European Geosciences Union
General Assembly 2007
Vienna, Austria, 15 - 20 April 2007
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Splinter Meeting Request

For smaller "Splinter Meetings" organized by participants during the course of the conference, 16 - 20 April 2007, the EGU has reserved 6 extra rooms free of charge for the Splinter Meeting organizer(s).

SM1Blue Level (Basement)Theatre style, catering facilities (40 persons)
SM2Blue Level (Basement)Theatre style, catering facilities (40 persons)
SM3Yellow Level (Ground Floor)U-Sharp, catering facilities (18 persons)
SM4Yellow Level (Ground Floor)U-Sharp, catering facilities (12 persons)
SM5Red Level (2nd Floor)Theatre style, catering facilities (40 persons)
SM6Red Level (2nd Floor)Theatre style, catering facilities (40 persons)

Each room is equipped with one PC/MAC projector (beamer).

For larger meetings of less than 100 persons, selected lecture rooms in the congress centre are available, but only from 19:00-20:00 every day.

For separate meetings outside the congress centre and/or outside of the course of the conference: there are meeting rooms of various sizes available at the near-by hotel CROWN PLAZA (Tel: +43 1 260 20 8112 Fax: +43 1 260 20 8128). The renting of such rooms has to be paid by the Splinter Meeting organizer(s).

The above 6 meeting rooms can be reserved for the following time blocks, whereby max. 2 successive time blocks can be blocked per Splinter Meeting:

Monday - Friday, 16 - 20 April 2007
Block I:08:30-10:00Block IV:15:30-17:00
Block II:10:30-12:00Block V:17:30-19:00
12:00-13:30Block VI:19:00-20:00
Block III:13:30-15:00

If you wish to reserve a Splinter Meeting room, please study the Splinter Meeting overview first and then submit your reservation via the Splinter Meeting Request Form to be duly completed and to be sent back online to the Copernicus Meeting Office. Splinter Meeting Rooms can now only be booked onside.

Your reservation will be completed by the Copernicus Meeting Office staff on a "first come - first served" basis.

You will not receive any separate confirmation for this splinter meeting room by email. Your splinter meeting room is confirmed when your reservation is mentioned on the web.

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