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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS1.04 Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation (General Session)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bakhanov, V.; Manzhara, O.; Dorman, B.
Meso- and microstructure of frontal cloud and precipitation systems over Ukraine

Das, I; Mohan, M
Atmospheric gravity waves in IRS P4 OCM derived Aerosol Optical Depth

Hoose, C.; Lohmann, U.
Aerosol processing in ECHAM5-HAM

Rezaei Ghaleh, A.; Webb, A. R.
UV Spectral radiance distribution under sky overcast with cirrus clouds

Kazadzis, S. ; Bais, A.; Garane, K. ; Kouremeti, N.; Kazantzidis, A.; Meleti, C.; Amiridis, V.
Spectral UV irradiance and aerosol optical depth measurements at Thessaloniki, Greece (withdrawn)

Duan, A. ; Wu, G.
Change of cloud amount and its possible contribution the climiate warming on the Tibetan Plateau

Ackerley, D.; Highwood, E. J.; Frame, D.
Increases in sulfate burden from a doubled CO2 experiment with an interactive sulfur cycle using an ensemble from

Meskhidze, N; Nenes, A
The sensitivity assessments of aerosol indirect forcing using the NASA Global Modeling Initiative

Jones, H.M.; Saunders, C.P.R
A continuous flow diffusion chamber to study ice nuclei

Storelvmo, T.; Kristjansson, J.E.; Myhre, G.; Johnsrud, M.; Stordal, F.
Studies of the aerosol indirect effect comparing CAM-Oslo and MODIS data on regional and global scales.

Choularton, T. W.
Aerosol cloud interactions in mixed phase cloud

Hogan, R. J.; Gounou, A.
The effect of horizontal photon transport on the radiative effect of contrails

Kärcher, B.; Hendricks, J.; Lohmann, U.
Cirrus Parameterization for Global Models

Schween, J.H.; Reuder, J.
Banner Clouds at Zugspitze Mountain in Germany

Hendricks, J.; Kärcher, B.; Lohmann, U.; Ponater, M.
Do Aircraft Black Carbon Emissions affect Cirrus Clouds on the Global Scale?

Marshak , A.; Martins, V.; Zubko, V.; Kaufman, Y.
What does reflection from cloud sides tell us about vertical distribution of cloud droplets?

Diehl, K.; Simmel, M.; Wurzler, S.
The influence of aerosol properties and drop freezing modes on convective clouds: Numerical simulations.

Pospichal, B; Crewell, S; Löhnert, U; Mech, M
Cloud liquid water content measurements from the high mountains to the equator using ground-based microwave radiometers

Grzeszczak, E.; Pawlowska, H.; Boers, R.; Klein Baltink, H.
Retrieval of cloud droplet concentration of liquid water clouds from ground based remote sensing observations

Fomin, B.
About inadequacy of the current radiation codes based on the correlated-k method and a new improved k-distribution technique

Davis, C. P.
Detailed simulations of space-borne millimeter and sub-millimeter wave cirrus observations

Wu, D. L.; Jiang, J. H.; Davis, C. P.; Read, W. G.; Waliser, D. E.; Waters, J. W.
Cloud ice water path (IWP) observed by Aura MLS

Bagheri, A.; Kjeldstad, B.; Eitrheim, K. K.; Thorseth, T. M.; Bhattarai, B. K.
Spectral direct solar UV irradiance measurements in Trondheim (Norway). Retrieval of aerosol optical depth, atmospheric turbidity and aerosol size distribution in subarctic coastal region

Sun, J.; Ariya, P.A.; Leighton, H.G.
Modeling studying on ice formation by bacteria in warm-based convective cloud

Möhler, O.; Saathoff, H.; Schnaiter, M.; Wagner, R.; Field, P. R.; Connolly, P.; Krämer, M.; Mangold, A.; Heymsfield, A. J.
A new parameterisation for the deposition mode ice nucleation on mineral dust particles

Rasinski, P.; Pawlowska, H.; Grabowski, W.
Observations and modeling of drizzling marine stratocumulus

Roelofs, G.J.
Simulation of Cloud Drop Concentration and Effective Radius over Europe

Phillips, VTJ; Donner, LJ; Ming, Y; Ramaswamy, V
The Aerosol-Cloud Interaction in Deep Convection Simulated by a GCM Parametrisation with Double-Moment Bulk Microphysics and Multiple Aerosol Species

Takemura, T.; Kaufman, Y.; Remer, L.; Nakajima, T.
Simulation of aerosol effects on cloud and precipitation formation by aerosol climate model

Allan, R.P.; Slingo, A.; Brooks, M.E.; Milton, S.F.
Analysis of clouds and radiation in the Met Office Numerical Weather Prediction model using preliminary data from the Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget

BUEHLER, S. A.; Courcoux, N.; Emde, C.; Eriksson, P.; Evans, F.; Heygster, G.; John, V. O.; Sreerekha, T. R.; CIWSIR Science Community
CIWSIR: A Proposed ESA Mission to Measure Cloud Ice Water Path

Pujol, Ol.; Georgis, J-F.; Sauvageot, H.
Deduction of Z-M relationships in warm clouds through simulations of radar observations

Behr, H. D.; Hollmann, R.; Müller, R. W.; Gratzki, A.
The surface radiation budget from the CM-SAF: Validation of short- and long-wave data sets

Wapler, K.; Mayer, B.
The role of three-dimensional radiative transfer on cloud formation

Kinne, S; Schulz, M; Quass, J; Feichter, J
Aerosol direct radiative forcing, Why are there differences between estimates from

Kokhanovsky, A; Rozanov, V; Vountas, M; Lotz, W; Jourdan, O; Bovensmann, H; Burrows, J P
Retrieval of cloud properties using SCIAMACHY/ENVISAT

Topping, D.O.; McFiggans, G.B.; Coe, H.
Aerosol activation behaviour predicted using a primitive form of the Köhler equation

Cahalan, R.; Oreopoulos, L.
Global perspective on cloud horizontal inhomogeneity from modis

Thuillier, G.; Perrin, J. M.; Huppert, F.
Clouds and the Earth'energy budget by use of modelling and pyranometer measurements at Observatoire de Haute Provence

Cadet, B.; Mara, T.; Dubuisson, P.; Keckhut, P.
Development of a new approach of the lidar and IR radiometer synergy in the CALIPSO validation framework

Krämer, M.; Schiller, C.; Schlicht, S.; Spelten, N.; Voigt, Ch.; Schlager, H.
A Climatology of Ice in Arctic, Midlatitude and Tropical Cirrus: Implications for Nitric Acid partitioning

Mendrok, J.; Höpfner, M.; Schreier, F.
Validating the SARTre model --- Retrieving properties of subvisible cirrus from MIPAS data

Schepanski, K.; Keenlyside, N.; Macke, A.; Park, W.
Variability of cloud cover in observations and coupled ocean/atmosphere GCM

Grützun, V.; Knoth, O.; Wolke, R.; Simmel, M.
Spectral Microphysics in the regional Forecast Model Lokalmodell

Sinitsyn, A.; Aleksandrova, M.; Kalisch, J.; Gulev, S.K.; Macke , A.
Comparison of the in-situ short-wave radiation measurements with bulk parameterizations: first MORE results.

Sandvik, A. D.; Biryulina, M.; Stamnes, J.; Stamnes, K.; Kvamstø, N. G.; Kanhert, M.
Arctic clouds numerical modeling versus airborne measurements

Arnold, F.; Wilhelm, S.; Pirjola, L.
Cosmic ray induced formation of aerosol particles and cloud condensation nuclei: Evidence from the first detection of large negative and positive cluster ions in the upper troposphere

De Martino, G.; Boers, R.; Schaap, M.; ten Brink, H. M.
Comparative study of cloud droplet number concentration parameterizations for use in regional climate models

Mace, J; Benson, S.
The Vertical Structure of Atmospheric Cloud Radiative Forcing at the SGP ARM Site as Revealed by 8 years of Continuous Data

Kalisch, J.; Sinitsyn, A.; Gulev, S.; Macke, A.
A Study of Parameterisations of Insolation with the Use of Whole Sky Images

Quaas, J.; Boucher, O.; Bellouin, N.; Kinne, S.
Estimate of direct and indirect aerosol radiative forcings from satellite data

Grabowski, W.
Indirect impact of atmospheric aerosols in idealized simulations of convective-radiative quasi-equilibrium

Cahalan, R.; Wen, G.; Marshak, A. ; Remer, L.; Kleidman, R.
Aerosol-cloud radiative interaction in a 3D cumulus field in Brazil

Ayala, O.; Grabowski, W.; Rosa, B.; Wang, L.-P.
Turbulent collision-coalescence of cloud droplets and its impact on warm rain formation

Liu, Y.; Daum, P.; McGraw, R.; Miller, M.
Improved Representation of Cloud Droplet Activation and Autoconversion and Their Implications for Estimating Aerosol Indirect Effects

Wagner, T.; Beirle, S.; Deutschmann, T.; Grzegorski, M.; Sanghavi, S.; Platt, U.
Probing internal cloud properties from space

Laszlo, I.; Ignatov, A.
Comparison of single- and multi-channel aerosol optical depth retrievals from MAPSS data

Ahlgrimm, M.
Cloud observations from ICESat, and comparison with ECMWF model-generated clouds

Kuzmanoski, M.; Box, M. A.; Schmid, B.; Redemann, J.; Russell, P. B.; Holben, B.
Case studies of modeled properties of biomass burning aerosol during SAFARI 2000

Heue, K.-P.; Wagner, T.; Bruns, M.; Burrows, J. P.; Richter, A.; Song, B.-C.; Wang, P.; Platt, U.
Light path enhancement inside a tropical cloud estimated form airborne O4 DOAS measurements

Cook, C. ; Whiteway, J. ; Busen, R. ; Connolly, P. ; Gallagher, M. ; Choularton, T.; Hacker, J.
Measurements of the interaction between turbulence, microphysics, and water vapour in cirrus clouds

Cox, C. ; Harries, J.; Murray, J.; Green, P.; Taylor, J.
In-situ studies of far infrared radiation from cirrus cloud.

Markowicz, K.M.; Kardas, A.E.; Hochherz, C.; Stelmaszczyk, K.; Rozwadowska, A.; Zielinski, T.; Karasinski, G.; Malinowski, Sz.; Stacewicz, T.; Woeste, L.
Observation of optical properties and radiative forcing of nonspherical particles over Poland

Yaron (1), O.; Joseph (1), J. H.; Israelevich (1), P.; Koren (3), I. ; Yair (2), Y.; Ziv (2), B.; Yaroslavitz (1), E.
Optical and geometrical properties of a biomass burning smoke plume over Minos Gerais, Brazil, observed from the space shuttle Columbia during the MEIDEX mission.

Berger, F.; Engelbart, D.; Görsdorf, U.; Reichardt, J.; Leiterer, U.; Beyrich, F.; Weller, M.
Longterm observation of clouds in the 4D Lindenberg Column

Kniffka, A.; Venema, V.; Trautmann, T.
Gaussian smoothing for the Independent Pixel Approximation applied to actinic flux density fields in inhomogeneous clouds

Gallagher, M.W.; Bower, K.N; Weingatner, E; Flynn, M.J; Baltensperger, U.; Connollly, P.; Choularton, T.W; Coe, H.; Allan, J.
The microphysics of mixed phase cloud at Jungraujoch during CLACE

Jensen, E.; Baumgardner, D.; Ackerman, A.
Plausibility of in situ Measurements of Numerous Small Crystals in Cirrus Clouds (withdrawn)

Malinowski, S.P.; Andrejczuk, M.; Grabowski, W.W.; Korczyk, P.; Kowalewski, T.A.; Smolarkiewicz, P.K.
Cloud-clear air interfacial mixing: turbulence generated by evaporation of liquid water observed in the laboratory and modeled with high spatial resolution.

Corti, T.; Luo, B.P.; Peter, T.
Tropical cirrus cloud lofting

Verheggen, B.; Weingartner, E.; Bower, K.; Lohmann, U.; Cozic, J.; Mertes, S.; Connolly, P.; Flynn, M.; Gallagher, M.; Baltensperger, U.
Aerosol Partitioning in Mixed Phase Clouds and its Implication for Climate

Mazzola, M.; Lanconelli, C.; Lupi, A.; Vitale, V.; Tomasi, C.
Evaluations of shortwave direct aerosol forcing in the Mediterranean Sea region through a procedure using MISR data

Giraud, V.; Bouniol, D.; Cadet, B.; Delanoe, J.; Protat, A.
Evaluation of the capability of Lidar and Radar measurements to reduce uncertainty in Cloud Resolving Model cirrus simulations

Gimeno García , S.; Venema, V.; Trautmann, T.
Influence of the dimensionality on three-dimensional solar radiative transfer effect

Collins, W; Conley, A
New Methods for Representing Transmission in Radiative Parameterizations

Russchenberg, H; Krasnov, O; Khain, A; Pinsky, M
Retrieval of cloud liquid water content profiles with radar and lidar: application to multi-annual data sets and comparison with microphysical cloud simulations.

Parol, F.; Buriez, J.C.; Vanbauce, C.; Riedi, J.; Cornet, C.; Thieuleux, F. ; Oudard, C.; Sèze, G.; Poussi, Z.
Cloud property retrievals from POLDER onboard the PARASOL platform

Key, E.; Minnett, P.; Reynolds, R.M.; Miller, M.; Szczodrak, M.
Shipboard Measurements of Aerosol Optical Thickness in Marine Environments

Garrett, T.; Zhao, C.
Higher Values of Arctic Cloud Longwave Emissivity associated with Pollution from Mid-Latitudes

Schreier, M.; Eyring, V.; Bovensmann, H.
Modifications of cloud properties due to ship emissions - quantitative analysis of changes in solar irradiance and backscattered light

Rinaldi, G; Formisano, V.; Grassi, D.; Ignatiev, N.; Zasova, L
Study of the Martian aerosol with the 2.7micron band

Avey, L.; Garrett, T.; Stohl, A.
Estimation of the influence of pollution on clouds using satellite and chemical transport model data from ICARTT

Immler, F.; Krüger, K.; Schrems, O.
Subvisible cirrus clouds in the upper troposphere: A comparison of lidar observations with ECMWF operational analysis data

Chiriaco, M.; Bony, S.; Dufresne, J.L.; Chepfer, H.; Sèze, G.
Evaluation of cloud feedback sensitivity in LMDZ climate model using GLAS spatial lidar observations

Hoyningen-Huene, W.; Kokhanovsky, A.; Burrows, J. P.
Radiative and Optical Characteristics of London Fire Plume as Observed from Space

Markowicz, K.M.; Flatau, P.J.; Remiszewska, J.; Reid, E.A.; Reid, J.S.; Witek, M.
Observations and modeling the surface aerosol radiative forcing during UAE2 experiment.

Venema, V.; Ament, F.; Schomburg, A.; Simmer, C.
Two adaptive schemes for radiative transfer parameterisations in NWP models

Terrile, R.; Lee, S.; Tinetti, G.; Fink, W.; Robert Tisdale, E.; Huntsberger, T.; von Allmen, P.
Spectral Retrieval of Exoplanetary signatures using Evolutionary Computational Methods

Venema, V.; Gimeno Garcia, S.; Kniffka, A.; Meyer, S.; Simmer, C.
Surrogate cloud fields with measured cloud properties

Deneke, H; Roebeling, R; Wolters, E; Feijt, A
Theoretical basis and preliminary results from the Solar Insolation under Cloudy Conditions from Satellite (SICCS) retrieval

Cornet, C; Davies, R; Seiz, G
Simulation and comparison of angular radiances of a convective cloud reconstructed from MISR measurements

Dusek, U.; Frank, G. P.; Andreae, M. O.; The FACE-2004 team
The respective roles of the aerosol size distribution and chemical composition in CCN activation

Norman, A.; Gong, S.; Toom-Sauntry, D.; Howell, S.; Yackel, J.; Barrie, L.
Arctic biogenic aerosol sulphate at Alert, Nunavut, 1993-2003 and its relationship to sea ice coverage (withdrawn)

Preusker, R.; Bennartz, R.
K-binning: A new approach to simulate narrow band satellite channels in layered atmospheres with variable gas absorption

Preusker, R.; Fischer, J.; Huenerbein, A.
Cloud detection with MERIS using oxygen absorption measurements

Glickman, H.; Mahani, S.; Khanbilvardi, R.
Impacts of Aerosols on UHI and Hydrological Variables (withdrawn)

Balin, I.; Nessler, R.; Larchèvêque , G.; Quaglia , P.; Ristori, P.; Böckmann, C.; Simeonov, V.; van den Bergh, H.
Free troposphere aerosols-cirrus-contrails: optical properties and microphysics based on LIDAR measurements and Mie Inversion coupled approach (withdrawn)

Gobbi, G.P.; Barnaba, F.; Ammannato, L.; Angelini, F.
Observing the freezing of upper troposphere stratiform clouds.

Keckhut, P.; Bekki, S.; Hauchecorne, A.; Borchi, F.; Colette, A.; David, C.; Jumelet, J.
Cirrus climatology at mid-latitude observed with Lidar

Schlicht, S.; Spichtinger, P.; Vössing, H.; Weigel, R.; Schiller, C.; Konopka, P.; Krämer, M.
A Cirrus Cloud Case Study in Frontal Systems over Norway, observations and model calculations

Schröder, M.; van Lipzig, N.; Fischer, J.
Evaluation of atmospheric models with satellite remote sensing observations: Case studies.

Schröder, M.; Fischer, J.
Tracking of low temperature clouds over Africa and central Europe.

Schmidt, S.; Venema, V.; Scheirer, R.; Di Giuseppe, F.; Wendisch, M.; Pilewskie, P.
3D Cloud Fields and solar spectral Irradiances: Measurements versus Model

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