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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL036 Physical and chemical weathering at diverse temporal and spatial scales (co-listed in BG, GM, GMPV, OS, SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Flaathen, T. K.; Gislason, S. R.
Chemical weathering of pristine volcanic ash and metal salts in the vicinity of the Hekla volcano, Iceland

Darmody, R; Thorn, C; Allen, C; Campbell, S; Dixon, J
Accelerated chemical weathering in Kärkevagge Swedish Lapland: the pyrite connection (withdrawn)

Micallef, A.; Viles, H.A.; Goudie, A.S.; Sancho, C.
Capillary migration of anions in porous rocks: laboratory simulations and implications for weathering in sandstones.

Burton, K.W.; Gannoun, A.; Henderson, G.M.
Glacial/interglacial variations in marine osmium isotopes

Bourlès, D.L.; Braucher, R.
Evaluation of long-term (10-100 kyr) surficial processes using in situ produced cosmogenic nuclides.

Campbell, S.; Thorn, C.; Darmody, R.; Allen, C.; Dixon, J.
The influence of microenvironment on post-glacial chemical weathering, Storbreen, Jotunheimen Mountains, Norway (withdrawn)

Egli, M.; Mirabella, A.; Alioth, L.; Nater, M.; Raimondi, S.
Effect of climate on carbon storage, humus fractions, allophanes, imogolite and poorly crystalline and crystalline oxy-hydroxides in volcanic soils of Etna (Sicily)

Mirabella, A.; Egli, M.; Nater, M.; Alioth, L.; Raimondi, S.
Rate of clay mineral, poorly crystalline and crystalline oxy-hydroxide formation and humus development in volcanic soils of Etna (Sicily)

Cardinal, D.; Gaillardet, J.; André, L.
Silicon isotopes in the Congo river and tributaries: biogeochemical controlling factors

Eiriksdottir, E.S.; Gislason, S.R. ; Elefsen, S.; Hardardottir, J.
Climatic effects on chemical weathering rates of basalts in NE-Iceland

Gislason, S. R.; Torssander, P.
The response of sulphate in Icelandic rivers to the decline in global atmospheric SO2 emission into the North Atlantic region

Granet, M.
238U-234U-230Th disequilibria and the sediment transit time in himalayan rivers

Kardjilov, M. I.; Gisladottir , G.; Gislason, S. R.
Riverine carbon fluxes and MODIS terrestrial gross and net primary production in North-eastern Iceland

Fischer, C.; Karius, V.; Lüttge, A.; Thiel, V.
Quantification of reactive surface area in rocks exemplified: Organic matter decrease in black shales during oxidative weathering

Gutjahr, M.; Frank, M.; Keigwin, L. D.; Halliday, A. N.
Lead isotope evolution of North Atlantic Deep and Intermediate Waters in the western N Atlantic since the LGM

Godderis, Y.; Donnadieu, Y.; Probst, A.; Schott, J.; Pierrehumbert, R.; Ramstein, G.; Francois, L.M.; Dupre, B.
Earth climate history, and weathering at the watershed and continental scale

Ragnarsdottir, K. V.; Miller, D. A.; Banwart, S. A.; Brantley, S. L.
Understanding the life-cycle of soils to prevent global civilization collapse

Porcelli, D; Strekopytov, S; Shaw, S
Limitations on using U/Th series nuclide systematics for studying subsurface radionuclide transport and groundwater flow

Wimpenny, J. B.; Gannoun, A.; Widdowson, M.; James, R. H.; Burton, K. W.; Gislason, S.
Mobility of Os and Re during basalt weathering: the Bidar laterite profile, India

Pogge von Strandmann, P.A.E; Burton, K.W.; James, R.H.; van Calsteren, P.; Gislason, S.R.
Behaviour of colloid-bound uranium in rivers draining basaltic terrains

Prunier, J; Pierret, M. C; Chabaux, F; Trémolières, M; Lemarchand, D
Tracing plant-water-soil interactions at the plot scale (in the Strengbach catchment). Insights from analyses of major elements and U isotopes

Bureau, M.; François, L.; Carignan, J.; Nédeltcheva, T.; Angeli, N.; Dambrine, E.; Goddéris, Y.; Viville, D.
Modelling coupled weathering and hydrological processes at the catchment scale in the Vosges Mountains

Rivé, K.; Agrinier, P.; Gaillardet, J.
Carbon transfers in tropical stream water in a volcanic context: examples of a hot spot island (Reunion Island) and two subduction arc islands (Guadeloupe and Martinique, French Lesser Antilles)

Calmels, D.; Gaillardet, J.; François, L.
Modelling the impact of vegetation on carbonate weathering rates

Torssander, P.; Morth, CM.; Thoreseth, I.; Moldan, F.
Changing sources of base cations during an acidification reversal (withdrawn)

Gaillardet, J.; Lemarchand, E. ; Chetelat, B. ; Schott, J.
The behavior of stable isotopes in soils: from the laboratory to the field

Merino, E
Dust, terra rossa, replacement, and karst: Striking chemical geodynamics in the Critical Zone

Vigier, N.; Burton, K.W.; Gislason, S.R.; Rogers, N.W.; Duchene, S.; Thomas, L.E.; Hodge, E.; Schaefer, B.
The relationship between riverine U-series disequilibria and erosion rates in a basaltic terrain

Hathorne, E.C. ; James, R.H.
Seawater Li/Ca and Li isotopes: Proxies for Silicate Weathering?

Gannoun, A.; Burton, K.W.; Hein, J.R.
Quaternary marine osmium isotope records from the Atlantic Ocean

Sigfusson, B.; Gislason, S.R.; Paton, G.I.
The effect of soil solution chemistry on the weathering rate of a Histic Andosol

Emice, A.; Amalfitano, C.
Pedogenesis on pumice substratum from Plinian eruptions of Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex, Italy

Emice, A.; Murolo, M.; Tatavitto, M.
Pedological contribution to the interpretation of volcanoclastic affected areas in Campania region (southern Italy)

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