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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG1.03 Biological processes related to trace gas emissions. (co-listed in AS) (co-sponsored by iLEAPS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Chidthaisong, A.; Vanitchang, S.; Harvey, N.W.; Knief, C.; Dunfield, P.F.; Conrad, R.
Kinetics of methane oxidation and structure of the methanotrophic microbial community in tropical upland soil under different land use

Thompson, A; Park, S; Firestone, M; Amundson, R; Boering, K
Causes of 15N site preference in N2O produced via biological denitrification

Van Diest, H.; Kesselmeier, J.
Soil water content as the dominant parameter for the uptake of carbonyl sulphide by soils

Bracho Nunez, A.; Kesselmeier, J.
Increase of monoterpene emissions after artificially induced stomatal closure

Lauenstein, J.; Gericke, K.-H.
Isotope selective detection of Nitric Oxide in the sub-ppt range

Chaparro, G.; Thielmann, A.; Meixner, F.X.; Kesselmeier, J.
Exchange of atmospheric NO2 between trees and the atmosphere in relation to physiological and environmental parameters

Forte, A.; Fierro, A.; Di Tommasi, P.; Magliulo, V.; Virzo De Santo, A.
Soil denitrifying and nitrifying activities and their different contribution to N2O emission from a Mediterranean irrigated cropland.

Ngwabie, N.M.; Custer, T.G.; Schade, G.W.; Linke, S.; Hinz, T.
Mixing ratio measurements and flux estimates of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from a cowshed with conventional manure treatment indicate significant emissions to the atmosphere

Neftel, A.; Flechard, C.; Conen, F.
Evidence for high nitrogen turnover rate in agricultural soil by N2O production and consumption

Ambus, P.; Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S.
Sources of nitrous oxide among European coniferous and deciduous forest types

Rapparini, F.; Nardino, M.; Baraldi, R.; Georgiadis, T.; Poluzzi, V.; Fortezza, F.; Tositti, L.; Mandrini, S.; Guenther, A.
effect of urban vegetation on city's enviroment of bologna, italy

Schenk, S.; Kesselmeier, J.; Anders, E.
Chemical modelling of the uptake process of carbonyl sulphide (COS) by the enzyme carbonic anhydrase

Tiiva, P.; Rinnan, R.; Holopainen, T.; Holopainen, J.K.
Elevated ozone concentration and ultraviolet radiation may change isoprene emission from northern peatlands -first observations

Beauchamp , J.; Hansel, A.; Kleist, E.; Miebach, M.; Niinemets, Y.; Wildt, J.; Wisthaler, A.
Stress induced emission of biogenic VOC: Induced sesquiterpene emissions from ozone exposed tobacco

Steindel, F.; Beauchamp, J. ; Hansel, A.; Kesselmeier, J.; Kleist, E.; Kuhn, U.; Wisthaler, A.; Wildt, J.
Stress induced VOC emissions from mildew infested oak.

Simon, E.; Meixner, F.X.; Kesselmeier, J.
A neural approach to predict emissions of volatile organic compounds by plants

Staudt, M.; Chuine, I.
Effects of an experimental increase of temperature and drought on isoprenoid emissions from Mediterranean ecosystems

Lavoir, A.-V.; Quétier, F.; Joffre, R.; Rambal, S.; Staudt, M.
Monoterpene emission and tolerance to photostress of Quercus ilex and Quercus suber provenances

Teuber, M.; Mayrhofer, S.; Fischbach, R.J.; Arend, M.; Fromm, J. ; Schnitzler, J.-P.
Daily and seasonal fluctuations of isoprene biosynthesis-related gene expression in poplar (Populus x canescens) and its relation to isoprene emission

Teuber, M.; Kreuzwieser, J.; Zimmer, I.; Schnitzler, J.-P.
Influence of salt stress on biosynthesis and emission of BVOC from grey poplar (Populus x canescens)

Penuelas, J.; Filella, I.; Stefanescu, C.; LLusia, J.
Herbivore-feeding induces large foliar emissions of methanol by Succisa pratensis

Filella, I.; Penuelas, J.; Llusia, J.
Application of jasmonic acid enhances the emissions of monoterpenes and methyl salicylate and decreases the uptake of formaldehyde by Quercus ilex

Kourtidis, K.
Did methyl halides play a role in the Permian-Triassic extinctions?

Nishimura, S; Sawamoto, T; Akiyama, H; Sudo, S; Cheng, W; Yagi, K
N2O Emission from a Drained Paddy Field

Graus, M.; Kreuzwieser, J.; Schnitzler, J.P.; Heizmann, U.; Rennenberg, H.; Wisthaler, A.; Hansel, A.
Contribution of Different Carbon Sources to Isoprene Biosynthesis in Poplar Leaves

Beauchamp, J.; Hansel, A.; Kleist, E.; Miebach, M.; Niinemets, Ü.; Wisthaler, A.; Wildt, J.
Stress-induced emissions of biogenic VOCs: The effects of ozone exposure on tobacco plants

Centritto, M.; Calfapietra, C.; Alessio, G.A.; Loreto, F.
On the relationships between isoprene emission and light and dark respiration in hybrid poplars under free-air CO2 enrichment

Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Kesik, M.; Blagodatsky, S.; Papen, H.
Parameterisation of environmental factors affecting microbial N trace gas production by chemostat studies

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