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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL009 Mid-latitude cyclones: processes, variability, changes and impacts (co-listed in AS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Stein Zweers, D; Swap, R; Macko, S
Relationships between climate and southern hemispheric cyclones and resultant impacts on trace gas and aerosol transport

Lucarini, V.; Calmanti, S.; Dell'Aquila, A.; Ruti, P.; Speranza, A.
Intercomparison of the northern hemisphere winter mid-latitude atmospheric variability of the IPCC models

Grushevskiy, O.; Efimov, V.; Ivanov, S.; Ivus, G.
Modeling of moisture fluxes in atmospheric fronts

Leckebusch (1), G.C.; Koffi (2), B.; Ulbrich (1), U.; Pinto (3), J.G.; Spangehl (1), T. ; Zacharias (3), S.
European winter storms and their modification under climate change from a multi-model perspective

Dell'aquila, A.; Lucarini, V.; Ruti, P.M.; Calmanti, S.
Discrepancies in Southern Hemisphere Mid-latitude Atmospheric Variability of the NCEP-NCAR and ECMWF Reanalyses

Graham, N.
A projection of 21st century winter wave climate change for the North Pacific

Raible, C. C.
Extreme northern hemispheric cyclones and their relation to the general circulation in ERA-40

Hind, A; Hoskins, B; Hodges, K
Characterising mid-latitude storm variability and change: with particular emphasis on the north Atlantic

McDonald, R .E.
Future changes in extra-tropical cyclones in HadGEM1

Brayshaw, D.; Hoskins, B.; Blackburn, M.
The North Atlantic storm track and its moisture transports

Wang, X. L.; Swail, V. R.; Zwiers, F. W.
Climatology and changes of extra-tropical cyclone activity: Comparison of ERA40 with NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis for 1958-2001

Jung, T.; Gulev, S.K.; Rudeva, I.; Soloviov, V.
Sensitivity of extratropical cyclone characteristics to horizontal resolution in the ECMWF model

Löptien, U.; Gulev, S.
Cyclone activity as revealed from climate experiments with coupled GCMs

Banse, D. F.; Feichter, J.; Fischer-Bruns, I.
How do greenhouse gases and sulphate aerosols influence cyclone characteristics over the North Atlantic?

Mailier, P; Stephenson, D; Ferro, C; Hodges, K; Collins, M; McDonald, R; Sorteberg, A; Seierstad, I
Serial clustering of extra-tropical cyclones

Lionello, P.; Boldrin, U.
Effect of climate change on cyclone activity in Europe: spatial and seasonal characterization

Hofherr, T.; Kottmeier, C.
Development of a storm hazard map for Germany

Zacharias, S.; Fink, A.; Leckebusch, G.C.; Pinto, J.G.; Ulbrich, U.
Influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on the development of extreme cyclones over Europe

Laîné, A.; Kageyama, M.
Study of the North Atlantic storm tracks simulated by the French OAGCMs Arpège-Climat and IPSL-CM4 under warm conditions (4*CO2)

Goettel, H; Jacob, D
Possible Changes in Frequency and Intensity of Vb Cyclones

Bartholy, J.; Pongracz, R.; Pattantyus-Abraham , M.; Patkai, ZS.
Detection of possible shifts in the European cyclone tracks and analysis of changes in the corresponding frontal activity based on ERA-40 datasets

Pinto, J. G.; Spangehl, T.; Ulbrich, U.; Speth, P.
Comparing cyclone core pressure and vorticity changes in a transient Greenhouse Gas Scenario

Schwierz, C; Heck, P; Zenklusen, E; Bresch, DN; Schär, C
Modelling European winter wind storm losses in current and future climate

Wernli, H; Schwierz, C
Surface cyclones in the ERA40 data set (1958-2001) - novel identification method and global climatology

Tesouro, M.; Ribera, P.; Gallego, D.; de la Torre, L.; Gimeno, L.; Garcia-Herrera, R.; Redaño, A.; Garcia, A.
Identification of Cold Air Development in the Northen Hemisphere with objective methods

Weidle, F; Wernli, H
Climatological aspects of ice clouds in extratropical cyclones

Tselioudis, G.; Rossow, W.B.
Climate feedback implied by observed radiation and precipitation changes with midlatitude storm strength and frequency

Ulbrich, U.; Leckebusch, G.C.; Spangehl, T.; Pinto, J.G.; Reyers, M.
Northern hemisphere storm tracks in an ensemble of IPCC climate change simulations

Ulbrich, U.; McDonald, R.
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