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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV18 New monitoring techniques applied to active volcanoes

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

de Michele, M.; Briole, P.
Deformation between 1989 and 1997 at Piton de la Fournaise volcano retrieved from correlation of panchromatic airborne images

Corradini, S.; Piccolo, C.; Rodgers, C. D.; Dudhia, A.; Grainger, R. G.; Pugnaghi, S.
SO2 volcanic plume retrieval using TES nadir measurements. Feasibility study.

Nisii, V.; Saccorotti, G.; Del Pezzo, E.
A wavelet coherence array processing procedure for mapping Long-Period (LP) and Very Long-Period (VLP)seismicity at active volcanoes

Milyukov, V; Kopaev, A; Kozyreva, A; Myasnikov, A
Monitoring the state of the Elbrus volcano based on observations of lithosphere strains

Neri, M.; Burton, M.; Giammanco, S.; Behncke, B.; Privitera, E.; Condarelli, D.
Eruptive and geodynamic activity at Mt. Etna (Italy) monitored through continuous soil radon measurements

Mattia, M.; Aloisi, M.; Rossi, M.; Amore, M.; Pellegrino, D.; Pulvirenti, M.; Belfiore, V.; Palano, M.; Bruno, V.
1996 – 2006: 10 years of GPS monitoring of the volcanic complexes of the Aeolian Island: new data for the characterization of relationships between structural patterns and volcanic activity for Stromboli and Vulcano islands (Sicily, Italy)

Andronico, D.; Corsaro, R.A.; Cristaldi, A.; Polacci, M.
Monitoring high energetic Strombolian activity at Stromboli volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy): the example of the 9 January 2005 explosive event

Barazza, F.; Carniel, R.; Falsaperla, S.
Analysis of a highly energetic tremor phase at Mt. Etna, Italy, during the 2002-2003 lava effusion: a dynamical approach.

Di Lieto, B.; Saccorotti, G. ; Galluzzo, D.; La Rocca, M.; Zuccarello, L.; Patanè, D.; Scarpa, R.
Quantative analysis of tremor wavefield at Mt. Etna during eruptive processes with the use of dense seismic arrays.

Saggiani, G.; Ceruti, A.; Amici, S.; Buongiorno, M.F.; Romeo, G.
UAV systems volcano monitoring: first test on Stromboli on October 2004

Gottsmann, J.; Rymer, H.; Wooller, L.
Identifying short-term gravity variations at hydrothermally active restless calderas: The case of Nisyros, Greece

Métaxian, J. P.; O'Brien, G. S.; Bean, C. J.; Mora, M.
Seismic wave simulation on Arenal Volcano (Costa Rica): Evidence of topographic effects

Scarpa, R; Amoruso, A.; Crescentini, L.; Romano, P.; De Cesare, W.; Martini, M.; Scarpato, G.; Linde, A.T.; Sacks, S.I.
Detection of a new uplift episode of Campi Flegrei through a network of borehole strainmeters and seismometers

Bagnato, E.; Aiuppa, A.; Mather, T.A.; Parello, F.; Pyle, D.M.; Wangberg, I.; Calabrese, S.
Preliminary estimates of volcanic gaseous and particulate-phase mercury emissions at Mt. Etna and Vulcano Island

Zuccarello, L.; Di Grazia, G.; Saccorotti, G.
Localization of volcanic tremor using array analysis and amplitude distribution.

Pesci, A.; Conforti, D.; Fabris, M.; Loddo, F.; Vesuvius-Team
Terrestrial laser scanner and volcanoes: the high-definition 3-D model of the Vesuvius crater (Naples, Italy) and integration with aerial digital photogrammetry.

De Rosa, M.; Gagliardi, G.; Rocco, A.; Somma, R.; De Natale, P.; De Natale, G.
A diode-laser–based spectrometer for continuous in situ measurements of volcanic gases (CO2, H2O) concentration and soil degassing at Vulcano (Aeolian islands: Italy).

Kervyn, M.; Harris, A.J.L; Mbede, E.; Jacobs, P.; Ernst, G.G.J
MODIS thermal remote sensing monitoring of low-intensity anomalies at volcanoes: Oldoinyo Lengai (Tanzania) and the MODLEN algorithm

Petti, P.; Amoruso, A.; Crescentini, L.; Scarpa, R.
Retrieval of inflation point parameters from geodetic data in the presence of a partially locked ring fault

Corsaro, R.A.; Civetta, L.; Di Renzo, V.; Miraglia, L.
Dynamics of 2004-2005 Mt. Etna eruption as inferred from monitoring of glass and bulk rocks compositions

Lodato, L.; Dehn, J.; Harris, A.; Spampinato, L.
Preliminary thermal data using a continuously recording A 40 (FLIR) camera at the Vulcano La Fossa Fumarole Field (Italy)

De Angelis, S.
Spectral analyses of long period earthquakes with extended coda recorded at Mt. Spurr, Alaska, by use of the Sompi method

Mangiagli, S.; Reitano, D.; Pecora, E.; Biale, E.; D'Agostino, M.; Torrisi, O.; Amantia, A.; La Via, M.
Multidisciplinary Monitoring System of Eastern Sicily (Italy) devised by a specialist team (UFSO) at the INGV-Catania Section, Italy.

Jousset, P.; Chouet, B.
Evidence for sustained long-period seismicity in Bouillante Northern hydrothermal system, Guadeloupe

Masotti, M.; Falsaperla, S.; Langer, H. ; Spampinato, S.; Campanini, R.
A new Automatic Pattern Recognition Approach for the Classification of Volcanic Tremor at Mount Etna, Italy

Le Pichon, A.; Drob, D.; Vergniolle, S.; Lardy, M.
Infrasound monitoring of volcanoes: a remote sensing method of the upper atmosphere

Bobrowski, N.; Wagner, T.; Platt, U.
Corrections for SO2 fluxes by radiative transfer investigations in volcanic plumes

Wadge, G.; Macfarlane, D.G.; James, M.; Robertson, D.A.; Pinkerton, H.; Odbert, H.M.; Applegarth, L.J.
Remote measurement of lava flux at Arenal and Soufriere Hills volcanoes using AVTIS

Paoletti, V. ; Fedi , M.; Florio , G.; Rapolla , A.; Motschka, K. ; Supper , R.
High-resolution airborne survey of the Ischia volcanic island (withdrawn)

Patanè, D.; Saccorotti, G.; Chiarabba, C.; Zuccarello, L.; AETNATOMO Scientific Team
AETNATOMO: a passive seismological experiment at Mt. Etna to improve the resolution of volcanic structure and to define the magmatic regions source of seismo-volcanic signals.

Kniess, R.; Hoffmann-Rothe, A.; Ibs-von Seht, M.
Instrumentation of the Krakatau Monitoring System (Indonesia)

Colini, L.; Doumaz, F.; Buongiorno, M. F.; Neri, M.; Mazzarini, F.
Generation of high resolution Digital Elevation Models using Remote Sensing optical stereo data: application to Mount Etna test site, Italy. (withdrawn)

Guilbert, J.; Jammes, S.; Gunawan, P.; Atje, M.; Assef, T.
Proof of concept for a global survey of volcanic activity in Indonesia-Philippine using infrasound array in Kalimantan

Conforti, D.; Pesci, A.; Fabris, M.; Loddo, F.; Anzidei, M.; Baldi, P.; Pingue, F.; Pinto, L.
Terrestrial lidar (laser) scanner technology applied to survey the Vesuvio volcano (Italy) for geological and geo-morphological analysis.

Tammaro, U.; De Martino, P.; Godano, C.; Obrizzo, F.; Sepe, V.; Dolce, M.; Brandi, G.; Malaspina, S.; Serio, C.; Pingue, F.
Permanent GPS network (CGPS) operating at neapolitan active volcanoes (Italy). Data acquisition and processing.

Falsaperla, S. ; Beranzoli, L.; Langer, H. ; Montuori, C. ; Sgroi, T.; Spampinato, S.
Volcanic Tremor Analysis at Mt. Etna, Italy, from Remote Land and Offshore Seismic Stations opens new Frontiers in Volcano Seismology

Lokmer, I.; Bean, C.J.; Saccorotti, G.
Analysis of the source of the LP sequence recorded before the 2004 Mt. Etna eruption

Salerno, G.; Spampinato, L.; Burton , M.; Calvari, S.; Lodato, L.; Caltabiano, T.; Andronico, D.; Condarelli , D.; Longo, V.; Mure’, F.
Degassing and thermal release relationship as a marker of anomalous activity on Stromboli (Italy)

Di Filippo, M.; Di Nezza, M.; Toro, B.
New gravity interpretations in the northen and eastern side of the Colli Albani Volcanic District: first results

Pugliano, G.; Crisci, M.; Obrizzo, F.; Pingue, F.; Sepe, V.
Campi Flegrei caldera monitoring with short GPS observation times

Bailey, J; Dehn, J; Dean, K; Webley, P
Observation of active volcanoes from space: The role of remote sensing in monitoring Augustine volcano

Parmigiani, S.; Lungarini, L.; Troise, C.; Crippa, B.; De Natale, G.
1994-1998 Differential InSAR data inversion at Mt Etna including the topographic correction in data analysis. A simple deformation source for a complex volcano structure ?

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