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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS3.02 Reactive halogen compounds in the lower and the free troposphere

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Gómez Martín, J.C.; Spietz, P.; Burrows, J.P.
Reactions rates and mechanisms of product formation in the gas phase I2/O3 photochemistry

Braban, C. F.; Adams, J. W.; Cox, R. A.
Laboratory studies into the uptake of reactive species onto sea salt particles and sea salt particle proxies

Jones, C. E.; Carpenter, L. J.
Solar radiation induced photolysis of dihalomethanes in water and seawater

Dillon, T; Tucceri, M; Hoelscher, D; Crowley, J
Kinetic Studies of Reactions of Iodine Atoms and Iodine Oxides

Dillon, T; Tucceri, M; Hoelscher, D; Crowley, J
Photochemical Studies of IO and OIO

Piot, M.; v. Glasow, R.
Sensitivity study on ozone depletion events (ode) during arctic spring

Saiz-Lopez, A.; Plane, J.M.C; McFiggans, G.; Ball, S.M.; Bitter, M.; Jones, R.L.; Hongwei, C.; Hoffmann, T.
Molecular iodine emissions in coastal marine environments: link to new particle formation

Zingler, J.; Platt, U.
First Measurements of Iodine Oxide (IO) with MiniDOAS

Plane, J. M.; Joseph, D. M.; Ashworth, S. H.
A Laboratory study of iodine chemistry in the atmosphere

Kaleschke, L; Hollwedel, J; Richter, A; Burrows, J; Afe, O; Heygster, G; Notholt, J; Roscoe, H; Wolff, E; Yang, X
Boundary-layer ozone loss near the poles - why spring and not autumn?

Kerkweg, A.; Jöckel, P.; Bott, A.; Sander, R.
Modelling marine halogen chemistry within the chemistry-climate model ECHAM5/MESSy

Keene, W.; Pszenny, A.; Maben, J.; O'Halloran, T.; Wall, A.; Kerkweg, A.; Sander, R.
Latitudinal variation in volatile and particulate inorganic halogens over the eastern North and South Atlantic Oceans

Butler, J.H.; King, D.B.; Lobert, J.M.; Montzka, S.A.; Yvon-Lewis, S.A.; Mondeel, D.J.; Hall, B.D.; Elkins, J.W.
Fluxes of short-lived halogenated methanes into the marine boundary layer

Toyota, K.; McConnell, J. C.; Akingunola, A.
One-dimensional model of air-snowpack chemical interactions: Implications for Arctic bromine explosion and surface ozone depletions

Peters, C.; Filsinger, F.; Hoenninger, G.; Platt, U.
Ground based measurements of BrO in the lower Arctic during spring 2004 by Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS)

Hutterli, M.A.; Rankin, A.M.; Knox, K.J.; Jones, A.E.; Wolff, E.W.
A laboratory study of ozone depletion over frost flowers

Hönninger, G.; Morin, S.; Staebler, R.M.; Platt, U.; Simpson, W.R.; Bottenheim, J.W.
Bromine Oxide in the Arctic Boundary Layer: Spatial Distribution at the Coast and "Out On The Ice"

Marquart, S.; von Glasow, R.
New particle formation events on Appledore Island?

von Glasow, R.
Surface reactions on sea salt aerosol: Importance for halogen and sulfur chemistry in the marine boundary layer

Sousa Santos, G; Schultz, M; Quack, B
Oceanic emissions of bromoform (CHBr3) and their contributions to the global budget of tropospheric BrO

Platt, U.; von Glasow, R.
Halogens in the Troposphere - HitT

Arduini, J.; Bonasoni, P.; Cristofanelli, P.; Calzolari, F.; Geniali, A.; Maione, M.
Possible impact of iodine compounds on tropospheric ozone concentrations recorded at Mt. Cimone Station (2165 m a.s.l.)

Yang, X.; Cox, R.; Warwick, N.; Pyle, J.
Tropospheric bromine chemistry and impacts on ozone

Afe, O. T.; Richter, A.; Kaleschke, L.; Burrows, J. P.
Effects of Improved Spatial Resolution in SCIAMACHY BrO measurements compared to GOME BrO Retrievals

Oetjen, H.; Wittrock, F.; Fietkau, S.; Medeke, T.; Richter, A.; Burrows, J. P.
MAX-DOAS Observations of reactive Halogen Compounds at different Latitudes

Hollwedel, J.; Kaleschke, L.; Platt, U.; von Glasow, R.; Wagner, T.
Transport of polar tropospheric BrO towards mid-latitudes

Bobrowski, N.; Hönninger, G.; Louban, I.; Whaba, O.I.; Platt, U.
Reactive bromine and chlorine chemistry in volcanic plumes

Theys, N.; Van Roozendael, M.; De Smedt, I.; Fayt, C.; Jacobs, T.; Chabrillat, S.; Fonteyn, D.; Chipperfield, M.
Global tropospheric BrO derived from GOME and 3D chemical transport models over the period 1996-2002

Van Roozendael, M.; Hendrick, F.; Theys, N.; Fayt, C.; Hermans, C.
Seasonal variation of stratospheric and tropospheric BrO columns derived from ground-based DOAS measurements at 60°N and 22°S

Spietz, P.; Gómez Martín, J.C.; Burrows, J.P.
Separation of absorption spectra and determination of absorption cross sections of iodine oxides relevant in photolysis experiments of I2+O3 and in the atmosphere

Pratte, P.; Rossi, M. J.
The reaction of HOCl and HOBr on sea salt and alkali halide model aerosols at 300K and atmospheric pressure in the range 50 to 90% rh.

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