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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS5/6 Open Session on Marine Biogeochemical Cycles and SOLAS (including Outstanding Young Scientist Lecture) (co-listed in BG)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Yilmaz, A.; Coban-Yildiz, Y.; Tugrul, S.
Biogeochemical cycling and multilayer production in the Black Sea (withdrawn)

Rivkin, R. B.; Hale, M. S.; Li, W.K.W; Bussey, H.
Microzooplankton response to mesoscale iron enrichment: case study and global synthesis.

Bonnin, E.; Diaz, F.; Estournel, C.; Marsaleix, P.; Leredde, Y.; Queguiner, B.
Modelling the impact of the hydrodynamic processes on the organic matter export in the Gulf of Lions (NW Mediterranean) using a coupled physical/biogeochemical model.

Omta, A.W.; Bruggeman, J.; Dijkstra, H.A.; Kooijman, S.A.L
Feedback mechanisms between climate and the Redfield ratio

Leck, C.
Can marine microorganisms influence the melting of the arctic pack ice?

Herndl, G.J.; Van Aken, H.; Reinthaler, T.; Teira, E.; Varela, M.; Sintes, E.; Arrieta, J.M.
Patterns of bacterial and archaeal production and diversity in the deep water masses of the North Atlantic

Bange, H.W.; P320/1 cruise participants
Where the Sahara meets the Atlantic: First results from the SOLAS cruise P320/1 to the Mauritanian upwelling in March/April 2005

Aita Noguchi, M.; Ishida, A.; Yamanaka, Y.
Interannual to interdecadal variations of the lower trophic ecosystem and air-sea CO2flux in the North Pacific using a 3-D NEMURO model

Jo, C.-O; Lee, J.-Y; Park, K.-A; Kim, K.-R
Effects of Asian dust on spring bloom in the East Sea (Sea of Japan)

Boutin, J.; Piolle, J.F. ; Merlivat, L. ; Quilfen, Y.
On the use of various k-U relationships and satellite wind speeds for studying air-sea CO2 gas exchange coefficients

Bakker, D.C.E; Nielsdottír, M.C.; Morris, P.; Venables, H.J.; Watson, A.J.
Quantifying the island mass effect for the marine carbon cycle at the Crozet Plateau in the southern Indian Ocean

Baker, A.R.; Jickells, T.D.
Mineral particle size as a control on aerosol iron solubility

Kettle, A. J.; Turner, S. M.; Broadgate, W. ; Jickells, T. D.; Liss, P. S.
The upper ocean response to a summer storm south of Iceland

How the Eastern South Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ) off Chile is maintained in the modern ocean?

Bonhomme, C. ; Aumont, O. ; Echevin, V.
Advective transport caused by intra-seasonal Rossby-waves : a key player of the high variability region off the Peru upwelling region.

Gehlen, M.; Alvain, S.; Bopp, L.; Moulin, C.
Modeling the potential response of ocean biogeochemistry to climate change.

Jamet, C.; Lefèvre, N.; Moulin, C.
Non-linear parametrization of oceanic pCO2 in the North Atlantic

Legendre, L.; Rivkin, R.
Ecosystems and ocean carbon biogeochemistry: transformation and partitioning by the “microbial hub”

Robinson, C.; Nightingale, P.; Torres, R.; Rees, A.; Tilstone, G.; Archer, S.; Law, C.; Barton, D.; Disco305 Team, The
The impact of coastal upwellings on air-sea exchange of climatically important gases

Salihoglu, B.; Garcon, V.; Oschlies, A.; Kriest, I.
Influence of nutrient utilization and remineralization stoichiometry on phytoplankton distribution and carbon export: a modeling study at BATS

Robinson, C.; AMT Team, the
The Atlantic Meridional Transect Programme

Journet, E.; Desboeufs, K.; Colin, J.L.
Iron redox speciation in atmospheric rainwater : method and application in Guadeloupe rainwater.

Mueller, S. A.; Joos, F.; Plattner, G.-K.
Modeled air-sea gas exchange fluxes and regional inventories of bomb-produced radiocarbon

Fairall, C.
Analytical Formulation of Ocean Sea Spray Production, Aerosol Deposition, and Concentration Profiles

Tschumi, T.; M\"{u}ller, S.; Joos, F.
First steps towards simulating biogeochemical cycles in the Bern3D dynamical ocean model

Fairall, C.; Blomquist, B.; Huebert, B.
DMS Sea-Air Transfer Velocity Parameterization Based on the NOAA/COARE Gas Transfer Model

Oguz, T.
reversible regime shifts at multiple trophic levels in the Black Sea pelagic ecosystem

Lavoie, D.; Denman, K.L.; Macdonald, R.W.
Climate variability, primary productivity and export fluxes on the Canadian shelf of the Beaufort Sea: a modelling study

Prasil, O.; Gorbunov, M.Y.; Bruyant, F.; Bonnet, S.; Guieu, C.; Raimbault, P.; Claustre, H.; Falkowski, P.G.
Iron and Nitrogen Limitation of Primary Production in the South Pacific Oceanic Gyre

Johnson, A.G.; Glenn, C.R.; Burnett, W.C.; Peterson, R; Wilkins, G
Ultrahigh resolution aerial infrared imagery and geochemical groundtruthing of submarine groundwater plumes from arid west Hawaii

de Leeuw, G.; Moerman, M.M.; Norris, S.J.; Smith, S.H. ; Zappa, C.J.; Banner, M.L.; Morison, R.P.; McGillis, W.R.
Sea Spray Aerosol Production: Preliminary WASFAB Results

Alvain, S.; Moulin, C.; Dandonneau, Y.; Bopp, L.; Loisel, H.
Global monitoring of dominant phytoplancton groups in surface waters using SEAWIFS imagery

Measures, C; Yang, J; Kaupp, L; Leonard, L; Henderson, G
Trace metal enrichments and their sources in the Equatorial Undercurrent of the central and eastern Pacific

Chambers, R; Liss, P; Turner, S; Mulvaney, R
Seasonal variability of selenium and iodine in an Antarctic ice core

Lucas, M.; Moore, M.; Pollard, R.; Sanders, R.; Crozex Team, T.
Natural iron enrichment in the Southern Ocean: an overview of the CROZEX experiment

Norris, S J; Smith, M H ; de Leeuw, G; Moerman, M
Near-surface Air-sea Aerosol Concentrations and Fluxes using a novel fast-response Particle Spectrometer (withdrawn)

Fischer, G.; Helmke, P.; Karakas, G.; Nowald, N.; Davenport, R. ; Ratmeyer, V. ; Wefer, G.
Vertical and horizontal transport of particles in the coastal upwelling filament off Cape Blanc, Mauretania

Körtzinger, A.; Steinhoff, T.
Air-sea Fluxes of CO2 and O2 Associated with the Mauritanian Upwelling

Salihoglu, B.
Effects of ENSO on the Cold Tongue and the Warm Pool ecosystems in the equatorial Pacific Ocean: a modeling study.

BUCCIARELLI, E.; Belviso, S.; Sarthou, G.; Sunda, W.G.
Impact of the diel cycle on the production of DMS and DMSP in batch cultures of Emiliania huxleyi

Lehahn, Y; d´Ovidio, F; Levy, M ; Heifetz, E; Andre, J-M
Observation of Mesoscale Horizontal Chlorophyll Stirring: Comparison of Finite-size Lyapunov Exponents and Chlorophyll Structures in SeaWiFS Images.

Soerensen, L.L.; Larsen, S.E.; Lund, S.W.
Air-Sea fluxes of CO2 in the Greenland Sea

Kühn, W.; Pätsch, J.; Borges, A.V.; Bozec, Y.; Schiettecatte, L.-S.; Thomas, H.
Air-sea exchange of nitrogen and carbon over the Northwest-European Continental Shelf

Kloster, S.; Feichter, J.; Maier-Reimer, E.; Six, K. D.; Stier, P.; Wetzel, P. ; Roeckner, E.
Transient climate simulation of DMS in the ocean - atmosphere system

Larsen, S.E.; deLeeuw, G.; Edson, J.; Mestayer, P.
Dry deposition of small aerosols to water surfaces

de Leeuw, G.; Moerman, M.M.; Zappa, C.J.; McGillis, W.; Hanson, J.; Miller, H.
Development of a long term air-sea interaction monitoring station at FRF pier in Duck (NC, USA)

Tyrrell, T; Merico, A; Waniek, J; Wong, C; Metzl, N; Whitney, F
Natural iron fertilisation and the HNLC phenomenon

Kaiser, J.; Gist, N.; Bender, M.L.; Robinson, C.
The metabolic balance of the surface ocean along two Atlantic Meridional Transects

Hartman, S; Hydes, D; Schuster, U; Hemmings, J
Controls on upper ocean nutrient concentrations in the North Atlantic

Lannuzel, D.; Chou, L.; de Jong, J.; Tison, J. L.; Delille, B.; Schoemann, V.
Pack ice: a significant source of Fe to Antarctic surface waters?

Kwon, E.Y.; Primeau, F.
Sensitivity and optimization study using an Implicit biogeochemistry ocean model and in-situ phosphate, alkalinity, and DIC data

Kitsiou, D.; Livanos, I.
Marine eutrophication assessment in the Aegean Sea, Greece based on MODIS and SeaWiFS satellite data

Ianson, D.; Voelker, C.; Denman, K.L.; Kunze, E.; Steiner, N.
A biogeochemical patch model of a NE Pacific in situ iron fertilization Experiment, SERIES

Soerensen, L.L; Richardson, K; Olsen, S.M; Bendtsen, J; Glasius, M; Hansen, A.W.; Hoejerslev, N.C.
The Marine Carbon cycle along the Galathea route

Batsaikhan, A.; Schoeler, H.F.; Williams, J.
Reactive organic species on natural dust

Lenton, T.; Klausmeier, C.
Robust biotic regulation of the deep ocean N:P ratio (Outstanding Young Scientist Lecture)

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