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  Poster Programme - GD05/TS31 Mantle Plumes, intraplate magmatism, and hotspot-ridge interaction: Geodynamical, Geophysical and Geochemical Aspects

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Convener: van Hunen, J.
Co-Convener: Sallarès, V., Hieronymus, C., Peate, D., Escartin, J., Jones, S.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 27 April 2005 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 27 April 2005 08:00 -
Wednesday, 27 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall Y

Chairperson: SALLARES, V.

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EGU05-A-11069;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0240
Smit, Y.; Schiano , P.; Faure, F.; de Hoog, J.C.M; Stuart, F.
Melt inclusions in olivine phenocrysts (Fo 91-93) from Tertiary picrites from Padloping Island, Baffin Island: the earliest melts generated by the Iceland Plume?

EGU05-A-00042;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0241
Hanyu, T
A noble gas study of rift zone volcanism and magma evolution at Haleakala Volcano, Hawaii

EGU05-A-00106;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0242
Briais, A.; Merkouriev, S.
Analysis of the crustal structure on the flanks of the Reykjanes Ridge from high-density bathymetry and magnetic data

EGU05-A-00269;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0243
Safonova, I.Yu.; Buslov, M.M.
Vendian Intraplate Volcanism of the Paleo-Asian Ocean: Implications from the Geochemical Study of Gorny Altai Basalts

EGU05-A-01228;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0244
Jannot, S.; Schiano, P.; Boivin, P.; Ottolini, L.
The nature of primary magmas of the Chaîne des Puys (Massif Central, France): a melt inclusion approach

EGU05-A-02378;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0245
Crosby, A; McKenzie, D
A method for estimating the elastic thickness under seamounts in areas of sparse bathymetry.

EGU05-A-03052;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0246
Torsvik, T.H.; Burke, K.; Steinberger, B.; Smethurst, M.A.
The D” Zone and the origin of LIPS

EGU05-A-04578;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0247
Mjelde, R.; Raum, T.; Shimamura, H.; Murai, Y.; Takanami, T.
Continent-Ocean-Transition on the Vøring Plateau, NE Atlantic; a tectono-magmatic model derived from densely sampled OBS-data

EGU05-A-05538;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0248
Debeuf, D.; Bachelery, P.; Sigmarsson, O.
Importance of extensional tectonics in Comorean archipelago magmatism: the case of Mayotte Island - Mozambique Channel, Indian Ocean

EGU05-A-06763;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0249
Maia, M.; Goslin, J.; Gente, P.
Recent time evolution of the accretion processes at the mid-atlantic ridge north of the Azores: implications for the plume-ridge interaction

EGU05-A-07114;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0250
Dobson, K. J.; Stuart, F. M.; Bell, B. R.; Dempster, T.
Constraining the post-eruptive evolution of LIP: low temperature thermochronology of the Hebridean Igneous Province

EGU05-A-07808;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0251
Jamais, M.; Lassiter, J.C.
Os isotopic variations in lavas from Kohala Volcano, Hawaii: constraints on melt/crust interaction

EGU05-A-08067;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0252
Strauss, H.; Nowak, M.; Holtz, F.
Experiments on volatile contents of large igneous province basalts

EGU05-A-08391;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0253
Suschevskaya, N.M.; Belyatsky, B.V.; Mikhalsky, E.V.
Geochemical features of Jurassic mafic dykes from the Schirmacher Hills (central Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica)

EGU05-A-08427;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0254
Laubier, M.; Schiano, P.; Laporte, D.; Doucelance, R.; Alard, O.; Burton, K.W.
Insights into the Reunion hotspot magmatism from primitive melt inclusions

EGU05-A-09302;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0255
Kumagai, I.; Kurita, K.
A causal relationship between a superplume and a supercontinent: which came first?

EGU05-A-09529;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0256
Merle, R.; Schärer, U.; Cornen, G.; Girardeau, J.; Cotten, J.
Age and origin of the alkaline lavas from northern Tore-Madeira Rise (Iberia margin): U-Pb ages, geochemistry and Pb-Sr isotopes

EGU05-A-09981;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0257
Bascou, J.; Delpech, G.; Vauchez, A.; Moine, B.; Cottin, J.Y.
Relationships between microstructure, texture, seismic properties and geochemistry in the oceanic lithospheric mantle above the Kerguelen plume

EGU05-A-10177;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0258
Gordon, R. G.; Andrews, D. L.; Horner-Johnson, B. C.
New tests of the fixed hotspot approximation

EGU05-A-10260;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0259
Carpentier , M.; Sigmarsson, O.
Geographical variations of Holocene basalt compositions in Iceland: implications for the mantle lithology

EGU05-A-10428;  GD05/TS31-1WE5P-0260
Williams, A.; Stuart, F.; Ellam, R.; Fitton, G.
Isotopic and geochemical constraints on the enriched mantle in the Iceland plume

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