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  List of Accepted Contributions - ST8 Coupling between regions and scales: the future is multipoint and multi-instrument

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Savin, S.; Zelenyi, L.; Kunitsyn, V. ; Safrankova, J. ; Nemecek, Z. ; Amata , E; Buechner , J. ; Blecki , J.; Rauch , J.L. ; Skalsky , A.
A proposal for multiscale studies of plasma transport and turbulence

Karpachev, A.; Biktash, L.; Maruyama, T.
Multi-satellite observations of the ionospheric structures

Nakamura, R.; Baumjohann, W.; Runov, A.; Asano, Y.; Fujimoto, M.; Owen, C. J.; Klecker, B.; Reme, H.; Fazakerley, A. N.; Lucek, E.
Multi-point observations of magnetotail current sheets during reconnection events

Lavraud, B.; Borovsky, J. E.; Ridley, A. J.; Pogue, E. W.; Thomsen, M. F.; Reme, H.; Fazakerley, A. N.; Lucek, E. A.
Conditioning of magnetosheath – magnetosphere coupling during low Alfven Mach number solar wind

Runov, A.; Baumjohann, W.; Nakamura, R.; Asano, Y.; Voronkov, I.
Local structure of the near-Earth magnetotail plasma sheet during tailward flows: A multi-point view

Baumjohann, W.; Schwartz, S.; the Cross-Scale Team
The Cross-Scale mission

Beloff, N.; Karpachev, A.T.; Denisenko, P.F.; Lester, M.; Carozzi, T.D.; Karhunen, T.
Detection of the Large-Scale TIDs associated with auroral activity using SuperDARN data

Gombosi, T.I. ; Glocer, A.; Toth, G.; Hansen, K.C.; Ridley, A.J.
Modeling ionospheric outflows with the Space Weather Modeling Framework

Hamrin, M.; Börlin, N.; Rönnmark, K.; Vedin, J.; Buchert, S.
Estimating time and space derivatives using GALS

Milan, S. E.
The role of SuperDARN in global and multi-scale studies of the magnetosphere

Wicks, R. T.; Chapman, S. C.; Dendy, R. O.
Mutual information as a measure of spatial correlation properties of the turbulent solar wind as seen by Wind, ACE and Cluster.

Seki, Y; Shinohara, I; Schwartz, S; Mazelle, C; Meziane, K; Fujimoto, M; Lucek, E
The role of shock reformation at oblique collision-less shocks

Volwerk, M.; Lester, M.; Lui, T.; The IssiAndCluster Team
Magnetospheric response to a fast flow in the tail: A THEMIS approaching configuration study

Juusola, L.; Amm, O.; Frey, H.U.; Nakamura, R.; Ogawa, Y.; Owen, C.J.; Sergeev, V.
Ionospheric signatures during a magnetotail flux rope event

De Keyser, J.; Crosby, N.B.
Interactive Software for Processing and Visualizing Multipoint and Multi-Instrument Data

Zhou, X; Lummerzheim, D
Auroral observation using NIR camera onboard balloons: A new approach for dayside and conjugate auroral observations

Kozelov, B. V.
Multi-scale features of aurora and electric field fluctuations at the high latitudes

Sarris, T.; Li, X.; Singer, H.
Multipoint observations of a multiday Pc5 pulsation

Wang, H.; Ridley, A.; Ma, S.Y.; Luehr, H.
Multisatellite and ground station network observation of a substorm onset (withdrawn)

Fujimoto, M. ; Shinohara , I.; Tanaka , K.G.
A theorist's Expectation of CrossScale: A Reconnection Case

Characteristics of electron flat-top distribution observed by Cluster

Hobara, Y.; Walker, S. N.; Dunlop, M.; Balikhin, M.; Pokhotelov, O. A.; Nilsson, H.; Reme, H.
Multi-point observations of ULF foreshock waves by Cluster and wave mode identification

Hobara, Y.; Walker, S. N.; Balikhin, M.; Pokhotelov, O.A.; Andre, M.; Dunlop, M.; Reme, H.
Cluster observations of electrostatic solitary waves near the Earth's bow shock

Fontaine, D.; Roux, A.; Le Contel, O.; Robert, P.; Sauvaud, J.A.; Owen, C.J.
Electron populations in thin current sheets close to and during substorms

Hasegawa, H.; Fujimoto, M.; Matsumoto, Y.; Nakamura, T.; Nariyuki, Y.; Tanaka, K. G.
A theorists' expectation for the Cross-Scale mission: Boundary layer science

Strangeway, R. J.; Zesta, E.; Boudouridis, A.; Raeder, J.; Larson, D. J.; Ruohoniemi, J. M.
Field-aligned current morphology and multipoint observations: Comparisons between low altitude spacecraft, global simulations and ground-based radars

Escoubet, C. P.; Berchem, J.; Bosqued, J. M.; Taylor, M. G.; Trattner, K. J.; Pitout, F.; Laakso, H.; Masson, A.; Dunlop, M.; Reme, H.; Cusp team
Cusp dynamics observed by Cluster using multi-point measurements

De Keyser, J.; Darrouzet, F.; Roth, M.; Décréau, P.M.E; Dunlop, M.W.
Computing gradients from multi-point data: Recent progress

Behlke, R.; Kucharek, H.; Bale, S.D.; André, M.; Lucek, E.A.
Dissipation at the Earth's quasi-parallel bow shock: Cluster observations of the electric potential and ion reflection rates

Shinohara, I.; Kasaba, Y.; Fujimoto, M.; Matsukiyo, S.; Oka, M.; Seki, Y.; Shimada, N.; Sugiyama, T.; Tsubouchi, K.
An expectation for the Cross-Scale/SCOPE missions: Collisionless shocks

Grocott, A; Yeoman, T.K.; Milan, S.E.; Amm, O.; Frey, H.U.; Juusola, L.; Nakamura, R.; Owen, C.J.; Rème, H.; Takada, T.
Multi-scale observations of magnetotail flux transport during IMF-northward non-substorm intervals

Sahraoui, F.; Belmont, G.; Grison, B.; Pinçon, J-L.; Roux, A.; Rezeau, L.; Cornilleau-Wehrlin, N.
Determination of 3D k-turbulent spectra from multipoint measurements: Cluster and Cross-Scale missions

Burgess, D.
Comparing simulations and multi-point observations at the quasi-perpendicular bow shock

Berthomier, M.; Berthelier, J.-J.; Fontaine, D.; Amiaud, L.
High-time resolution particle instrumentation for cross-scale coupling studies in Earth’s plasma sheet

Asnes, A. ; Borg, A. L.; Taylor, M. G.; Escoubet, P. ; Friedel, R. W.; Reeves, G. D.; Daly, P. ; Fazakerley, A.; Lucek, E. A.
High resolution measurements of electron distributions in the proximity of near Earth neutral lines by Cluster

Taylor, M.; The ISSI Cluster Double Star and ESTEC Teams
Multi-point perspectives of Cold Dense Plasma Sheet formation

Pinçon, J.-L.; Dudok de Wit, T.; Krasnoselskikh, V.; Sahraoui, F.; Roux, A.; Cornilleau-Wehrlin, N.
Interest of the multipoint multi-instrument Cross-Scale mission concept for the study of turbulence in space plasmas

Marcucci, M.F. ; Bavassano Cattaneo, M.B. ; Retinò, A.
Improvement expected from multiscale measurements: two Cluster studies

Owen, C.J.
On the need for multi-point, multi-scale and multi-region measurements for investigations of fundamental plasma processes in the earth's magnetosphere.

Walker, S; Balikhin, M; Alleyne, H; Andre, M; Dunlop, M; Krasnoselskikh, V; Yearby, K
Lower hybrid waves at the terrestrial bow shock: Revisited

Stauning, P.; Watermann, J. ; Troshichev, O.
Transpolar ionospheric currents derived from Ørsted and from ground

Echim, M.M.; Roth, M.; De Keyser, J.
Coupling between magnetospheric and ionospheric scales in discrete auroral arcs formation

Balikhin, M; Walker, S; Hobara, Y; Alleyne, H; Dunlop, M; Gedalin, M; Krasnoselskikh, V; Andre, M; Yearby, K
Dynamics of nonlonear waves in the vicinity of the terrestrial bow shock

Bunescu, C.; Marghitu, O.; Klecker, B.; McFadden, J.
Cluster/FAST conjunctions as a tool to investigate auroral acceleration

Yordanova, E.; Vaivads, A.; Andre, M.; Buchert, S. C.
The evolution of intermittency in the magnetosheath turbulence downstream of a quasi-parallel bow shock

Khotyaintsev, Yu.V.; Vaivads, A.; Retinò, A.; Owen, C.J.
Observations of Reconnection Onset at the Magnetopause

Retinò, A.; Sundkvist, D.; Vaivads, A. ; Mozer, F. S.; André , M.; Owen, C. J.
In-situ evidence of magnetic reconnection in turbulent plasma using four-spacecraft Cluster observations

Sauvaud, J.-A.; Jacquey, C.; Lucek, E.; Zhang, T. L.; Cao, C. B.; Reeves, G. D.
Dynamics of the tail during substorms: TCR and Current Disruptions

Jahn, J.-M.; Korth, A.; Liemohn, M.; Samara, M.; Elliott, H. A.
A local-to-global view of the plasma sheet: bringing together in situ measurements, remote sensing and modelling

Clausen, L.; Yeoman, T.K.
Conjunct measurements of ULF pulsations

Vaivads, A.; Retin\`o, A.; Nakamura, R.; Owen, C. J.; Fujimoto, M.; Schwartz, S.
Key science questions in magnetic reconnection motivating the necessity of Cross-Scale mission

Malo, J. O.; Thide, B.
Kenya International Radio Observatory

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