European Geosciences Union
General Assembly 2008
Vienna, Austria, 13 – 18 April 2008
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International Year of Planet Earth 2007-2009

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Guidelines for Programme Committee

COSIS Tools (overview of how to find and organize your assembly session on the web)

Detailed Instructions

Preparation of the "Call-for-Programme" Programme
Preparation of the "Call-for-Papers" Programme
Overviews for Programme Committee Members
Organizing the Meeting Programme
Daily Programme


Programme Committee members will be assisted by the staff members of the Copernicus Meetings and by the open, Internet-based Copernicus administration, service and information system (COSIS). Organization of each programme will take place primarily on-line using COSIS. Parts of this web-based system are open only to meeting organizers who must log in using a COSIS ID-Nr. and a password. The Copernicus Meetings will provide the ID-Nr. under which each Programme Committee member is registered and a provisional password which the Programme Committee member may change afterwards. The Programme Committee member has the sole responsibility for ensuring that his/her address and phone, fax and email numbers are correctly entered into the COSIS system, and appropriate changes can be made online at any time.

Please, remember the URL addresses of the assembly home site and of COSIS and your COSIS login data:

EGU General Assembly 2008 home site: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2008
COSIS: www.cosis.net
My COSIS ID-Nr.:                                      Password:

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COSIS Tools (overview of how to find and organize your assembly session on the web)

On this assembly home site, you will find the link "Programme" with the sublinks "Call-for-Programme" and "Call-for-Papers", which brings you to the overview of the programme areas for the assembly. Click the link of your choice to find the list of programmes for any given area.

On the top of the list of sessions you will find those links that are reserved for the Programme Committee members:

For the "Call-for-Programme" programme the link "Call-for-Papers Programme Organization" which allows you to prepare your "Call-for-Paper" programme from the "Call-for-Programme" programme.

For the "Call-for-Papers" programme the links "Overall Sessions' Overview", "Meeting Programme Organization".

The first link will provide an overview on the status of the contributions received for each session of your programme before and after the corresponding conveners have prepared their sessions (see below), while the second link will provide various tools to finalize your meeting programme in view of the overall conditions of the assembly time table.

For the "Meeting Programme" various links will be included to study the time tables for the sessions of your programme as well as for the sessions of all parts of the assembly programme: View Oral Time Table, View Poster Time Table, View Overall Oral Time Table, View Overall Poster Time Table.

If you then scroll down to a session you will find its number and title as well as the names of its conveners. The first string of links is for the public and the second one is exclusively reserved for the session organizers and Programme Committee members (COSIS login required). Below is an example of what you will see on the screen:

ST 18The title of the session
Convener:Aman, A.
Co-Convener(s):Bman, B.
Public Links:Information, Organizer, Schedule, Abstract Submission, Support Application, Accepted Contributions, Oral Programme, Poster Programme, Publication and Report
For Organizers & PC only:Organizer Session Form, Support Ranking, Contributions, Session Organization, Oral Draft Programme, Poster Draft Programme
(Active/accessible links are in bold)

The link "Organizer Session Form" allows the conveners to upload online any information or modifications regarding the title of the session, the session description, the scientific organizing committee, and the list of solicited speakers; all this information will be included online in the link "Information" of the public string. Moreover, the link also allows uploading online information about any "Publication" foreseen for the session and later on the "Report" of the convener about the session.

Any additions and/or modifications regarding the organizers of a session should be reported directly to the Copernicus Meetings, egu2008@copernicus.org, since only the COSIS administrator can make appropriate changes. The information is included in the link "Organizer" of the public string. The actual addresses of the organizers, however, are uploaded directly from their own private COSIS home sites. Therefore, the organizers have the sole responsibility for ensuring that their addresses are correct.

Under the link "Support Ranking" all contributions submitted to a session by authors asking for support will be listed in the order of receipt by author(s), with title and abstract number. If you click the abstract number you will find the corresponding abstract as PDF file. The tool will then allow the convener to rank these contributions in view of their importance to the session. Any ranking will be forwarded automatically to the Support Selection Committee for final selection.

Under the link "Contributions" all contributions submitted to the session will be listed in the order of receipt by author(s), with title and abstract number. If you click the abstract number you will find the corresponding abstract as a PDF file. Once a paper has been accepted by the convener and the Programme Committee it will be uploaded in journal style and accessible for the public under "Accepted Contributions".

The tool "Session Organization" will enable the conveners to organize their session according to the contributions received and to provide important input regarding the session for the Programme Committee. Once the Programme Committee has finalized the overall schedule of the assembly, the conveners will need to finalize the oral and poster programmes of their sessions.

Finally, after the conveners have finalized their session COSIS will automatically compile the "Oral Draft Programme" and the "Poster Draft Programme" for final inspection by the conveners and co-conveners as well as by the respective Programme Committee members. The programme will then be uploaded for the public under "Oral Programme" and "Poster Programme", respectively.

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Preparation of the "Call-for-Programme" Programme

(Programme committee members and Division officers should complete their input for the "Call-for-Programme" by 11 May – 31 May 2007)

Based on the "Call-for-Programme Draft Programme" or the "Skeleton Programme", respectively, the scientific community is invited in an open "Call-for-Programme" to suggest online additional titles and/or conveners and co-conveners of timely and attractive sessions. Thereby, the "Skeleton Programme" is usually the result of the input obtained from the meeting programme of the previous years' assemblies and/or the last Division business meetings and/or questionnaires distributed to authors and conveners of the last assembly by the corresponding Division presidents and/or secretaries.

The "Skeleton Programme" must be forwarded to the Copernicus Meetings for inclusion on the web by the above deadline.

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Preparation of the "Call-for-Papers" Programme

(Programme Committee members should complete their part of the "Call-for-Papers" programme by 14 October 2007)

After the deadline for the "Call-for-Programme" the "Call-for-Papers Programme Organization" tool will become accessible for the Programme Committee members. This tool will enable you to add session titles and/or conveners to already existing sessions, to accept or to reject or to combine sessions originally included in the "Skeleton Programme" and/or suggested by the community as well as to transfer sessions to other parts of the assembly programme. In order to avoid duplications of sessions and clashes and overlaps between different sessions in the assembly programme, it is of great importance that the Programme Committee members of all programme parts are working together. This cooperation is coordinated by the Programme Committee chair, who has the final decision.

Once the "Call-for-Papers" programme has been finalized in this way, the Copernicus Meetings will inform the conveners and co-conveners, including also those that have not been finally selected, and invite them to complete their "Organizer Session Forms"; moreover, the Copernicus Meetings will inform all those colleagues about the final status of the programme that have actively participated in the "Call-for-Programme". The "Call-for-Papers" programme is then advertised to the scientific community worldwide.

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Overviews for Programme Committee Members

(Period 23 October 2007 – 22 February 2008)

For each session of your programme you may monitor the receipt of abstracts associated with a support application under the link "Support Selection" and without such an application under the link "Contributions".

After the deadline for support applications you may monitor the ranking of these applications by the corresponding conveners and the result of the final selection by the Support Selection Committee under the link "Support Selection".

The Programme Committee members' link "Overall Sessions' Overview" will provide a matrix for the sessions of your programme containing in the first section the numbers of contributions received and the number of contributions selected as "No Preference" and "Poster" by their authors, respectively. These numbers are continuously updated during the processes of receipt of abstracts, outcome of the support selection and the reaction of the corresponding applicants, and the first part of the organization of the sessions by their respective conveners (acceptance - rejection, transfer and conveners' upload of contributions).

The second section includes the results of the second part of the session organization by the corresponding conveners (oral vs. poster selection), i. e., the number of oral papers, poster papers and oral units as well as the max. number of oral units allowed for a particular session.

The third part indicates those sessions not finalized by their respective conveners and the special requirements forwarded by the session conveners.

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Organizing the Meeting Programme

(Programme Committee members should complete their part of the "Meeting Programme Organization" during 02 – 10 February 2008 and attend the PC meeting during 08 – 09 February 2008)

For details concerning the oral vs. poster statistics in general and for the various sessions, please notice the chapter at the bottom of this page.

After the conveners have finalized the second part of their session organization the "Meeting Programme Organization" tool will become accessible for the Programme Committee members. This tool will enable you to finalize those sessions, which have not been finalized by their conveners, to combine smaller sessions to larger ones and to change their titles and/or conveners and/or co-conveners and/or to modify the requirements of the conveners adequately as well as the allocation of oral units for each session.

Based on this input you or COSIS will be able to draft a first programme for the oral parts of your sessions.

At the Programme Committee meeting these programmes will be optimized in view of the total amount of time allocated for oral presentations as well as space allocated for the poster presentations, in view of overlaps and potential duplications and in view of the "Union Symposia" and "Medal and Key Note Lecture" programmes. As part of this overall schedule the conveners may be asked to re-arrange their oral vs. poster relationship correspondingly.

Once the "Session Draft Programmes" are accepted, they are uploaded as "Meeting Programmes" for the public and all authors are informed accordingly about the schedule of their presentations, respectively.

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Daily Programme

(please forward any changes to Copernicus Meetings by 31 March 2008)

Changes in the "Session Programme" which occur after the deadline for printing of the programme book may still be included in the "Daily Programmes" distributed at the conference site. Modifications to session programmes which occur after 31 March 2008 and during the assembly should be reported directly to the session chair so that the "Daily Programmes" posted on session doors are as accurate as possible.

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Important Remarks

  1. All contributions included in the final "Meeting Programme" will be included in the CD-Rom version of the abstract book Geophysical Research Abstracts.
  2. Once the final "Meeting Programme" is uploaded onto the web, the programme book and the abstract CD-Rom will be generated and therefore no changes in the programmes will be accepted anymore!
  3. Once a session has been scheduled it must take place. Conveners have no right to cancel a session.

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