European Geosciences Union
General Assembly 2005
Vienna, Austria, 24 – 29 April 2005
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Press Room Sessions

At EGU 2005, we will organize a series of sessions on topics of special interest for the press and the media. These topics will vary from the European Huygens mission to Titan, to the Sumatra earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami, climate change, to Geohazards, etc. For each session, we will invite two to four scientists to the press room to give short presentations of their work and discussions with the press. Afterwards, there will be ample opportunity for private interviews in adjacent rooms.

The programme for the press room sessions is subject to change as topics may be added, or deleted. The definitive programme will be published here a few days before the start of the assembly.

So far, we planned the following sessions. This page will be regularly updated. See also "Media Tips".

Mo 2510–11Arctic Climate ChangePeter Wadhams & Hugues Goosse
11–12SMART-1 first results at the Moon and future lunar explorationBernard Foing, Jean-Claude Josset, Manuel Grande
14–15EPICA, Ice Coring in AntarcticaDominique Raynaud
16–17Arctic Ozone LossGeorg Hansen, Markus Rex, Florence Goutail
Tu 2609–10Titan - Huygens - Cassini: First ResultsDennis Matson, Jean-Pierre Lebreton
10–11Mud Volcanoes, Methane Seeps and Microbial ProcessesAntje Boetius, Jean Paul Foucher, Ian MacDonald, Jürgen Mienert and Mandy Joye
11–12Microbes and SmokersAntje Boetius, Nadine Le Bris, Chris German
16–17The Sumatra Earthquake and the Indian Ocean Tsunami Volodya Kossobokov, Remko Scharroo, Jurjen Battjes, Stefano Tinti, Efim Pelinovsky, Carlo Laj
We 2715–16Latest Results from MarsAgustin Chicarro, Jean-Pierre Bibring, Gerhard Neukum, Rickard Lundin, Jean-Loup Bertaux
16–17Extreme Climate EventsMartin Beniston

See more about the programme here.

Media Icebreaker Party
On Monday, 25 April, 17:00 we will have a get-together in the press room with various drinks and something to eat.

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