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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV0 Open Session

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kocak, K
Hybridization between mafic and felsic magmas-a case study in Central Turkey

Baksheev, I.A.; Ustinov, V.I.
Correlation between Fe3+ content and ä18O in hydrothermal tourmaline

El-Sayed, M.
Petrological and geochemical characteristics of the Shadli metavolcanics, zabara area, Eastern Desert, Egypt

Uysal, I; Tarkian, M; Sadiklar, MB; Sen, C
Platinum-Group Minerals in ophiolitic chromitites from Kop Mountain, NE-Turkey

Fraser, D.G.; Deak, D.S.; Liu, S.; Castell, M.R.
Structure and polymerization of vapour deposited adenine on a nanostructured perovskite surface studied by STM

Choulet, A.; Roux, J.; Richet, P.
Influence of iron content, iron redox state and atmosphere conditions on the crystallization of supercooled aluminosilicate melts

Lireza, Q
The spread of geomorphologic risks in Albania and their management

Valverde-Vaquero, P.; Díez-Balda , M.A.; Díez-Montes , A.; Dörr, W.; Escuder, J.; González-Clavijo , E.; Maluski, H.; Rodríguez- Fernández , L.R.; Rubio, F.; Villar, P.
Timing of Variscan metamorphism and the Central Iberian paradox

Demir, Y; Sadiklar, MB; Uysal, I; Vicil, M
Textural properties, fluid inclusion study and mineral chemistry of Istala and Köstere Mines, Gümüţhane District (NE-Turkey)

Thom, J; Anderson, G.
The role of kinetics in the formation of MVT deposits.

Roy, R.; Launeau, P.
Spectral variations in the 0.85-2.80 µm interval in function of different gabbro textures: implications for remote sensing mapping

Tumanov, V.
Tomography version in seismic prediction of rock mass structure

Vernikovskaya , A.E. ; Vernikovsky , V.A. ; Kotov, A.B. ; Sal'nikova, E.B. ; Kovach , V.P. ; Wingate , M.T.D
Neoproterozoic – Early Paleozoic granitoid magmatizm of the Yenisey Ridge, Siberia

Naitza, S.; Padalino, G.; Palomba, M.; Rizzo, R.
The zeolite mineralization associated with the Miocene volcano-sedimentary successions of Sardinia (Italy).

Villanueva-Estrada, R-E; Prol-Ledesma, R-M; Torres-Alvarado, I-S; Canet, C
Geochemical Modeling Of Mixing Processes In Shallow Submarine Hydrothermal Vents

Naitza, S.; Padalino, G.; Palomba, M.; Rizzo, R.
Occurrence and distribution of zeolites in an Early Miocene ignimbrite from the Romana district (NW Sardinia, Italy): insights on post-depositional alteration processes.

Elogne, S; Hristopulos, D
Kernel methods for estimating anisotropic parameters by means of the covariance tensor identity

Spampinato, L.; Lodato, L.; Harris, A.; Calvari, S.; Dehn, J.; Patrick, M.
The 2002-03 effusive activity at Stromboli: study of the development of a complex lava distribution system using a handheld FLIR thermal camera.

Ronkin, Y.
Platinum belt of the Urals: U-Pb ID-TIMS and SHRIMP dating of zircons from Kytlym massif

Strnad, L.; Mihaljevic, M.; Sebek, O.
A comparison of laser ablation and solution ICP-MS determination of REE in BIR-1G, BHVO-2G and BCR-2G reference materials

Courtial, P.; Wilke, M.; Potuzak, M.; Dingwell, D.B.
In-situ determination of the oxidation state of iron in silicate melts

Courtial, P.; Dingwell, D.B.
Partial molar volumes for lanthanide sesquioxides in silicate melts

Sarbas, B.; Nohl, U.; Busch, U.; Kalbskopf, B.; Schäfer, H.; Schramm, B.
The Geochemical Database GEOROC – What’s the News?

Becker, J.K.; Bons, P.D.; Jessell, M.W.
A new front-tracking method to model anisotropic grain & phase boundary motion in rocks

Harting, M.
μSYXRF Analysis at Tektites (Spherules) from K/T-Transitions and the Chicxulub Crater

Orlando, A.; Perinelli, C.; Piermattei, M.; Conte, A.M.; Borrini, D.; D'Orazio, M.; Armienti, P.; Carroll, M.R.; Landi, P.
Crystallisation/dissolution experiments on lavas from Etna and Stromboli, Italy: an invaluable approach to interpret crystal size distribution data

Guglielmino, F.; Lanzafame, G.; Mattia, M. ; Spampinato, S.; Ursino , A.
A Multisciplinary Study of the Pantelleria Island Plumbing System in the Structural Framework of the Sicily Channel (Italy)

Dokukina, K. A.; Vladimirov, V.G.; Konilov, A.N.
Composition and formation of peperite-like structures from Tastau, Eastern Kazakhstan

Lissinna, B.; Hoernle, K.; Hauff, F.; van den Bogaard, P.; Sadofsky, S.
The Panamanian island arc and Galápagos hotspot: A case study for the long-term evolution of arc / hotspot interaction

D'Antonio, M.; Andria, M.; Arienzo, I.; Civetta, L.; de Vita, S.; Orsi, G.; Petrini, R.; Slejko, F.; Tonarini, S.
Geochemical and isotopic investigations on the volcanic activity of Ischia island (S. Italy) in the past 10 ka: first results and inferences for an evaluation of the behavior of the magmatic system

Nichols, A.R.L; Dingwell, D.B.; Potuzak, M.
Quench Rates of Hyaloclastite Glasses from the HSDP Drill Core compared to Synthetic and Natural Hyperquenched Glasses

Nohl, U.; Jochum, K. P.; Herwig, K.; Lammel, E.; Stoll, B.
GeoReM: Further developments of the geochemical database for reference materials and isotopic standards

Davì, M.; behrens, H.; de rosa, R.; cristofolini, R.
The viscosity of latitic melts: preliminary results

Motuza, G.; Motuza, V.; Salnikova, E.; Kotov, A.
Orogenic magmatism in Western Lithuania

Morizet, Y.; Malfait, W.J.; Verel, R.; Meier, B.H.; Halter, W.E.
Speciation data on CaO-SiO2 and CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 systems at the glass transition temperature.

De Campos, C.M.; Dingwell, D.B.; Fehr, T.K.
Double-diffusive-convection in alkaline silicate melts: new results from mixing experiments with natural volcanic glasses

Mangiacapra, A.; Giordano, D.; Potuzak, M.; Romano, C.; Cibin, G.; Poe, B.T.; Dingwell, D.B.
Effect of iron oxidation state on silicate melt viscosity

Pinheiro, A.; Cernesson, F.; Kosuth, P.
Development of a risk indicator of contamination of superficial waters by pesticides. application to Itajai catchment – Brazil

Fais, S.; Ligas, P.; Palomba, M.
Application of integrated acoustic and mineralogical techniques for the characterization of building stones in monumental structures

Liu, S; Fraser, D
The adsorption of biomolecules on mineral surfaces and possible implications for the origin of life

Krivolutskaya, N.A.; Sobolev, A.V.; Simakin , S.G. ; Svirskaya , N.M.
Olivines from ore-bearing and barren basic-ultrabasic intrusions of the Nori’lsk region (Russia)

Potuzak, M.; Dingwell, D.B.; Nichols, A.R.L
Hyperquenched Subaerial Pele´s Hair Glasses from Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Rapisarda, S.; Zuccarello, L.; Gambino, S.; Marturano, M.; Patanč, D.; Saccorotti, G.; Ferrari, F.
Preliminary analysis of the seismicity at Vulcano Island (Italy) through a seismic array.

Giordano, F.; Ayalew , D.; Civetta, L.; D'Antonio, M.; Dell'Erba, F.; Di Vito, M. A.; Orsi, G.; Tesoro, R.; Yirgu, G.
Geochemical and isotopic studies on products of Gedemsa and Fantale volcanoes (Main Ethiopian Rift): genesis and evolution of mafic and felsic magmas.

de Lorenzo, S.; Di Renzo, V. ; Civetta, L.; D'Antonio, M.; Filippucci, M.; Gasparini, P.
A conductive thermal model of a magma chamber: applications at Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei magmatic systems.

Tuttas, D.; Schwieters, J.; Quaas, N.
Improvements in TIMS high precision isotope ratio measurements for very small samples.

Arienzo, I.; Civetta, L.; D'Antonio, M.; Di Renzo, V.; Di Vito, M.A.; Giordano, F.; Orsi, G.
History of magmatic feeding system o f Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei caldera.

Nzegge, O.M.; Satir, M.; Siebel, W.; Boztug, D.
Late Palaeozoic-Mesozoic magmatism in the Kastamonu belt, Central Pontides-NW Turkey, and regional geological implications

Carrillo-Rosúa, F.J.; Morales-Ruano, S.; Morata, D.; Boyce, A.J.; Fallick, A.E.; Belmar, M.; Fenoll-Hach-Alí, P.
El Dorado Au-Cu deposit (La Serena, Chile): a preliminary mineralogical and geochemical study

Horckmans, K.; Hertogen, J.
The influence of interstitial liquid on the whole rock geochemical composition of ODP Leg 118 en 176 samples: Insights from in-situ Laser Ablation ICP-MS analysis of clinopyroxene and plagioclase.

Nebel, O.; Mezger, K.; Scherer, E.E.; Patchett, P.J.
Recalibration of the Rb decay constant by age comparison against three U-Pb dated igneous rocks

Kracher, A.; Levin, E. M.; Schmidt-Rohr, K.; Bud’ko, S. L.; Windom, K. E.
Characterization of Magnetic Impurities Extracted from Hectorite Clay

Panczyk, M.
Petrogenesis of the Permian volcanic rocks from the southeastern part of North Sudetic Basin (West Sudetes, Poland).

Munoz, M.; De Andrade, V.; Vidal, O.; Lewin, E.; Pascarelli, S.; Susini, J.
Redox and speciation micro-mapping of iron using dispersive XANES spectroscopy: Application to a metamorphic rock thin section.

Munhá, J.; Mata, J. ; Martins, S.; Tassinari, C.; Madeira, J.
Physical-chemical conditions during crystallization of Fogo Holocene lavas (Cape Verde): implications for the morphological evolution of oceanic islands

De Campos, C. M.; Civetta , L.; Dingwell, D.B.; Perugini, D.; Petrelli, M.
Decoupled convection cells effecting unmixing in natural alkaline magmas: 87Sr/86Sr-isotopic and Sr-LA-ICP-MS measurements in experimental glasses.

Krause, J.; Brügmann, G.E.; Pushkarev, E.V.
Trace element variation in clinopyroxene: a petrogenetic tracer of the evolution of Uralian-Alaskan-type complexes in the Ural Mountains of Russia

Richet, P.
Volcanic eruptions and physics of lavas (Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal Lecture)

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