General Assembly 2008, an issue of the EGU journal Geophysical Research Abstracts.

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee defines the overall time schedule of the meeting and accomplishes the allocation of the individual sessions with regard to the lecture rooms and poster areas on the basis of the contributions finally accepted for each session. The recommendations of the Programme Committee are passed to the respective conveners, who are asked to streamline the oral and poster programmes of their sessions accordingly.

Session Programmes

On the basis of the decisions of the Programme Committee and of the conveners the Copernicus Meetings compiles a draft programme for each session separately (Session Draft Programmes) and publishes it then on the web for final inspection/approval by the relevant conveners and PC members. The conveners will finalize there programmes by appointing chairpersons for the various sub-sessions.

Notice of Schedule

Based on the final programme, the Copernicus Meetings will inform that person of each contribution to whom all correspondence should be addressed about the final status and schedule of his/her contribution. These notices will be mailed around 1-1½ months prior to the meeting. The corresponding contributions will be referenced free of charge in the programme book of the assembly.

Important Remark

After having scheduled a contribution in the conference programme, it is expected that either the corresponding author or at least one of his/her co-authors will attend the meeting personally to present the paper. Empty poster boards and non-attendance in the oral sessions disrupts the programme and are extremely annoying for all those present.

Daily Programme

Copies of the sessions' programmes will be posted, day-by-day, outside their corresponding lecture rooms. Any last minute changes concerning the re-ordering in time, the cancellation or the inclusion of presentations will be notified on these placards. Members of the organizing committee, chairs or speakers should include their remarks/changes/additions directly in the "Daily Programme" either prior to the meeting before the deadline for the "Daily Programme" or otherwise at the meeting itself.

Abstract & Paper Identification

At its registration each abstract will receive its "Abstract Identification Number" of the type: EGU2008-A-00000
Authors may contact their "COSIS Index Card" named "Abstracts" to find the abstract ID-Nr. of their contribution. On the abstract CD this number can be used in the search-engine to select a certain paper.

In the programme book each scheduled contribution is characterized by its specific "Paper Schedule Number" designating the session/event and chronology of the presentation; e.g.:

ST18 - 1 MO 4 O - 003:ST18Session/event number
1Week of the meeting/conference
MODay of that week
4Time block of that day
O or POral or poster time block
003Sequence in that time block
Oral time blocks:1 O08:30–10:00
2 O10:30–12:00
3 O13:30–15:00
4 O15:30–17:00
5 O17:30–19:00
6 O19:00–20:00
Poster Time-Blocks:
1 P08:30–10:00
2 P10:30–12:00
3 P13:30–15:00
4 P15:30–17:00
5 P17:30–19:00

and the overall daily poster display time: 08:00–19:30.

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