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  List of Accepted Contributions - GD05/TS31 Mantle Plumes, intraplate magmatism, and hotspot-ridge interaction: Geodynamical, Geophysical and Geochemical Aspects

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Hanyu, T
A noble gas study of rift zone volcanism and magma evolution at Haleakala Volcano, Hawaii

Briais, A.; Merkouriev, S.
Analysis of the crustal structure on the flanks of the Reykjanes Ridge from high-density bathymetry and magnetic data

Safonova, I.Yu.; Buslov, M.M.
Vendian Intraplate Volcanism of the Paleo-Asian Ocean: Implications from the Geochemical Study of Gorny Altai Basalts

Jannot, S.; Schiano, P.; Boivin, P.; Ottolini, L.
The nature of primary magmas of the Chaîne des Puys (Massif Central, France): a melt inclusion approach

Hillier, J. K.; Watts, A. B.
Pacific Seamount Volcanism in Space and Time

Crosby, A; McKenzie, D
A method for estimating the elastic thickness under seamounts in areas of sparse bathymetry.

Sallarès, V.; Charvis, Ph.; Flueh, E. R.; Bialas, J.
Geophysical evidences for a compositional heterogeneity as origin of the Galapagos hotspot

Montelli, R. ; Nolet, G.; Dahlen, F. A.
Deep plumes in the mantle: geometry and dynamics

Tarduno, J. A.; Doubrovine, P. V.; Madoff, R.
Hotspot motion, paleomagnetic tests of plate circuits, and coherency of the Pacific plate

Torsvik, T.H.; Burke, K.; Steinberger, B.; Smethurst, M.A.
The D” Zone and the origin of LIPS

Nolet, G.; Karato, S.-i.; Montelli, R.
Plume fluxes from seismic tomography

Mjelde, R.; Raum, T.; Shimamura, H.; Murai, Y.; Takanami, T.
Continent-Ocean-Transition on the Vøring Plateau, NE Atlantic; a tectono-magmatic model derived from densely sampled OBS-data

Debeuf, D.; Bachelery, P.; Sigmarsson, O.
Importance of extensional tectonics in Comorean archipelago magmatism: the case of Mayotte Island - Mozambique Channel, Indian Ocean

Dunn, R.; Delorey, A. ; Gaherty, J.
Surface Wave Investigation of the Effect of the Icelandic Hotspot on the Upper Mantle Beneath the Reykjanes Ridge

Kani, T; Hanan, B; Kingsley, R; Schilling, J.-G.
Pb, Sr, Nd, Hf isotope geochemistry of the North Arch and South Arch lavas: Evidence for multiple sources in the Hawaiian Arch volcanisms

Maia, M.; Goslin, J.; Gente, P.
Recent time evolution of the accretion processes at the mid-atlantic ridge north of the Azores: implications for the plume-ridge interaction

Beier, C.; Stracke, A.; Haase, K.M.
Mantle sources and melting processes beneath São Miguel, Azores: origin of a unique geochemical signature inferred from Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf isotope systematics

Dobson, K. J.; Stuart, F. M.; Bell, B. R.; Dempster, T.
Constraining the post-eruptive evolution of LIP: low temperature thermochronology of the Hebridean Igneous Province

Jamais, M.; Lassiter, J.C.
Os isotopic variations in lavas from Kohala Volcano, Hawaii: constraints on melt/crust interaction

Strauss, H.; Nowak, M.; Holtz, F.
Experiments on volatile contents of large igneous province basalts

Suschevskaya, N.M.; Belyatsky, B.V.; Mikhalsky, E.V.
Geochemical features of Jurassic mafic dykes from the Schirmacher Hills (central Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica)

Laubier, M.; Schiano, P.; Laporte, D.; Doucelance, R.; Alard, O.; Burton, K.W.
Insights into the Reunion hotspot magmatism from primitive melt inclusions

Arndt, N.; Nolet, G.; Herzberg, C.
Decoupled upwelling between the lower and upper mantle; petrologic and seismic interpretation of mantle plumes

Saunders, A.D.; Drachev, S.; Reichow, M.K.
Tracking the Iceland plume across the Arctic Ocean

Kumagai, I.; Kurita, K.
A causal relationship between a superplume and a supercontinent: which came first?

Sobolev, A.V.; Hofmann, A.W.; Gurenko, A.A.; Kamenetsky, V.S.; Krivolutskaya, N.A.; Kuzmin, D.V.; Nikogosian, I.K.; Yaxley, G.M.
Recycled materials in mantle plumes and LIPs: evidence from olivine phenocrysts

Merle, R.; Schärer, U.; Cornen, G.; Girardeau, J.; Cotten, J.
Age and origin of the alkaline lavas from northern Tore-Madeira Rise (Iberia margin): U-Pb ages, geochemistry and Pb-Sr isotopes

Bascou, J.; Delpech, G.; Vauchez, A.; Moine, B.; Cottin, J.Y.
Relationships between microstructure, texture, seismic properties and geochemistry in the oceanic lithospheric mantle above the Kerguelen plume

Gordon, R. G.; Andrews, D. L.; Horner-Johnson, B. C.
New tests of the fixed hotspot approximation

Gordon, R. G.; Horner-Johnson, B. C.; Kumar, R. R.
Latitudinal shift of the Hawiian hotspot: Motion relative to other hotspots or motion of all the hotspots in unison relative to the spin axis (i.e., true polar wander)?

Carpentier , M.; Sigmarsson, O.
Geographical variations of Holocene basalt compositions in Iceland: implications for the mantle lithology

Williams, A.; Stuart, F.; Ellam, R.; Fitton, G.
Isotopic and geochemical constraints on the enriched mantle in the Iceland plume

Smit, Y.; Schiano , P.; Faure, F.; de Hoog, J.C.M; Stuart, F.
Melt inclusions in olivine phenocrysts (Fo 91-93) from Tertiary picrites from Padloping Island, Baffin Island: the earliest melts generated by the Iceland Plume?

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