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  List of Accepted Contributions - PS2.04 Recent Mars Science

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Chaufray, J.Y.; Quémerais, E.; Bertaux, J.L.; Leblanc, F.
Study of the Lyman alpha airglow with Spicam on Mars Express

Kochemasov, G.
Extremely fractionated martian crust

Capitan, R. D.
Water-related processes and associated landforms in Eastern Atlantis and Northern Gorgonum Basins, Mars

Kronberg, P.; Hauber, E.; Schäfer, T.; Grott, M.; Werner, S.; Gwinner, K.; Neukum, G.; and the HRSC Co-Investigator Team, .
The double rift system of Coracis Fossae - a specific style of crustal extension on early Mars?

Oberst, J.; Matz, K.D.; Roatsch, T.; Wählisch, M.; Giese, B.; Hoffmann, H.; Neukum, G.
New observations of Phobos, Deimos, and their shadows with the HRSC/SRC on Mars Express

Vaz , D. A.; Alves, E. I; Barata , M. T.
Application of mathematical morphology to the enhancement of wavelet-detected fault lines on Mars

Bibring, J-P.; Langevin, Y.; Poulet, F.; Gondet, B.; Gendrin, A.; Mustard, J.; Mangold, N.; Arvidson, R.; and the OMEGA science, team
Mars global mineralogical History derived from OMEGA/MEx data

Falenty, A.; Genov, G.; Kuhs, W. F.
CO2 hydrates and terraforming processes on Mars - a myth??

Langevin, Y; Poulet, F; Vincendon, M; Bibring, J-P; Gondet, B
OMEGA/Mex observations of the evolution of the north seasonal cap in late summer and early spring: comparison between two successive martian years

Encrenaz, T.; Bézard, B.; Greathouse, T.; Holmes, S.; Richter, M.; Nuticelli, D.; Lacy, J.; Lebonnois, S.; Lefèvre, F.; Atreya, S.
Ground-based high-resolution spectroscopy of Mars: H2O and H2O2 mapping, an a search for CH4

Encrenaz, T.; Melchiorri, R.; Fouchet, T.; Drossart, P.; Lellouch, E.; Langevin, Y.; Bibring, J.-P.; Gondet, B.; Cavalié, T.; Billebaud, F.
A determination of the CO mixing ratio on Mars using OMEGA/Mars Express and ground-based millimeter measurements

Leblanc, F.; Chaufray, J.Y.; Lilensten, J.; Witasse, O.; Bertaux, J.-L.
The Martian dayglow as seen by SPICAM UV spectrometer on Mars Express

Poulet, F.; Bibring, J.-P.; Langevin, Y.; Gondet, B.; Mustard, J.; Gendrin, A.; Mangold, N.; Arvidson, R.; OMEGA Team, The
Phyllosilicates on Mars as revealed by OMEGA/MEx observations

Poulet, F.; Mustard, J.; Bibring, J.-P.; Gendrin, A.; Pinet, P.; Langevin, Y.; Sotin, C.; Lemouelic, S.; Gondet, B.
Mineralogical composition of the Martian Noachian crust and more recent lava outflows, inferred from OMEGA/MEx data

Gondet, B.; Bibring, J.-P.; Langevin, Y.; Poulet, F.; Gendrin, A.; OMEGA Team, The
First detection of Al-rich phyllosilicate on Mars from OMEGA-MEx

Dreibus, G.; Gellert, R.; Brückner, J.; Haubold, R.; Huisl, W.; Spettel, B.
Chemical Weathering Processes on Mars: Implications from Martian Meteorites and Rocks

Korteniemi, J.; Aittola, M.; Lahtela, H.; Kostama, V.-P.; Raitala, J.
Depression structures in Martian impact craters

Brückner, J.; APXS Team
Along the traverses of Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity: Chemical compositions derived by the Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer

Lahtela, H.; Korteniemi, J.; Ori, G. G.; Pondrelli, M.; Di Lorenzo, S.; Neukum, G.; HRSC Co-Investigator Team, the
Enigmatic characteristics of a crater in Arabia Terra, Mars

Duru, F.; Gurnett, D.A.; Averkamp, T.F.; Kirchner, D.L.; Huff, R.L.; Plaut, J.J. ; Picardi , G.
Magnetically controlled structures in the ionosphere of Mars

Akalin, F.; Gurnett, D.A.; Acuna, M.H. ; Connerney, J.E.P; Ness, N.F.; Plaut, J.J.; Picardi, G.
Measurements of crustal magnetic fields at Mars using the electron echo technique

Morgan, D.D.; Gurnett, D.A.; Kirchner, D.L.; Huff, R.L. ; Brain, D.A.; Boynton, W.V.; Plaut, J.J.; Picardi, G.
Solar control of ionospheric absorption of low frequency radar reflections from the surface of Mars

Kirchner, D.L.; Gurnett, D.A.; Safaeinili, A.; Morgan, D.D.; Huff, R.L.; Plaut, J.J.; Picardi, G.
Radar sounding observations of the nightside Martian ionosphere

Safaeinili, A.; MARSIS Team
First Radar Observation of Phobos by MARSIS

Richter, L.; Grzesik, A.; Krause, C.; Athena Science Team, MER
Soil Crusts Observed and Investigated at the MER Landing Sites

Heggy, E.; Clifford, S.
Experimental approach in understanding the dielectric properties of the Martian polar-layered deposits

Allemand, P.; Baratoux, D.; Mondoux, M.
Elliptic craters in Thaumasia (Mars) : consequences on fault behavior

Reiss, D.; Hauber, E.; Ivanov, B. A.; Michael, G.; Jaumann, R.; Neukum, G.; The HRSC Co-Investigator Team
Rampart craters in Thaumasia Planum, Mars: Onset diameter, ages, and implications for the Hesperian hydrology

Gunnlaugsson, H. P.; Rassmussen, H.; Nornberg, P.; Kristjansson, L.; Steinthorsson, S.
Analysis of the Mössbauer spectra of olivine basalt from Gusev crater on Mars and comparison to Terrestrial olivine basalt: Implications for the Presence of magnetic anomalies on Mars and erosion processes.

Plaut, J.; Picardi, G.; Cicchetti, A.; Clifford, S.; Edenhofer, P.; Farrell, W.; Federico, C.; Frigeri, A.; Heggy, E.; Herique, A.
MARSIS subsurface sounding observations of the south polar layered deposits of Mars

Mangold, N.; Poulet, F.; Mustard, J. F.; Bibring, J. P.; Langevin, Y.; Gondet, B.; Ansan, V.; Masson, P.; Hoffman, H.; Neukum and the OMEGA and HRSC co-I teams, G.
Geological relationships between phyllosilicates and olivine outcrops in Nili Fossae region, Mars.

Sowe, M.; Hauber, E.; Jaumann, R.; Neukum, G.; The HRSC Co-Investigator-Team
Geologic analysis of sedimentary deposits occurring in chaotic terrains within the Chryse region on Mars

McEwen, A.; Russell, P.; HiRISE Sceince Team
High resolution imaging of Mars with HiRISE on MRO: Crater layered deposits

Melchiorri, R.; Encrenaz, T.; Fouchet, T.; Drossart, P.; Lellouch, E.; Gondet, B.; Langevin, Y.; Bibring, J.P.; Titov, D.; Ignatiev, N.; the OMEGA team
OMEGA-Mars Express data analysis: water vapor mapping

Rosenblatt, P.; Duron, J.; Marty, J.C.; Dehant, V.; Paetzold, M.; Haeusler, B.; Le Maistre, S.; Karatekin, O.; Van Hoolst, T.; Balmino, G.
Accurate MEX Orbit Calculations from MaRS Radio-Tracking Data: New Constraints on Mars' Time-Variable Gravity Field from a Joint Inversion of MGS and MEX Data

Saiger, P.; Asche, H.; Oberst, J.; Jaumann, R.; Neukum, G.; The HRSC-CoI Team
Methods for visualising Mars Data based on ArcGIS and ArcOBJECTS

Gasnault, O.; Taylor, G.J.; Boynton, W.V.; Karunatillake, S.; Newsom, H.E.; Janes, B.; d'Uston, C.; Brückner, J.; THE MARS ODYSSEY GRS TEAM
Statistically rigorous geochemical mapping of Mars

Pätzold, M.; Tellmann, S.; Häusler, B.; Hinson, D.; Tyler, G.L.
A third layer in the ionosphere of Mars

Nielsen, E.; Wang, X. D.; Gurnett, D. A.; Kirchner, D. L.; Huff, R. L.; Plaut, J. J.; Picardi, G.
Stationary Reflectors in the Martian Ionosphere

Kreslavsky, M.; Bondarenko, N.; Pinet, P.; Raitala, J.; Foing, B.; Neukum, G.; Mars Express HRSC Co-Investigator Team, .
Mapping of photometric anomaly of Martian surface with HRSC data

Nielsen, E.; Gurnett, D. A.; Kirchner, D. L.; Huff, R. L.; Plaut, J. J.; Picardi, G.
Solar control of the density maximum in the Martian Ionosphere (withdrawn)

Nielsen, E.; Wang, X. D.; Gurnett, D. A.; Kirchner, D. L.; Huff, R. L.; Plaut, J. J.; Picardi, G.
Estimation of the Solar Wind induced magnetic fields in the Martian Ionosphere (withdrawn)

Meresse, S.; Costard, F.; Mangold, N.; Masson, P.; Neukum, G.; and the HRSC CoI team, .
The chaotic terrains on Mars: evidence for collapses

Leer, K.; Folkmann, F.; Goetz, W.; Gunnlaugsson, H.P.; Hviid, S.F.; Madsen, M.B.; Merrison, J.; Olsen, M.; Klingelhöfer, G.; Bertelsen, P.; Athena Science team
Determination of the Mineralogy of the Magnetic Dust on Mars and Implications for the History of Water on Mars.

Murray, J.B.; Iliffe, J.C.; Muller, J-P. ; Neukum, G.; Werner, S.; Balme, M.R.; Co-investigator Team, HRSC
The parallel grooves of Phobos: new evidence on their origin from HRSC Mars Express

Wei, H. Y.; Russell, C. T.; Blanco-Cano, X.
Proton cyclotron waves at Mars: Constraints on mass loading rate and exospheric structure

Gendrin, A.; Bibring, J.-P.; Mustard, J.; Kanner, L. ; Mangold, N.; Langevin, Y.; Gondet, B.; Poulet, F.; Baratoux, D.
Strong signatures of low calcium pyroxene in Eastern Valles Marineris.

Gendrin, A.; Bibring, J.-P.; Quantin, C.; Mangold, N.; Le Mouelic, S.; Hauber, E.; Gondet, B.; Langevin, Y.; Poulet, F.; Arvidson, R.
Two years of sulfate mapping in Valles Marineris and Terra Meridiani as seen by OMEGA/Mars Express.

Zuber, M.; Smith, D.
The Variations in the Masses of the Seasonal Icecaps of Mars over 3 Mars Years

Chicarro, A.F.
Mars Express Science Results and Goals for the Extended Mission

Williams, S.M.E; Zender, J.; Heather, D.; Diaz del Rio, J.; Ortiz, I.; Dowson, J.; Arviset, C.
The Planetary Science Archive (PSA)

Martin, P.; Chicarro, A.; Jansen, F.; Pischel, R.; Zegers, T.
Scientific perspectives of the Mars Express extended mission

Zegers, T.; THE TEAM
One year of Mars Express science operations planning

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