Guidelines for Authors (Oral)

Time Schedule for Oral Presentations

Monday – Friday, 03 – 07 April 2006
Mounting personal laptops/Macs, installing personal software on desktop, and checking technical equipmentOral Presentation
 08:30–10:00 (1 O)
10:00–10:30 (during coffee break) 
 10:30–12:00 (2 O)
12:00–13:30 (during lunch break) 
 13:30–15:00 (3 O)
15:00–15:30 (during coffee break) 
 15:30–17:00 (4 O)
17:00–17:30 (dismantling) or (installation during coffee break) 
 17:30–19:00 (5 O)
 19:00–20:00 (Lectures / Townhall meetings)

It is strictly prohibited to take photos and/or copies from laptops and desktops of any scientific material without the expressed permission by the authors.

Lecture Rooms

Oral presentations are organized in oral sessions scheduled in specific lecture rooms given in the programme together with the time of presentation of each contribution including discussion and change over.

In the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) the lecture rooms are located on 5 Levels:

LocationLecture Rooms
Blue Level (Basement)

Lecture Rooms 1 (G), 2, 3, 4 (H), 5 (I), 6 (K), 7, 8, 9 (P), D

Yellow Level (Ground Floor)Lecture Rooms 10 (E1), 11, 12 (E2), 13 (F1), 14, 15 (F2)
Green Level (First Floor)Lecture Rooms 16 (L), 17 (M), 18, 19, 20 (N), 21 (O), 22
Red Level (Second Floor)Lecture Rooms 23 (B), 24, 25 (C), 26, 27, 28, 29
Purple Level (Third Floor)Lecture Rooms 30, 31, 32, 33

Each lecture room is equipped with one overhead and one PC/video projector together with a "Laptop/Desktop Station" (click here), spare transparencies with markers/felt pens, a pointer, and one large screen or two separate screens to allow for double projection at any time. This "standard equipment" is free of any extra charge! Additional technical equipment, such as a second overhead or a slide projector or a video recorder can be requested with the "Notice of Schedule", i.e., once the final status of the presentations have been decided upon by the Programme Committee. The author will be charged for any extra equipment. No laser-pointer will be made available, since too many have been taken away at past meetings; instead a normal pointer will be available.

One projectionist will be present in each lecture room. He/she will accept and show the slides (if necessary) and help the chairperson and the speakers.

PC/Mac Demonstration

There are two options for a PC/Mac demonstration: either the author brings his/her own computer (laptop/Mac) and installs it at the "Laptop/Desktop Station", or he/she brings his/her own data medium and uses the permanently installed desktop PC of this station.

The "Laptop/Desktop Station" of each lecture room is a table with 5 independent sites A – E consisting of power sockets plus a VGA cable each, where authors can install, in the order of presentation, their computers before the session starts and remove them after the session has ended. Please keep in mind that Austria runs a 220V electricity network. At position F, there is a switch by which the positions A – E can be switched independently, one after the other, to the PC/video projector (beamer) before the respective speaker starts his/her presentation. If the author uses his/her own laptop/Mac we kindly point out that he/she has to switch on the external monitor mode (VGA mode, e.g. Fn F5).

At position F there is a permanently installed desktop with a DVD drive supporting DVD-R, DVD+R and CD-R and two USB 2.0 ports for memory sticks ready for any presentation an author has assembled on his/her supported data medium. The software installed on the desktop includes:

  • Windows XP,
  • MS Office 2003 (Power Point, Word),
  • OpenOffice 2.0.1,
  • Adobe Reader 7.0,
  • GPL Ghostscript 8.50,
  • GSview 4.7 
  • Internet Explorer 6 (but no access to the Internet!),
  • Windows Media Player 10,
  • Real Player 10.5,
  • QuickTime 7,
  • MacroMedia Flash Player 8,
  • MacroMedia Shockwave

Please note that all media players are only available with the standard codecs!

Power-Up Facilities for Laptops/Macs

For charging their laptops/Macs participants may use all areas where open power-sockets are available, such as in the LAN and WLAN as well as in the poster areas (see Conference Services).


Speakers intending to show slides during their presentation, must request a slide projector through a link included in their "Notice of Schedule" or well before their presentation on-site at the EGU information desk in the entrance hall (Ground Floor – Yellow Level), and they must deliver their slides clearly marked (name, sequence number and thumb mark) to the corresponding projectionist well before the beginning of the respective session.

All slides will be projected by special slide projectors from the back of each lecture room. Speakers should therefore prepare their slides accordingly.

Oral Summary of Poster Papers

Conveners or chairpersons may ask authors of (certain) poster papers of their session to provide ad hoc a short, 2-5 min. summary of their contribution during their oral session (1-2 transparencies) in case a gap should occur in the time schedule and no stand-by paper available to fill in.