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  List of Accepted Contributions - CR12 Climate change impacts on glaciers, permafrost and related hazards (co-listed in NH & CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kutuzov, S.
Spatial and structural changes of Tien Shan glaciers since Little Ice Age (withdrawn)

Schneider, D.; Delgado, H.; Huggel, C.; Kääb, A.
Modeling potential laharic hazards related to ice-melting in case of unrest of Iztaccíhuatl volcano (Central Mexico)

Chernomorets, S. S.; Tutubalina, O.V.
Glacial lake hazard in the Central Caucasus, Russia

Rasmussen, L. A.
Mass balance of Vatnajokull outlet glaciers reconstructed back to 1958

López-Moreno, J.I.; Chueca, J.; Julian, A.
Recent climate evolution and glacier shrinkage in the Spanish Pyrenees

Fountain, A.; Hoffman, M. ; Basagic, H.; Jackson, K.
Historic Glacier Changes in the American West

Möller, M.; Schneider, C.; Kilian, R.
Volumetric glacier change at Gran Campo Nevado, Chile, between 1984 and 2000 derived from the analysis of different digital terrain models

Gruber, S.; Haeberli, W.
The temperature-dependent destabilization of frozen rock walls and how to learn more about it

Deline, P.; Gruber, S.; Jaillet, S.; Noetzli, J.; Ravanel, L.
Permafrost and rock falls in high mountain: the Drus (Mont Blanc massif)

Cullen, N.J.; Moelg, T.; Kaser, G.; Hardy, D.R.; Hussein, K.; Steffen, K.
Climate Impacts on the Aerial Extent of Glaciers on Kilimanjaro

Kääb, A.; GAPHAZ working group
Towards a set of general recommendations for assessing glacier and permafrost hazards in mountains

Nussbaumer, S. U.; Steiner, D.; Zumbühl, H. J.
Glacier fluctuations in western and central Alps AD 1500-2050: an interdisciplinary approach using new historical data and neural network simulations

Kääb, A.; Hagen, J.O.; Humlum, O.; Christiansen, H.; Kristensen, L.; Benn, D.
Recent glacier surges in Svalbard measured from repeat ASTER satellite optical stereo images

Huggel, C.; Kääb, A. ; Fischer, L.; Nötzli, J.; Paul, F.; Haeberli, W.
Hazards from dynamically changing glacial and periglacial environments: an overview of detection, modeling and assessment techniques

Carnielli, T.; D'Agata, C.; Diolaiuti, G.; Pusceddu, Y.; Smiraglia, C.; Zanutta, A.
Surface and volume changes of Lys Glacier (Monte Rosa, Italian Alps)

Pelfini, M.; Santilli, M.; Bozzoni, M.
Tree growth anomalies in supraglacial trees as a tool to date and locate surface movements on a debris covered glacier

Leonelli, G.; Pelfini, M.; Cherubini, P.
Correlation between glaciers' mass balances and tree growth: a case study from the central Alps

Kotlarski, S.; Jacob, D.; Paul, F.
Glacier mass and energy balance simulated within a regional climate model

Roer, I.; Kaeaeb, A.; Delaloye, R.; Lambiel, C.; Bodin, X.; Thibert, E.; Avian, M.; Kaufmann, V.; Damm, B.; Langer, M.
Rockglacier speed-up throughout European Alps - possible controls and implications

Citterio, M.; Dioliuti, G.; Smiraglia, C.
Glacial Contact Lake Risk Analysis - The Miage Lake (Italian Alps) case

Mihalcea, C.; Diolaiuti, G.; Smiraglia, C.
Evaluation of recent changes in ablation amount of Lys glacier (Mount Rosa, Italian Alps)

Zemp, M.; Paul, F.; Hoelzle, M.; Haeberli, W.
Past, present and future glacierisation in the European Alps

Andreassen, L.M.; Kjøllmoen, B.; Rasmussen, L.A.
Rapid thinning of Langfjordjøkelen in northern Norway

Smiraglia, C.; Vassena, G.; Scotti, R.
The Mount S. Matteo (Lombardy, Italian Alps) case: a serac ready to fall?

Lambrecht, A.
Glacier changes in the Glocknergruppe, Austria between 1969 and 1998

Belò, M.; D'Agata , C.; Smiraglia, C.; Pelfini, M.
Ice core moraine collapse at Forni Glacier (Italian Alps): a case of tourist risk

Belò, M.; Smiraglia, C.; D'Agata, C.; Diolaiuti, G.; Carnielli, T.
Short and long term mass balance of Sforzellina Glacier (Central Italian Alps) by GPS and DTM methods

Le Meur, E.; Schaefer, M. ; Gerbaux, M.
Improved glacier dynamics from forcing an ice flow model with modelled surface mass balance

Paul, F.; Rothenbuehler, C.; Maisch, M.; Hoelzle, M.; Haeberli, W.
Assessment of future glacier extent by means of hypsographic and GIS-based modelling

Belitz, K.; Mair, V.; Marks, F.; Zilger, J.; Zischg, A.
Mapping and Monitoring of Permafrost phenomena using Differential Interferometry: First results from test-sites in South Tyrol, Italy

Vassena, G.; Corti, G.; Gelmini, M.; Lanzi, C.; Sgrenzaroli, M.; Smiraglia, C.
The recent strong shrinkage of a high elevation glacier, Changri Nup (Nepal, Himalaya): eleven years of measurements

Kellerer-Pirklbauer, A.; Avian, M.; Lieb, G.K.
Supraglacial till on Pasterze Glacier, Austria: spatial distribution, characteristics and significance on change of height

Rist, A.; Phillips, M.; Ammann, W.; Haeberli, W.
Physical Simulation of Active Layer Shearing on Permafrost in steep alpine Scree Slopes

Buchroithner, M. F.; Bolch, T.; Kunert, A.; Kamp, U.
Morphometry-based mapping of debris-covered glaciers

Molnia, B. F.
Rapid retreat of lake-terminating Alaskan glaciers through disarticulation

Miller, M. M.; Molnia, B. F.
Impact of Greenhouse Warming on Alaskan coastal glaciers: a 60-year-long mass balance record from the Juneau Icefield

Frauenfelder, R.; Maisch, M.; Paul, F.
Glacier recession in the Upper Rhine river catchment between 1850 and 2000 and its importance for regional runoff

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