Conference venue: Thermal Hévíz Health Spa Hotel, Hungary

The Conference takes place at Ensana Thermal Hévíz Health Spa Hotel where we have a contingent of rooms for 130 participants with half-board service.

A few minutes’ walk from the world-famous thermal Lake Hévíz, the Thermal Hévíz Health Spa Hotel in the town rises over its surroundings. The Four-Star hotel includes six pools, a remodeled sauna, spectacular conference rooms, and a professional medical center.

Lake Hévíz

Hévíz is the home to Europe’s largest natural thermal lake, and the shelter of a two-thousand-year-old culture of medicine. The unique bioactive composition of the mud that it contains are a by-product of the lake’s peat bed. The flow of water is very strong and the water in the lake is completely replenished every 72 hours. Its minimum depth is 2 meters, reaching a maximum depth of 38 meters, exactly at the point where the hot thermal water comes out to the surface.

Even today there aren’t many places where you can relax – and float! - all year round in thermal water (always more than 23 degrees Celsius, whatever the season) with active health properties.