European Geosciences Union
General Assembly 2006
Vienna, Austria, 02 - 07 April 2006
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Press Room Sessions

03 April 2006 10:00-11:00PC02Effects of CO2 Emissions on the Marine BiosphereJean-Pierre Gattuso, Joan Kleypas, Ulf Riebesell, James Orr
11:00-12:00PC09Listening to Raindrops and other curious ways to measure rainfallSilas Michaelides, Eyal Amitai
14:00-15:00PC04Polar animals team up with scientistsMike Fedak, Fraser Davidson and Lars Bohme
15:00-16:00PC07Predicting future ice sheet changesRichard Alley, Eric Rignot, Isabella Velicogna, Jonathan Bamber
04 April 2006 14:00-15:00PC12Rising Sea Levels - Combining Space and Shipborne ObservationsDon Chambers, Ernst Schrama, Steve Nerem
16:00-17:00PC05Recent advances in weather and climate forecasting and promising future developmentsAndreas Will, Erich Roeckner, Marco Giorgetta, J. Dykema
05 April 2006 09:00-10:00PC08New Insights into the 2004 Sumatra EarthquakeChristophe Vigny, Julie Pietrzak
10:00-11:00PC10From Global Dimming to Brightening - Variations in Solar RadiationMartin Wild, Rolf Philipona
 14:00-15:00PC06What do we Really Know about Marine Ice Sheets?Richard Hindmarsh, Christian Schoof, Frank Pattyn
15:00-16:00PC01Early Atmosphere, Geomorphology and Life on MarsFrances Westall, Sanjeev Gupta, Jean-Pierre Bibring, Gerhard Neukum
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