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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS3.11 Advances in atmospheric spectroscopy

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Gür, B.; Spietz, P.; Orphal, J.; Burrows, J.P.
Atmospheric Remote-Sensing Reference Data from GOME-2: Temperature-Dependent Absorption Cross-Sections of Ozone in the 240 - 795 nm Range

Guineva, V.; Werner, R.; Kostadinov, I.
Possibilities to retrieve temperature profiles from ground-based spectrometric measurements

Pardo, J.R.; Serabyn, E.; Wiedner, M.C.
Measured telluric continuum-like opacity beyond 1 THz

Walker, K. A.; Boone, C. D.; McLeod, S. D.; Bernath, P. F.
The Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE): overview and first results

Niro, F.; Carlotti, M.; Ridolfi, M.
Use of CO2 Q branches for pressure and temperature retrieval in the Geo-fit analysis of MIPAS spectra

Flaud, J.-M.
Spectroscopy and atmospheric retrievals

Escribano, R; Fernández-Torre, D..; Herrero, V.J.; Maté, B.; Ortega, I.K.
Exposure of NAT crystals to HCl: a spectroscopic study

Herrero, V.J.; Escribano, R.; Fernández-Torre, D.; Maté, B.; Moreno, M.A.; Ortega, I.K.
The HCl/H2O solid system: infrared spectra of HCl tri- and hexahydrate

Melamed, M.L.; Solomon, S.; Daniel, J.S.; Langford, A.O.; Portmann, R.W.; Ryerson, T.B.; Nicks Jr, D.K.; McKeen, S.
Reactive nitrogen emissions from point and regional sources using visible spectroscopy measurements from aircraft

Jones, A.; Murtagh, D.P.; Lautié, N.; Rösevall, J.; Urban, J.; Olberg, M.; Eriksson, P.; Brohede, S.
Comparison of Odin and MIPAS ozone data in the Stratosphere during the Autumn of 2003

Gür, B.; Spietz, P.; Orphal, J.; Albers, C.; Burrows, J.P.
Atmospheric Remote-Sensing Reference Data from GOME-2: Temperature-Dependent Absorption Cross-Sections of NO2 in the 240 - 795 nm Range

Keller-Rudek, H.; Moortgat, G.K.
UV-VIS spectral atlas of gaseous molecules: A data base including numerical data and graphical representations

López-Puertas, M.; Peralta-Calvillo, J.; Funke, B.; Gil-López, S.; Flaud, J.-M.; Stiller, G.; von Clarmann, T.; Fischer, H.
Observation of NO$^+$ 4.3 $µ$m fundamental and first hot bands emissions by MIPAS/ENVISAT

Urban, J.; Lautie, N.; The Odin/SMR Retrieval Group
Global Observations of stratospheric Trace Gases with the Odin Sub-Millimetre Radiometer: Requirements on Spectroscopy.

Jucks, K.
Atmospheric Far Infrared Spectroscopy

Barbe, A.; De Backer - Barilly, M.-R.; Tyuterev, Vl.G.; Goldman, A.
Observation of new ozone transitions in 5 µm region from FTIR solar spectra: Link with S&MPO databank

Dehayem, A.; Pirali, O.; Kleiner, I.; Orphal, J.
High-resolution spectroscopy of nitrous acid HONO and its deuterated species DONO in the far-infrared

Flaud, P.-M.; Orphal, J.
CW difference frequency laser operating in the mid-infrared: application to NO2

Orphal, J.; Flaud, J.-M.; Pirali, O.; Kwabia Tchana, F.; Kou, Q.
High-resolution spectroscopy of the 2v1 bands of HOBr in the near-infrared

Milz, M.; Glatthor, N.; Stiller, G.P.; von Clarmann, T.
Dependence of water vapor results for MIPAS/Envisat on the spectral lines used for the retrieval

Bach , M.; Fally , S.; Vandaele, A.C.; Coheur , P.-F.; Carleer , M.; Jenouvrier , A.
Fourier transform absorption spectroscopy of HDO in the visible and near-IR spectral regions

Palmer, M.H.; Shaw, D.A.; Guest, M.F.
The electronically excited and ionic states of sulphur dioxide; an ab initio molecular orbital CI study and comparison with spectral data

Palmer, M. H.; Nelson, A. D.
An ab initio molecular orbital study of the electronically excited and cationic states of the ozone molecule, and a comparison with spectral data

Höpfner, M.; Stiller, G.; von Clarmann, T.; Fischer, H.; Luo, B.; Biermann, U.; Spang, R.; Snels, M.; Di Donfrancesco, G.
Evidence for beta-NAT in MIPAS mid-infrared limb emission Spectra of PSCs by new Refractive Index Data

Mettendorf, K. U.; Hartl, A.; Platt, U.; Pundt, I.
Long path DOAS tomography by the use of Multibeam DOAS instruments: Results of an indoor validation campaign

Poehler, D.; Rippel, B.; Stelzer, A.; Mettendorf, K. U.; Hartl, A.; Platt, U.; Pundt, I.
Tomographic DOAS measurements of the 2D trace gas distribution above the city centre of Heidelberg, Germany

Janssen, C; Tuzson, B; Shaheen, R; Röckmann, T
First results on the O3 - CO2 isotope exchange from a diode laser spectrometer for the investigation of 17O and 18O containing ozone isotopomers

Spietz, P.; Gómez Martín, J.C.; Burrows, J.P.
Concentration dependent effects on I2 reference spectra in the context of atmospheric DOAS and quantitative spectroscopy

Ibrahim, N.; Orphal, J.; Huet, T. R.
Photoacoustic and direct absorption spectroscopy of NH3 using a tuneable diode laser in the 1.5 micron region

Gómez Martín, J.C.; Spietz, P.; Burrows, J.P.
Principal and Independent Components Analysis in the context of Molecular Absorption Spectroscopy

Di Carlo, P.; Barone, M.; Pietropaolo, E.; D'Altorio, A.; Visconti, G.
High resolution spectrometer for atmospheric studies: Filling in observation of sky spectra absorption lines

Miller, C.; Brown, L.
Spectroscopic Challenges for Improving Atmospheric CO2 Retrievals

Strong, K.; Melo, S.; Dumoulin, R.; Mabury, S.; Stock, N.; Hurley, M.; Misner, J.; Wallington, T.; Waterland, R.
Laboratory Measurements of the Infrared Absorption Cross Sections of Fluorotelomer Alcohols

Tashkun, S. A.; Schwenke, D. W.; Tyuterev, Vl.G.; Jenouvrier, A.; Mikhailenko, S.; Carleer, M.; Fally, S.; Vandaele, A. C.; Daumont, L.; Regalia L. and Barbe, A.
Global modelling of rovibrational line intensities of the water vapour in the IR and visible range and extended comparisons with new long-path experimental spectra

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