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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS8 Organic soils and Carbon Sink: characterization, relevance, analysis

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Golovatskaya, E.A.; Dyukarev, E.A.
Assessment of carbon sinks in eutrophic and oligotrophic peatlands at south of Western Siberia

Labedzki, L.
Natural and socio-economic aspects of sustainable management of peatlands in the Notec river catchment (withdrawn)

Márton, L.
Interrelations Between Precipitation and Fertilization on Soil Organic Carbon Changes

Poch, R.M.; Antúnez, M.
Structure-dependent organic matter storage in mediterranean mountain soils

Szajdak, L; Szczepański, M
Impact of peatland as biogeochemical barrier on the decrease of carbon and nitrogen forms in ground water

Meysner, T; Szajdak, L
Effect of shelterbelt on two kinds of soils on redox processes

Maryganova, V; Szajdak, L; Tychinskaya, L
Structural characteristics and amphiphilic properties of humic acids extracted from peat soil with different reagents

Maryganova, V; Szajdak, L; Tychinskaya, L
Fractionation of alkali-soluble peat organic matter with the application of XAD-8 and XAD-4 resins used in tandem

Sokolov, G; Szajdak, L; Simakina, I
Transformations of the structure of inorganic and organic nitrogen-containing compounds of peat, sapropel, brown coal and organic fertilizers on their basis

Orru, H; Orru, M; Szajdak, L; Übner, M; Korhonen, R
Chemical properties of peat in 7 mires with balneological potential in Estonia

Szajdak, L; Styla, K
The xanthine oxidase activity on two kinds of soils: organic soil and mineral-organic soil on the area of an Landscape Park in Turew

Ahmed, O.H.; Susilawati, K.; Nik Muhamad, A.B.; Khanif, M.Y.
Towards developing sustainable method of isolating humic acids from humified materials

Bleuten, W; Naumov, A; Huttunen, J; Repo, M; Kosykh, N; Mironicheva-Tokareva, N; Borren, W; Lapshina, E
Carbon sequestration by subarctic peatlands of West Siberian peatland ecosystems and responses to climate warming

Rowson, J.G.; Worrall, F.; Evans, M.G.
Restoring peatlands to carbon sinks

Minke, M.; Halle, E.; Brozyna, M.; Augustin, J.; Schalitz, G.; Behrendt, A.; Juszczak, R.
Influence of land use and weather on the greenhouse gas exchange of drained fens in NE-Germany

Bellarby, J.; Gottschalk, P.; Chapman, S.J.; Lilly, A.; Bell, J.S.; Towers, W.; Miller, D.; Hudson, G.; Smith, P.; Smith, J.U.
Soil carbon stocks in Scotland: past changes and future conservation needs.

Bambalov, N; Smirnova, V; Samokar, O
Long-term experiment of peat soil conservation by technology of German sand-mix culture in Belarus

Szajdak, L; Brandyk, T; Szatylowicz, J
Impact of secondary transformation of peat moorsh soils on their physic-chemical properties

Szajdak, L; Inisheva, L. I.
Biochemical activity and the content of chemical compounds in peats of the Great Vasyugan Mire

Chrzanowski, S
Impact of land use on soil water conditions in transformed hydrogenic sites used as grasslands

Sapek, A; Sapek, B
High concentrations of phosphate and ammonium in groundwater samples from low peat after decreasing the groundwater table

Sokolowska, Z; Szajdak, L; Warchulska, P
Influence of phosphate ions and competitiveness sodium and calcium cations on the humic acids peptization and coagulation processes

Gierlach-Hladon, T; Szajdak, L
Studies of the influence of humic acids on sorption and ion-exchange properties of high moor peat

Arczynska-Chudy, E; Jezierska-Madziar, M; Goldyn, H; Pinskwar, P
Nutrient content in the bottom sediments of small midfield ponds

Drösler, M.; Augustin, J.; Förster, Ch.; Freibauer, A.; Höper, H.; Kantelhardt, J.; Minke, M.; Petschow, M.; Schaller, L.; Sommer, M.
GHG-exchange and economic effects of climate friendly peatland management in Germany

Llorente, M; Turrión, B
Organic matter stability in calcareous soils under different land uses: a density fractionation approach

Zaccone, C.; Said-Pullicino, D.; Cocozza, C.; Gigliotti, G.; Miano, T.M.
Total phenolic constituents (TPC) in Sphagnum-dominated peat and corresponding humic acids along a bog profile

Llorente, M; Lafuente, F; Turrión, B
Estimation of microbial biomass by ultra-violet absorbance in calcareous soils under different land uses (withdrawn)

Rakovich, V
Belarusian mire and peat soils contribution to formation of sources and fluxes of CO2 and CH4

Koster, T; Kolli, R; Noormets, M; Kauer, K; Rannik, K; Lillak, R; Szajdak, L
Properties, composition and mutual relationship of soil and plant covers concerning land use change

Turunen, J.
Development of Finnish peatland area and carbon storage 1950–2000 (withdrawn)

Inisheva, L.I.; Dementyeva, T.V.; Inishev, N.G.
Studies on bog ecosystems in stationary post "Vasyuganye" (withdrawn)

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