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  List of Accepted Contributions - NP5.02 Data assimilation in the presence of nonlinearities

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

OKane, T
Statistical dynamical and ensemble quasi-diagonal square root filters.

Sokolov, A; Khomenko, G
The radiative transfer equation inversion sensitivity to the spectral channel instability for the high-resolution infrared radiometers

Le Dimet, F.-X.; Shutyaev, V.; Gejadze, I.
On optimal solution error covariances in variational data assimilation

Parmuzin, E.I.; Le Dimet, F.X.; Shutyaev, V.P.
On optimal solution error in data assimilation problem for a nonlinear heat-exchange model (withdrawn)

Kao, J.; Williams, B.; Higdon, D.; Huang, C.
Parameter estimation and uncertainty quantification for shock-wave simulations with a Bayesian inference approach

Zhang, S.; Rosati, A.; Harrison, M.
Detection of Multi-Decadal Variabilities Using Coupled Climate Models and Data

Pavelin, E.; English, S.
Assimilation of cloudy AIRS radiances

Ehrendorfer, M. ; Errico, R. M.
A Quasigeostrophic Model for Data Assimilation Studies

Cornford, D; Opper, M; Roulstone, I
Variational Bayesian methods in data assimilation.

Hoteit, I.; Pham, D.-T.; Triantafyllou, G.; Korres, G.
A low-rank Kernel particle Kalman filter for data assimilation with high dimensional systems

Ueno, G.; Higuchi, T.; Kagimoto, T.; Hirose, N.
Assimilation of sea surface observation with coupled model via ensemble Kalman filter: System design with graphical modeling

Agoshkov, V.
Study and solution of some data assimilation problems of the tide theory

Cucurull, L.; Purser, R.J.; Derber, J.C.
Use of GPS radio occultation observations in the NOAA/JCSDA data assimilation system

Rusakov, A; Zalesny, V
A sigma-coordinate, data assimilation ocean model based on splitting and adjoint equation techniques

Broquet, G.; Brasseur, P.; Brankart, J.-M.; Rozier, D.; Verron, J.
Ensemble experiments to estimate model error statistics for data assimilation in a nested coastal ocean model

Li, D.; Ballard, S.; Eyre, J.; Stiller, O.
Linear representation of clouds and their evolution in the Met. Office 4D-Var's inner loop in comparison with the full nonlinear model

Ide, K.; Jones, C.; Salman, H.
A strategy for optimal drifter deployment using Lagrangian data assimilation

Kondrashov, D.; Shprits, Y. ; Thorne, R. ; Ghil, M; Reeves, G. ; Friedel, R.
Optimal estimation of electron lifetimes in the outer radiation belts.

Ravela, S
On the scale-space markov approximation for efficient ensemble filtering

Nakano, S.; Ueno, G.; Ebihara, Y.; Fok, M.-C.; Ohtani, S.; Brandt, P. C.; Higuchi, T.
Application of the particle filter to magnetospheric physics

Van Leeuwen, P.J.
A particle filter/smoother with local updating

Skachko, S.; Brankart, J.-M.; Castruccio, F.; Brasseur, P.; Verron, J.
Estimating the turbulent air-sea flux bulk parameters by sequential data assimilation

zhao, Ying
Studies on initialization and simulation of a land falling Typhoon using 3-Dimensional variational bogus data assimilation of mapped observation

Bocquet, M.
Inverse modelling of atmospheric tracers: theoretical developments and applications to real dispersion events

Sidorenko, D.; Danilov, S.; Schröter, J.
Inverse Estimate of the North Atlantic Circulation: Influence of the fine resolution GOCINA dynamic topography

Triantafyllou, G.; Korres, G.; Hoteit, I.; Petihakis, G.; Pollani, A.
Assimilation of biophysical observations into the E. Medirranean ecosystem model

Smith, S.; Jacobs, G.; Ngodock, H.
Stability of the Tangent Linearization of a highly Nonlinear Ocean Model

Ismail-Zadeh, A. ; Tsepelev, I. ; Korotkii, A. ; Schubert, G.
Assimilation of the present crust-mantle temperature to the geological past

Testut, C.E.; Tranchant, B.; Ferry, N.; Brasseur, P.
Recent developments of statistical parameterisations for sequential operational assimilation scheme

Carrassi, A.; Trevisan, A.; Uboldi, F.
Reduction of the unstable subspace dimension by observational forcing in a data-assimilation system

Bojarova, J.; Gustafsson, N.
Possibilities to assimilate microwave radiance observations (AMSU-B) in NWP using Ensemble Kalman filter techniques (withdrawn)

Treebushny, D
Statistical vs. stochastic orthogonality and the Ensemble Kalman filter

Ravela, S; Chatdarong, V
How do we account for position errors in forecasts and observations in mesoscale data-assimilation?

Werner, M.J.; Ide, K.; Sornette, D.
Earthquake Forecasting Based on Data Assimilation

Eben, K.; Resler, J.; Jurus, P.
Accounting for representativity of ground-level air pollution monitoring stations in data assimilation systems

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