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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL19 Climate Extremes and Impacts

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Williams, C.; Kniveton, D.; Layberry, R.
Extreme rainfall events over southern Africa: individual and combined influence of Atlantic sea surface temperatures on rainfall variability

Pinto, J.G.; Zacharias, S.; Fink, A.H.; Leckebusch, G.C.; Ulbrich, U.
Factors contributing to the development of extreme North Atlantic cyclones and their relationship with the NAO

M. Ramos , A.; M. Trigo, R.; A.Valente, M. ; E. Santo , F.; D. Santos, F.
Extreme temperature events in Portugal: recent trends and future scenarios

Sterl, A.; Dijkstra, H.; Van Oldenborgh, G.J.; Hazeleger, W.; Severijns, C.
Extreme temperatures in climate projections

Ramos, M.C.; Martínez-Casasnovas, J.A.
Temperature and precipitation extremes in areas with semiarid climate in the North Eastern Spain and impacts on vineyards (withdrawn)

Nicholls, R. J.; Hanson, S.; Herweijer, C.; Patmore, N.; Hallegatte, S. ; Corfee-Morlot, J.; Chateau, J.; Muir-Wood, R.
Ranking Port Cities with High Exposure and Vulnerability to Climate Extremes

Baldi, M.; Coccimiglio, P.; Lanini, G.M.
Towards an assessment of heat stress risk: regionalization and classification of bioclimatic zones in Italy

Brazdil, R.; Trnka, M.; Dobrovolny, P.; Chroma, K.; Hlavinka, P. ; Zalud, Z.
Variability of droughts in the Czech Republic, 1881–2006

Rodrigo, F.S.; Aguilar, E.; Luna, M.Y. ; Rasilla, D.; Brunet, M.; Sigró, J.
An exploratory study of climatic extreme events in the Iberian Peninsula: statistical and dynamical characterization, and forcing factors (project EXPICA CGL2007-65546-C03/CLI)

Früh, B.; Feldmann, H.; Panitz, H.-J.; Schädler, G.
Evaluation of heavy precipitation from regional climate simulations for south-west Germany

Donat, M.; Leckebusch, G.C.; Pinto, J.; Ulbrich, U.
Occurrence of extratropical cyclones and windstorms in multi-model simulations for recent and future climate

Stickler, A.; Ewen, T.; Griesser, T.; Brönnimann, S.
Revisiting the 1930s “Dust Bowl”

Della-Marta, P.M.; Mathis, H.; Frei, C.; Liniger, M.A.; Kleinn, J.; Appenzeller, C.
Return period of wind storms over Europe in ERA-40

Unkasevic, M.; Tosic, I.
Heat waves in Serbia – the case of 2007

Plaut, G.
The increasing frequency of "Heatwave Regime"-like circulation patterns occurence over western Europe: patent observations and fears about the future

Beniston, M
Entering into the “greenhouse century”: recent Swiss record temperatures comparable to upper quantiles in a greenhouse climate

Tosic, I.; Unkasevic, M.; Savic, S.
Analysis of tropical days in Serbia

Trnka, M.; Hlavinka, P.; Mozny, M.; Brazdil, R.; Dobrovolny, P.; Stepanek, P.; Formayer, H. ; Eitzinger, J.
How Realistic Are the Reported Drying Trends in the Central Europe during 20th Century?

Hlavinka, P.; Trnka, M.; Hayes, M.; Dubrovsky, M.; Svoboda, M.; Eitzinger, J.; Balek, J.; Semeradova, D. ; Bartosova, L.
Expected Effects of Regional Climate Change on the Soil Moisture Regimes in Central Europe and Central US

Fischer, E.M.; Schär, C.
Scenarios of subseasonal European heat waves and their relationship to changes in the seasonal cycle and daily temperature variability

Fischer, E.M.; Schär, C.
Decomposing daily temperature variability into intraseasonal, interannual and cycle-induced variability

Corti, T.; Muccione, V.; Köllner-Heck, P.; Seneviratne, S. I.
Past and future building damage from drought-induced soil subsidence

Jacobeit, J.; Rathmann, J.; Philipp, A.
Central European temperature and precipitation extremes in relation to large-scale atmospheric circulation types

Giannakopoulos, C. ; Psiloglou, B.; Petrakis, M.
Heat Stress and Mortality in Athens: Impact Model Construction and Validation

Mileta, M.
The annual number of days with unusual temperatures in 2007

Chernokulsky, A.V.; Mokhov, I.I.
Summer fire conditions changes in North Eurasian mid-latitudes from regional model simulations for the 21st century

Cattiaux, J.; Vautard, R.; Yiou, P.
European temperatures and atmospheric circulation during the fall 2006

Hirschi, J.; Merckelbach, L. ; Hankin, R.
Spatio-temporal distribution of seasonal and annual temperature extremes in the NCAR/NCEP reanalysis

Leonelli, G.; Pelfini, M.
Influence of climate and climate anomalies on Norway spruce tree-ring growth at different altitude and on glacier responses: examples from the Central Italian Alps

Radics, K.; Péliné, Cs.N.; Bartholy, J.
Tendencies of mean and extreme wind characteristics in Hungary

Selten, F.M. ; Panja, D.; Hazeleger, W. ; Dijkstra, H.
Probability of warm Summerdays in Europe in Relation to the large-scale Circulation

Bartholy, J.; Pongracz, R.; Gelybo, GY.; Szabo, P.
Analysis of past and future trends of extreme temperature indices for the Carpathian basin

Hirschi, M.; Stepanek, P.; Seneviratne, S. I.; Christensen, O. B.
CECILIA climate indices: Analysis of temperature extremes in Central and Eastern Europe

Maraun, D. ; Rust, H.W.; Osborn, T.J.
The annual cycle of UK daily precipitation extremes.

Abaurrea, J.; Asín, J.; Cebrián, A.C.; Gracia, Z.
Assessing the disproportionate response rates observed in extreme precipitation indices

Groisman, P.; Knight, R.; Karl, T.; Wehner, M.; Reynolds, R.; Razuvaev, V.; Zhai, P.
Changes in extreme events in the northern extratropics

Halenka, T.; Belda, M.; Miksovsky, J.; Skalak, P.
Extremes in high resolution regional climate model: Preliminary results of simulations in EC FP6 project CECILIA

Goyette, S.
Application of the transilient turbulence parameterization to the simulation of wind gust in a Regional Climate Model

Walsh, R.P.D.; Ellison, S.; Los, S.; Kok, T.C.; Peng, L.C.
Changes in large daily rainfall magnitude-frequency in Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia over the last hundred years

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