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  Poster Programme - AS1.08 Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation

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Convener: Lohmann, U.
Co-Convener: Macke, A., Kärcher, B.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 27 April 2005 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 27 April 2005 08:00 -
Wednesday, 27 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X

Chairperson: LOHMANN, U., MACKE, A.

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EGU05-A-00174;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0057
Kokhanovsky, A. A.; Nauss, T.
Remote Sensing of Optically Thick Ice Clouds From Space

EGU05-A-00226;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0058
Knyazikhin, Y.; Marshak, A.; Larsen, M.L.; Wiscombe, W.J.; Martonchik, J.V. ; Myneni, R.B.
Influence of small-scale drop size variability on the estimation of cloud optical properties

EGU05-A-00320;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0059
Gil, J.E.; Cazorla, A.; Olmo, F.J.; Alados-Arboledas, L.
Experimental set up to study the cloud radiative effects on UVB at Granada (Spain)

EGU05-A-00549;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0060
Pérez, R. C.; Martínez, H. H.
A Seeding Evidence Index (IES) of Hailstorm Clouds with IAg in the Province of Mendoza (Argentina) Using the C Band Radar and the TITAN System.

EGU05-A-00733;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0061
Talal, Al-N; Akselevich, V.I.; Kurbatov, S.B.; Mamaeva, M.A.
Dynamic factor impact on cloud’s creation and raise of aerosoles concentration

EGU05-A-00774;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0062
Kaloshin , G.; Piazzola , J.
Aerosol extinction spectral profiles in the marine atmospheric surface layer

EGU05-A-01131;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0063
Ewen, G. ; Grainger, R.; Dean, S.; Lambert, A.
Initial results from mipas cirrus retrievals

EGU05-A-01295;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0064
Allen, C; Dobbie, S
The effects of 3D radiation on the dynamical, microphysical and radiative properties modifying tropical cirrus evolution.

EGU05-A-01531;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0065
Pitari, G.; Iachetti, D.
Parameterization of cirrus cloud formation in the University of L'Aquila climate-chemistry model

EGU05-A-01827;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0066
Barker, H.; Cole, J.
The State of Radiation and Clouds in Global Climate Models: Improved Visibility

EGU05-A-01863;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0067
Cherneva, N.V.
Atmospheric electric field: theoretical models, Kamchatka monitoring features, active experiments.

EGU05-A-01922;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0068
Askhabov, A. M.
“Latent” phase clusters - kvatarons - and water condensation

EGU05-A-01987;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0069
Hünerbein, A; Preusker, R; Fischer, J
High spatial resolution solar radiative flux over clouds estimated from MODIS to validate a regional climate model (REMO)

EGU05-A-02241;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0070
Borde, R.
Semi-transparency correction of the cloud top height estimation using Meteosat 8 data

EGU05-A-02676;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0071
Pinsky, M.; Khain, A.
Collision rate enhancement in turbulent clouds of different types

EGU05-A-02678;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0072
Kokhanovsky, A. A.; Nikolaeva, O. V.; Bass, L. P.; Germogenova, T. A.; Kuznetsov, V. S.
Radiative Transfer Effects near Cloud Edges

EGU05-A-02825;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0073
Segal, Y.; Khain, A.
Comparable effects of cloud base velocity, CCN and atmospheric instability on droplet concentration and height of the first radar echo

EGU05-A-02892;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0074
Lohmann, U.; Zhang, J.
Global climate model simulations of aerosol indirect effects on convective clouds

EGU05-A-03155;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0075
von Hoyningen-Huene, W.; Kokhanovsky, A. A.; Burrows, J. P.
Retrieval of aerosol parameters over land surfaces using MERIS

EGU05-A-03166;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0076
von Hoyningen-Huene, W.; Kokhanovsky, A.A. ; Burrows, J.P.
Aerosol parameters derived from SCIAMACHY observations

EGU05-A-03450;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0077
Haeffelin, M.; Protat, A.; Morille, Y.; Armstrong, A.; Chepfer, H.; Noel, V.
Characterization of mid-latitude clouds at SIRTA

EGU05-A-03767;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0078
Sun-Mack, S.; Minnis, P.; Chen, Y.; Gibson, S.; Kawamoto, K.
Detecting Multilayered Clouds Using MODIS Data

EGU05-A-04036;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0079
Macke, A.; Schlimme, I.; Klotzsche, S.; Reichardt, J.
The Role of Ice Crystal Size and Orientation on Cirrus Cloud Solar Radiative Fluxes

EGU05-A-04234;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0080
Cadet, B.; Giraud, V.; Dubuisson, P.; Keckhut, P.
Diurnal cirrus cloud variability observed above Reunion Island: case study

EGU05-A-04269;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0081
Nowak, D.; Vuilleumier, L.; Long, C.
Characterisation of the effects of clouds on radiation

EGU05-A-04420;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0082
Pfeifer, S.; Jacob, D.
Extension of the Tiedtke convection scheme to cold convection

EGU05-A-04698;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0083
Quante, M.; Matthias, V.; Nagel, D.; Schröder, M.
Structure and length scales of a stratocumulus deck and during its transition into an organized cumulus field: The BBC case 23.09.01

EGU05-A-04756;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0084
Wolters, E.; Roebeling, R.; Feijt, A.
Validation of cloud thermodynamic phase and cloud top temperature from MSG-SEVIRI with groundbased measurements

EGU05-A-04834;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0085
Lindstrot, R.; Preusker, R.; Ruhtz, Th.; Heese, B.; Wiegener, M.; Lindemann, C.; Fischer, J.
Validation of MERIS cloud top pressure with airborne LIDAR measurements

EGU05-A-04838;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0086
Knap, W.H.; Nyeki, S.; Los, A.; Stammes, P.
Aerosol optical thickness measurements at the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

EGU05-A-04884;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0087
Elias, T.; Roujean, J. L.
The geoland algorithm to estimate the solar radiation at surface level from geostationary sensors: Method, case studies and influence of the atmospheric composition

EGU05-A-04888;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0088
Sinitsyn, A.; Kalisch, J.; Gulev, S.; Macke, A.; Rudeva, I.; Alexandrova, M.
Measurements of the radiation fluxes in the Atlantic Ocean

EGU05-A-05119;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0089
Bundke, U.; Wetter, T. ; Bingemer, H.
Development of a new fast ice nuclei counter: The Frankfurt Continous Flow Mixing Chamber

EGU05-A-05559;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0090
Schmid, O.; Yang, H. ; Chand, D.; Yu, J. Z; Zhang, Y.; Zeng, L.; Andreae, M. O.
Aerosol optical properties in urban Guangzhou, China

EGU05-A-05584;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0091
Redemann, J.; Pilewskie, P.; Livingston, J.M.; Howard, S.; Russell, P.B.; Schmid, B.; Eilers, J.A.; Wendisch, M.
Airborne measurements of direct aerosol radiative forcing in INTEX/ITCT, 2004

EGU05-A-05674;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0092
Cook, C. R.; Whiteway, J. A.; Choularton, T. W.; Gallagher, M. W.; Connolly, P.; Busen, R.; Hacker, J.
Measurements of Humidity, Turbulence and Ice Crystals in Cirrus Clouds

EGU05-A-05768;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0093
Noel, V; Haeffelin, M; Winker, D; Morille, M
Comparison of Microphysical Properties of Tropical and Midlatitude Cirrus Clouds using active remote sensing and in-situ Observations

EGU05-A-06061;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0094
Chen, W. N.; Nee, J. B.; Chen, T. K.; Chou, C.CK.
Cirrus clouds occurrence and condensation processes observed by lidar and HALOE

EGU05-A-06167;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0095
Krasnov , O.; Russchenberg , H.
The validation and statistical analysis of the liquid water cloud properties, derived from multiyear Cloudnet datasets of simultaneous radar and lidar measurements.

EGU05-A-06303;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0096
Dim, D.J.; Takamura, T.; Okada, I.; Takenaka, H.
Influence of Cloud Top Structure and Sun-Satellite Viewing Geometry on Optical Properties Data Derived from a Geostationary and a Polar-Orbiting Satellite

EGU05-A-06319;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0097
Roebeling, R.A.; Wolters, E.L.A; Knap, W. H.
Cloud optical thickness comparisons using MSG-SEVIRI and ground-based irradiance measurements

EGU05-A-06649;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0098
Papaioannou, G; Sakki, A; Nikolidakis, G; Retalis, D
Prediction of photosynthetically active radiation

EGU05-A-06741;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0099
Thuillier, G.; Perrin, J. M.; Huppert, F.
Role of the Earth's albedo in radiative transfert of sun radiation to the ground

EGU05-A-06749;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0100
Krämer, M.; Schlicht, S. ; Mangold, A.; Gensch, I.; Schiller, C.; Sitnikov, N.; Ebert, V.; Saathoff, H.; Möhler, O.
Quasi steady relative humidities and relaxation times in natural cirrus and AIDA ice clouds

EGU05-A-06817;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0101
Peng, Y.; Shantz, N. C.; Lohmann, U.; Toom-Sauntry, D.; Hayden, K. L.; Leaitch, W. R.
Complexity of the impact of organic aerosols in the cloud droplet nucleation process: observational evidence and numerical simulations

EGU05-A-07063;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0102
Leinweber, R.; Albert, P.; Fischer, F.
Comparison of retrieved water wapour from MODIS with simulations from REMO

EGU05-A-07125;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0103
Pringle, K.J.; Spracklen, D.V.; Carslaw, K.S.; Mann, G.; Chipperfield, M.P.
Prediction of cloud droplet number in a global aerosol microphysics model

EGU05-A-07168;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0104
Breitkreuz, H.; Schroedter-Homscheidt, M.; Holzer-Popp, T.
Towards the Application of Aerosol Forecasts in Energy Industries (cancelled)

EGU05-A-07270;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0105
Preusker, R.; Fischer, J.; Poulson, C.; Seiz, G.; Poli, D. ; Tjemkes, S.
Validation of Cloud Top Pressure derived from MSG-SEVIRI observations through a comparison with independent observation

EGU05-A-07451;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0106
Schneebeli, M.; Cermak, J.; Martin, L.; Ruffieux, D.; Matzler, C.
Ground based remote sensing systems for the assessment of cloud amount and cloud properties and comparisons with satellite data during the TUC campaign

EGU05-A-07496;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0107
Scheirer, R.; Mayer, B.; Schmidt, S.
From a needle to the haystack: Aircraft cloud observations and radiative transfer simulation

EGU05-A-07598;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0108
Reuter, M.; Fischer, J.
The FUB cloud mask scheme for SEVIRI aboard MSG: method and validation

EGU05-A-07691;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0109
Schroeder, Th.; Fischer, J.; Preusker, R.; Regner, P.
Aerosol correction above land in the framework of the MERIS GLOBAL LAND SURFACE ALBEDO MAPS Project

EGU05-A-07879;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0110
Verheggen, B.; the CLACE 3 & 4 team
Activation Behaviour of Aerosol Particles and Black Carbon in mixed phase Clouds

EGU05-A-07893;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0111
Walter, S; Schneider, J; Hock, N; Curtius, J; Borrmann, S; Mertes, S; Weingartner, E; Verheggen, B; Cozic, J; Baltensperger, U
Mass spectrometric analysis of ice and supercooled cloud residuals during CLACE-3

EGU05-A-08047;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0112
Schreier, M.; Bovensmann, H.; Eyring, V.; Kokhanovsky, A.; Burrows, J.
Cloud-modifications by ship emissions derived from remote sensing data

EGU05-A-08398;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0113
Spracklen, D.V.; Pringle, K.J.; Carslaw, K.S.; Chipperfield, M.P.; Mann, G.W.
A global off-line model of size-resolved aerosol microphysics: Identification of key uncertainties.

EGU05-A-08422;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0114
Knoth, O.
A microphysical and chemical model with internally mixed representation: Eulerian versus Lagrangian approach

EGU05-A-08464;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0115
Schlicht, S.; Schiller, C.; Silva dos Santos, F. H.; Gensch, I.; Spelten, N.; Krämer, M.
In-situ Measurements of RH_ice in Cirrus Clouds and their Environment

EGU05-A-08559;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0116
Cachorro, V.; Toledano, C.; Vergaz, R.; de Frutos, A.; Sorribas, M.; Vilaplana, J.; de la Morena, B.
Aerosol characterization at El Arenosillo (Huelva, Spain) with an AERONET/PHOTONS Cimel sunphotometer

EGU05-A-08752;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0117
Mann, G. W.; Carslaw, K. S.; Spracklen, D. V.; Pringle, K. J.; Jones, A.; Highwood, E. J.
A comparison of the UK Met Office Unified Model modal aerosol scheme with the bin-resolved microphysical scheme in the offline GLOMAP model

EGU05-A-08781;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0118
Hatzianastassiou, N.; Vardavas, I.
Global Distribution of Clear-Sky Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing in the Ultraviolet and Visible using a Long-Term Aerosol Optical Depth from TOMS Observations

EGU05-A-08786;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0119
Deutschmann, T.; v.Friedeburg, C.; Sanghavi, S.; Grzegorski, M.; Platt, U.; Wagner, T
Statistical quantities of atmospheric UV/vis radiation derived from Monte Carlo MODELLING

EGU05-A-08842;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0120
Habilomatis, G.; Hatzianastassiou, N.; Vardavas, I.
Modelling the effect of clouds on the shortwave radiation budget at global scale for the 17-year period 1984-2000

EGU05-A-09038;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0121
Rasinski, P.; Pawlowska, H.; Grabowski, W. W.
Observations and modeling of drizzling marine stratocumulus

EGU05-A-09062;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0122
Connolly, P.; Moehler, O.; Cotton, R.; Benz, S.; Choularton, T.; Gallagher, M.
The role of ice nucleation mode initiated by desert dust on the habit of vapour grown ice crystals

EGU05-A-09163;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0123
Venema, V.; Leyendecker, V.; Simmer, C.
A scale break in high-resolution liquid water path

EGU05-A-09167;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0124
Ovigneur, B; Parol, F; Pelon, J; Labonnote, L-C
On the derivation of macrophysics and microphysics cloud parameters from combination of passive and active radiation measurements : airborne FRENCH campaign case studies

EGU05-A-09169;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0125
Komppula, M.; Lihavainen, H.; Kerminen, V.-M.; Viisanen, Y.
Evaluating the cloud droplet number from particle size distribution measurements: A comparison of evaluated and measured cloud droplet number concentrations

EGU05-A-09478;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0126
Laszlo, I.; Ciren, P.; Zhao, X.-P.; Kondragunta, S.; Tarpley, J.D.
Aerosol remote sensing in the next decade at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

EGU05-A-09510;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0127
Schween, J.; Reuder, J.
Banner clouds at Zugspitze Mountain in Germany

EGU05-A-09555;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0128
Prud'homme, S.; Giraud, V.; Labonnote, L.; Parol, F.; Brogniez, G.
Simulations of radar and lidar satellite observations of mid-latitude cirrus clouds using a mesoscale model.

EGU05-A-10024;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0129
Mech, M.; Chaboureau, J.-P.; Crewell, S.; Prigent, C.
Simulation study of precipitating clouds from geostationary orbits with passive microwaves

EGU05-A-10107;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0130
Grosdidier, Y.; Lovejoy, S.; Watson, B.P.; Schertzer, D.
Radiative Transfer in Stratified Multifractal Clouds

EGU05-A-10164;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0131
Radkevitch , A.; Lovejoy, S.; Strawbridge, K.; Schertzer, D.; de Giuli, E.
Space-time differential stratification of aerosols and cirrus clouds from high resolution lidar data

EGU05-A-10392;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0132
Cahalan, R. F.; McGill, M.; Kolasinski, J.; Varnai, T.; Yetzer, K.
THOR – Cloud Thickness from Offbeam Lidar Returns

EGU05-A-10545;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0133
Lee, S; Reeves, J. R.; Wilson, J. C.; Hunton, D. E.; VIggiano, A. A.; Miller, T. M.; Ballenthin, J. O.; Lait, L. R.
New particle formation observed in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (cancelled)

EGU05-A-10747;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0134
Fomin, B
Defects of present radiation codes for climate models and a new improved method for their development

EGU05-A-11102;  AS1.08-1WE2P-0135
Roger, J.C.; and team, ; the Team
Characterization of anthropogenic aerosols and estimation of their local direct forcing using optical and chemical in-situ measurements

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