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  Oral Programme - B0.3 Cassini - Huygens in the Saturnian System: Planet Saturn, Rings, Titan, Icy (and other) Satellites, Magnetospheres

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MSO: Matson, D.
DO: Lebreton, J.
Co-Sponsorship: NASA, ESA, IAU

Monday, 17 July 2006

Lecture Room: Room 307-308

Chairperson: SOUTHWOOD, D.

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8:30 - 8:50
COSPAR2006-A-03680;  B0.3-0001-06
Matson, D.L.; Lebreton, J.-P.; Spilker, L.J.
Cassini-Huygens at Saturn --- A Grand Exploration (solicited)

8:50 - 9:10
COSPAR2006-A-03678;  B0.3-0002-06
Lebreton, J.-P.; Matson, D.L.
Huygens Mission Highlights (solicited)

9:10 - 9:30
COSPAR2006-A-02534;  B0.3-0003-06
Kliore, A.J.; Ambrosini, R.; Armstrong, J.W. ; Flasar, F.M.; French, R.G.; Iess, L.; Marouf, E.A..; Nagy, A.F.; Rappaport, N.J.; Tortora, P.; The JPL/DSN Radio Science Support Team
Overview of Cassini radio science at Saturn, Titan, and the icy satellites (solicited)

9:30 - 9:50
COSPAR2006-A-03668;  B0.3-0004-06
Flasar, F. M.
Temperatures and composition in the Saturn system from observations in the thermal infrared by Cassini CIRS (solicited)

9:50 - 10:05
COSPAR2006-A-00403;  B0.3-0005-06
McCord, T.B.; The VIMS Team
Titan: Surface compositional units from the Cassini Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS)


Chairperson: ESPOSITO, L.

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10:30 - 10:50
COSPAR2006-A-03117;  B0.3-0006-06
Fulchignoni, M.; Ferri, F.; Colombatti, C.; Zarnecki, J.C.; Harri, A.M.; Grard, R.; Hamelin, M.; Schwingenschuh, K.; Lopez Moreno, J.J.; Angrilli, F.; HASI team
The characteristics of Titan’s atmosphere by the Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument (HASI) measurements (solicited)

10:50 - 10:52
COSPAR2006-A-01292;  B0.3-0007-06
Leinonen, J.; Mäkinen, T.; Harri, A.-M.
Pressure-based determination of Titan's temperature profile using the Huygens HASI/PPI instrument

10:52 - 10:54
COSPAR2006-A-03316;  B0.3-0008-06
Banaszkiewicz, M.; Daniell, P.; Hagermann, A.; Hathi, B.; Leese, M.; Zarnecki, J.
THP/SSP measurements of thermal conductivity of Titan’s atmosphere

10:54 - 11:14
COSPAR2006-A-03679;  B0.3-0009-06
Gurvits, L. I.; Pogrebenko, S.V.; Avruch, I.M.; Campbell, R.M.; Bignall, H.E.; Oerlemans, R.; Brunthaler, A.; Parsley, S.M.; Garrett, M.A.; Szomoru et al., A.
Ultra-precise VLBI tracking of the Huygens Probe in the atmosphere and on the surface of Titan (solicited)

11:14 - 11:34
COSPAR2006-A-02773;  B0.3-0010-06
Winds on Titan: Update on the Huygens Doppler Wind Experiment (solicited)

11:34 - 11:49
COSPAR2006-A-02830;  B0.3-0011-06
Schmitt, B.; Douté, S.; Quirico, E.; Lellouch, E.; Schröder, S.E.; Bernard, J.-M.; Bézard, B.; Tomasko, M.G.; the DISR, Team
Titan’s Surface Composition at the Huygens Landing Site from DISR Spectra

11:49 - 12:04
COSPAR2006-A-02299;  B0.3-0012-06
Schröder, S.E.; Douté, S.; Keller, H.U.; Tomasko, M.G.
Reflectance Properties of Titan's Surface as determined by DISR


Chairperson: BIRD, M.; GRIEGER, B.

Select complete timeblock
14:00 - 14:15
COSPAR2006-A-02892;  B0.3-0013-06
Grieger, B.; Doose, L.; Karkoschka, E.; Keller, H. U.; Kramm, R.; Skorov, Y.; Tomasko, M. G.; the DISR Team
Topographic shading in Huygens/DISR images of Titan's surface

14:15 - 14:35
COSPAR2006-A-02012;  B0.3-0014-06
Niemann, H.B.; Atreya, S.; Demick-Montelara, J.; Haberman, J.; Harpold, D.; Kasprzak, W.; Owen, T.; Raaen, E.; Way, S.
Results from the Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) Experiment on the Cassini-Huygens Probe (solicited)

14:35 - 14:55
COSPAR2006-A-02803;  B0.3-0015-06
Israel, G.; Szopa, C.; Cabane, M.; Brun, J.F.; Coll, P.; Nguyen, M.J.; Coscia, D.; Raulin, F.; ACP team, the
Titan’s aerosols properties determined with the Aerosol Collector and Pyrolyzer experiment of the Huygens probe (solicited)

14:55 - 14:57
COSPAR2006-A-00486;  B0.3-0016-06
Kovács, T.; Turányi, T.; Deam, R.
Methane conversion to higher hydrocarbons in microwave plasma

14:57 - 14:59
COSPAR2006-A-02005;  B0.3-0017-06
Hadamcik, E.; Renard, J.-B.; Szopa, C.; Cernogora, G.; Levasseur-Regourd, A.C.
Light scattering measurements with Titan's aerosols analogues produced by dusty plasma

14:59 - 15:14
COSPAR2006-A-02128;  B0.3-0018-06
Nelson, R. M.; Lamp, L.; Matson, D. L.; Irwin, P.G.J; Baines, K. S.; Boryta, M. D.; Leader, F. E.; Jauman, R.; Smythe, W. D.; Sotin, C.; The Cassini VIMS Team
Surface Reflectance Change on Titan: Implications for Atmospheric and Volcanic Activity

15:14 - 15:29
COSPAR2006-A-03224;  B0.3-0019-06
Abbas, M.; LeClair, A.; Flasar, F.; Kunde, V.; Conrath, B.; Coustenis, A.; Jennings, D.; Nixon, C.; Brasunas, J.; Achterberg, R.; The CIRS Team
Titan's Atmospheric Composition from Observations by the Cassini Infrared Spectrometer

15:29 - 15:49
COSPAR2006-A-00518;  B0.3-0020-06
Nguyen, N; Raulin, R; Coll, C; Derenne, D; Szopa, S; Israël, I; Cernogora, C; Bernard, B
Carbon isotopic enrichment in Titan's Tholins: implications for Titan's aerosols (solicited)

15:49 - 16:04
COSPAR2006-A-00823;  B0.3-0021-06
Szopa, C.; Cernogora, G.; Boufendi, L.; Cavarroc, M.; Quirico, E.; Bernard, J.M.; Coll, P.; Jolly, A.
Production of Titan’s aerosols analogues by radio frequency plasma discharge

16:04 - 16:19
COSPAR2006-A-02457;  B0.3-0022-06
Quirico, E.; Bernard, J.-M.; Montagnac, G.; Rouzaud, J.-N.; Szopa, C.; Cernogora, G.; Coll, P.; Raulin, F.; Raynard, B.; McMillan, P.; The plasma tholins team
Investigation of the chemical structure and optical properties of Titan’s tholins and “HCN polymer” by spectral analyses. Implications for the analysis of Cassini-Huygens observations and refractory organics in cometary grains

16:19 - 16:29
COSPAR2006-A-02481;  B0.3-0023-06
Lopez-Moreno (1), J.J.; Jeronimo (1), J.M. ; Lara (1), L.M. ; Moreno (1), F.; PWA-HASI Team
Polar ionic conductivity in Titan Atmosphere. Measurements of Relaxation Probe of HUYGENS HASI

16:29 - 16:39
COSPAR2006-A-03100;  B0.3-0024-06
Hamelin, M.; Béghin, C.; Brown, V.J.G; Grard, R.; Jernej, I.; Lopez-Moreno, J.J.; Schwingenschuh, K.; Simoes, F.; Trautner, R.; Molina-Cuberos, G.J.; THE PWA-HASI TEAM
Mutual Impedance Probe measurements of the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere of Titan with the PWA-HASI instrument on board the HUYGENS Probe

16:39 - 16:54
COSPAR2006-A-03107;  B0.3-0025-06
Simoes, F.; Beghin, C.; Berthelier, J.-J.; Brown, V.; Chabassiere, C. ; Falkner, P. ; Ferri, F. ; Fulchignoni, M. ; Grard, R.; Hamelin, M. ; The PWA -HASI Team
Characterization of low frequency electromagnetic waves of Titan's cavity as revealed by the Huygens Probe

16:54 - 17:04
COSPAR2006-A-02988;  B0.3-0026-06
Czechowski, LC; Kossacki, KJ
Thermal convection in the porous methane-soaked regolith of Titan


Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Lecture Room: Room 307-308

Chairperson: NELSON, R.

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9:30 - 9:50
COSPAR2006-A-03086;  B0.3-0027-06
Tobie, G.; Sotin, C.; Choblet, G.; Choukroun, M.; Grasset, O.; Hirtzig, M.; Le Mouelic, S.; Morizet, Y.; Rodriguez, S.
Models of Titan’s evolution constrained by Cassini observations and laboratory experiments (solicited)

9:50 - 9:52
COSPAR2006-A-00588;  B0.3-0028-06
Czechowski, LC
Nusselt number for convection driven by tidal and radiogenic heating

9:52 - 9:54
COSPAR2006-A-00770;  B0.3-0029-06
Penz, T.; Langmayr, D.; Lammer, H.; Kulikov, Y. N.; Biernat, H. K.; Erkaev, N. V.
Revisiting Titan’s exosphere and atmospheric evolution after Huygens

9:54 - 10:09
COSPAR2006-A-02948;  B0.3-0030-06
Filacchione, G.; Capaccioni, F. ; Coradini, A.; Cerroni, P.; Tosi, F. ; McCord, T. B.; Baines, K. H.; Bellucci, G. ; Brown, R. H.; Bibring, J. P.; VIMS team
A comparative study of Saturn’s icy satellites spectrophotometric properties by Cassini/VIMS

10:09 - 10:29
COSPAR2006-A-01581;  B0.3-0031-06
Rappaport, N.J.; Iess, L.; Tortora, P.; Armstrong, J.W.; Asmar, S.W.; Somenzi, L.; Zingoni, F.
The Saturnian satellites: gravity science (solicited)

10:29 - 10:49
COSPAR2006-A-02501;  B0.3-0032-06
Matson, D.; Castillo, J.; Johnson, T.; Lunine, J.; Sotin, C.
Recent Results, new Approaches, Hypotheses, Riddles, and “Way to go?” in the Geophysics of Outer Planet Satellites (solicited)

10:49 - 11:04
COSPAR2006-A-00391;  B0.3-0033-06
Zharkov, V.N.; Karamurzov, B.S.
Analytical three layer models, figures and gravitational moments of the Jupiter's Satellites Io and Europe (cancelled)


Chairperson: IP, W. H.

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11:30 - 11:45
COSPAR2006-A-02024;  B0.3-0034-06
Goldstein, R.; The CAPS and INMS Teams
Plasma composition near Enceladus

11:45 - 12:00
COSPAR2006-A-00587;  B0.3-0035-06
Czechowski, LC
Endogenic activity of medium size icy satellites of Saturn and eccentricities of their orbits

12:00 - 12:20
COSPAR2006-A-00443;  B0.3-0036-06
Esposito, L.; Colwell, J
Cassini observations and ring history (solicited)

12:20 - 12:22
COSPAR2006-A-00585;  B0.3-0037-06
Czechowski, LC
An explanation of the Mimas-Enceladus paradox

12:22 - 12:32
COSPAR2006-A-00607;  B0.3-0038-06
Lin, I. L.; Wang, Y. C.; Ip, W. H.
The thermal sublimation process and atmosphere of Iapetus

12:32 - 12:34
COSPAR2006-A-00799;  B0.3-0039-06
Kochemasov, G. G.
Satellites of the Saturnian system with clear signatures of the wave warpings producing alignments of "craters" of predictable sizes

12:34 - 12:36
COSPAR2006-A-01014;  B0.3-0040-06
Tseng, W.-L.; Ip, W.-H.; Kopp, A.
Exospheric Heating by Pickup Ions at Titan

12:36 - 12:51
COSPAR2006-A-02129;  B0.3-0041-06
Nelson, R. M.; Hapke, B. W.; Brown, R. H.; Spilker, L. J.; Smythe, W. D.; Kamp, L. ; Boryta, M. ; Leader, F. ; Matson, D. L.; Nicholson, P. D.; The Cassini VIMS Rings Team
Cassini VIMS Observes the Opposition Effect in Saturn’s Rings

12:51 - 13:11
COSPAR2006-A-02806;  B0.3-0042-06
Marouf, E. ; Rappaport, N. ; French, R. ; McGhee, C. ; Anabtawi, A.
Azimuthal variability of radial structure of Saturn’s rings observed by Cassini radio occultations (solicited)


Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Lecture Room: Room 307-308

Chairperson: MAROUF, E.

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9:30 - 9:45
COSPAR2006-A-03323;  B0.3-0043-06
French, R.; Salo, H.; McGhee, C.; Dones, L.
Azimuthal Brightness Asymmetry in Saturn's A and B Rings

9:45 - 10:05
COSPAR2006-A-03267;  B0.3-0044-06
Srama, R.; Kempf, S.; Moragas-Klostermeyer, G.; Beckmann, U.; Postberg, F.; Economou, T.; Helfert, S.; Spahn, F.; Altobelli, N.; Gruen, E.
Saturn's dust environment: Experience from a two year survey with CDA (solicited)

10:05 - 10:20
COSPAR2006-A-02320;  B0.3-0045-06
Beckmann, U.; Kempf, S.; Srama, R.; Moragas-Klostermeyer, G.; Helfert, S.; Grün, E.
Saturn's E ring: sources and dynamics

10:20 - 10:22
COSPAR2006-A-03301;  B0.3-0046-06
Economou, T. E.; Srama, R.; Kempf, S.; Moragas-Klostermeyer, G.; Burton, M.; Roy, M.
HRD Dust Results from Saturn's E and G Ring Crossings

10:22 - 10:37
COSPAR2006-A-00683;  B0.3-0047-06
Leisner, J. S.; Russell, C. T.; Dougherty, M. K.; Blanco-Cano, X.; Strangeway, R. J.; Bertucci, C.
Spatial variation in E-ring neutral cloud erosion

10:37 - 10:57
COSPAR2006-A-02647;  B0.3-0048-06
Spilker, L.; Pilorz, S.; Pearl, J.; Cuzzi, J.; Wallis, B.; Ferrari, C.; Brooks, S.; Edgington, S.; Altobelli, N.; Showalter, M.
Cassini CIRS observations of thermal differences in Saturn's main rings with increasing phase angle (solicited)

10:57 - 11:07
COSPAR2006-A-03408;  B0.3-0049-06
Jones, G. H.; Roussos, E.; Krupp, N.; Paranicas, C.; Ip, W.-H.; McAndrews, H. J.; The MIMI Team, .
The energetic particle signatures of Saturn's G ring


Chairperson: SPILKER, L.

Select complete timeblock
11:30 - 11:40
COSPAR2006-A-00155;  B0.3-0050-06
Griv, E.; Gedalin, M. ; Lyubarsky, Yu.
Collective dynamics of Saturn's rings

11:40 - 11:42
COSPAR2006-A-02513;  B0.3-0051-06
Sfair, R; Giuliatti Winter, S
The effects of the solar radiation pressure on the F-ring particles

11:42 - 11:44
COSPAR2006-A-02604;  B0.3-0052-06
McGhee, C.; French, R.; Rappaport, N.; Marouf, E.
Effects of spacecraft trajectory errors on Saturn ring geometry from Cassini occultations

11:44 - 11:59
COSPAR2006-A-03007;  B0.3-0053-06
Lellouch, E.; Kleiner, I.; Fouchet, T. ; Bézard, B.
A study of Saturn's 3 micron window from ISO observations

11:59 - 12:14
COSPAR2006-A-00853;  B0.3-0054-06
Fletcher, L.N.; Irwin, P.G.J; Teanby, N.A.; Orton, G.S.; Parrish, P.D.; Calcutt, S.B.; Bowles, N.; de Kok, R.; Howett, C.; Cassini/CIRS Team, &
Latitudinal variations in the temperature and composition of Saturn's upper troposphere from Cassini/CIRS

12:14 - 12:34
COSPAR2006-A-02583;  B0.3-0055-06
Orton, G.; Parrish, P.; Yanamandra-Fisher, P.; Fisher, B.; Fletcher, L.; Irwin, P.; Flasar, M.; Achterberg, R.; Conrath, B.; Simon-Miller, A.
Organization and variation of Saturn's temperature field from Cassini CIRS and supporting ground-based observations (solicited)

12:34 - 12:49
COSPAR2006-A-02482;  B0.3-0056-06
Fouchet, T.; Bézard, B.; Lellouch, E.; Guerlet, S.; Howett, C.; Irwin, P.G.J; Jennings, D.E.; Carlson, R.C.; Simon-Miller, A.A; Flasar, F.M.; THE CIRS TEAM
Saturn hydrocarbon abundance from Cassini/CIRS measurements

12:49 - 13:04
COSPAR2006-A-01738;  B0.3-0057-06
Rucker, H.O.; Cassini-SKR
Saturn Kilometric Radiation as monitor for the solar wind ?


Chairperson: MATSON, D.

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15:30 - 15:45
COSPAR2006-A-00372;  B0.3-0058-06
Russell, C. T.; Leisner, J. S.; Arridge, C. S.; Dougherty, M. K.; Blanco, X.
Radial variation of the nature of magnetic fluctuations in Saturn’s magnetosphere

15:45 - 16:05
COSPAR2006-A-02807;  B0.3-0059-06
Southwood, D.J.; Kivelson, M.G. ; Dougherty, M. ; Arridge, C.
Deductions concerning dynamics and structure of the Saturn magnetosphere using the Cassini magnetometer (solicited)

16:05 - 16:07
COSPAR2006-A-02857;  B0.3-0060-06
Kleindienst, G.; Glassmeier, K.-H.; Dougherty, M. K.; Arridge, C. S.; Krupp, N.
ULF Pulsations in the Kronian Magnetosphere and their Relation to Plasma Sheet Dynamics

16:07 - 16:09
COSPAR2006-A-03211;  B0.3-0061-06
Arridge, C.S.; Khurana, K.K.; Russell, C.T.; Dougherty, M.K.; Andre, N.; Rymer, A.M.; Coates, A.J.
The mass of Saturn's plasma sheet

16:09 - 16:24
COSPAR2006-A-00674;  B0.3-0062-06
Benna, M.
Three-dimensional multi-fluid MHD modeling of Enceladus' interaction with the magnetosphere of Saturn

16:24 - 16:34
COSPAR2006-A-03114;  B0.3-0063-06
Modolo, R.; Chanteur, G.M.
Titan’s Plasma Environment From Global Hybrid Simulation: Improved Model

16:34 - 16:44
COSPAR2006-A-03412;  B0.3-0064-06
Houben, H.
Forced oscillations and tidal dissipation in fluid planets with atmospheres (cancelled)

16:44 - 16:54
COSPAR2006-A-00761;  B0.3-0065-06
Kuskov, O.L.; Kronrod, V.A.
Internal structure of Callisto: Evidence for subsurface ocean

16:54 - 17:04
COSPAR2006-A-00389;  B0.3-0066-06
Zharkov, V.N.
The theory of equilibrium figure and gravitational field of the giant planets’ satellites. The second approximation. (cancelled)

17:04 - 17:06
COSPAR2006-A-02092;  B0.3-0067-06
Yokoyama, T.; Santos, M.T.; Winter, O.C.; Winter, S.M.G
The Saturnian satellites and possible effects of the planetary migration

17:06 - 17:26
COSPAR2006-A-02535;  B0.3-0068-06
Johnson, T.; Clark, K.; Greeley, R.; Pappalardo, R.; Cutts, J.
Europa exploration: challenges and solutions (solicited)

17:26 - 17:36
COSPAR2006-A-02334;  B0.3-0069-06
Bartlett, S; Patel, M; Zarnecki, J
An Instrument to Determine the Surface Composition of Icy Bodies and Search for Trace Biological Signatures.


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