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  Poster Programme - CL012 Anthropogenic climate changes: forcing, modelling, detection and impact

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Convener: Li, L.
Co-Convener: Roeckner, E.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 08:00 -
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: LI, L.

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EGU06-A-07234;  CL012-1WE2P-0200
Kuhlbrodt, T.
A weakening of the thermohaline circulation: what impacts are to be expected?

EGU06-A-02717;  CL012-1WE2P-0201
Vellinga, M; Wood, R
Impacts of thermohaline circulation shutdown in the twenty-first century

EGU06-A-02072;  CL012-1WE2P-0202
Sokolov, A. ; Dutkiewicz, S.; Stone, P.; Scott , J.
Evaluating the use of ocean models of different complexity in climate change studies

EGU06-A-03594;  CL012-1WE2P-0203
Philip, S.Y.; van Oldenborgh, G.J.
Shifts in ENSO coupling processes under global warming

EGU06-A-04507;  CL012-1WE2P-0204
Breugem, W.-P.; Hazeleger, W.; Haarsma, R.
On the anthropogenic change of the gradient mode in the northern tropical Atlantic

EGU06-A-05112;  CL012-1WE2P-0205
Matthews, H. D.
Allowable emissions for CO2 stabilisation are strongly determined by future carbon cycle changes

EGU06-A-04594;  CL012-1WE2P-0206
Plattner, G.-K.; Knutti, R.; Joos, F.; Stocker, T. F.; IPCC-AR4 EMIC contributors
Long-term projections of climate change commitment

EGU06-A-02315;  CL012-1WE2P-0207
Roesch, A.
Evaluation of surface albedo and snow cover in AR4 coupled climate models

EGU06-A-02399;  CL012-1WE2P-0208
Min, S.-K.; Hense, A.
A hierarchical evaluation of IPCC AR4 multi-AOGCM ensembles

EGU06-A-08632;  CL012-1WE2P-0209
Dufresne, J.-L.; Quaas, J.; Boucher, O.; Denvil, S.; Fairhead, L.
Contrasts in the effects on climate of anthropogenic sulfate aerosols between the 20th and the 21st century

EGU06-A-08526;  CL012-1WE2P-0210
Niehoerster, F.; Spangehl, T.; Fast, I.; Cubasch, U.
Quantification of modelling uncertainties: Parameter sensitivities of the coupled model ECHO-G with middle atmosphere

EGU06-A-02415;  CL012-1WE2P-0211
Hurwitz, M.M.; Braesicke, P.; Pyle, J.A.
An Idealised Climate Sensitivity Study Assessing the Impact of Future CO2 Concentrations and SSTs on the Brewer-Dobson Circulation

EGU06-A-07117;  CL012-1WE2P-0212
Liniger, M. A.; Mathis, H.; Appenzeller, C.
Realistic greenhouse gas forcing and short term climate forecasts

EGU06-A-05777;  CL012-1WE2P-0213
Schlanger, V. ; Máthé, Cs.; Mika, J.
Changes of regional climate means and of variability along the 45-50° N latitudes according to the IPCC TAR climate models

EGU06-A-06583;  CL012-1WE2P-0214
Beldring, S.; Roald, L.A.; Førland, E.J.; Skaugen, T.E.
Ensemble simulations of climate change impacts on hydrological processes in Norway

EGU06-A-07561;  CL012-1WE2P-0215
Scherrer, S. C.; Appenzeller, C.; Liniger, M. A.; Schär, C.
European temperature distribution changes in observations and climate change scenarios

EGU06-A-08192;  CL012-1WE2P-0216
Bartholy, J.; Pongracz, R.; Torma , CS.; Hunyady, A.
Analysis of regional climate change for Central/Eastern Europe

EGU06-A-00830;  CL012-1WE2P-0217
Demuzere, M.; Werner, M. ; Van Lipzig, N.
Trend analysis of circulation types and their influence on the present and future mineral dust cycle over Central Europe

EGU06-A-09098;  CL012-1WE2P-0218
Ducharne, A. ; Ledoux, E.; Viennot, P.
Hydrological impact of climate change in the Seine River basin : Uncertainty analysis (cancelled)

EGU06-A-07516;  CL012-1WE2P-0219
Ventrella, D.
An Italian project on “Evolution of cropping systems as affected by climate change” (CLIMESCO) (cancelled)

EGU06-A-08838;  CL012-1WE2P-0220
Tzeng, R.-Y.; Lin, P.-L.
The Regional Climate Changes in Taiwan: Past, Present, and Future

EGU06-A-10071;  CL012-1WE2P-0221
Xin, X.G.; Li, L.; Zhou, T.J.; Yu, R.C.
Simulation of the late spring drought in East Asia with LMDZ model

EGU06-A-05063;  CL012-1WE2P-0222
Rojas, M.; Seth, A.; Rauscher, S.
Relationship between precipitation and moisture flux changes in the SRES A2 scenario for the South American Monsoon region

EGU06-A-04585;  CL012-1WE2P-0223
Frame, D;
Large Ensemble Probabilistic Climate Forecasting Through Volunteer Computing

EGU06-A-01458;  CL012-1WE2P-0224
Uherek, E.
The ESPERE climate encyclopaedia

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