Scientific Committee

Werner Eugster Scientific Committee Chair  
Otto Klemm Conference Host  
Robert Schemenauer Past Scientific Committee Chair  
Jörg Bendix Fog in Remote Sensing  
Simon Berkowicz Dew  
Daniel Beysens Dew  
Sampurno Bruijnzeel Fog in Ecohydrology  
Pilar Cereceda Organizer 4th Congress  
Shih-Chieh Chang Fog and Ecosystems  
Jeff Collett Fog Chemistry  
Ismail Gultepe Cloud Physics  
Manabu Igawa Organizer 6th Congress  
Detlev Möller Fog Chemistry and History  
Esmaiel Malek Clouds & Energy Budgets  
Victoria Marzol Fog Collection  
Jose M. Molina Fog Collection  
Hannes Rautenbach Organizer 3rd Congress  
Martha Scholl Isotopes  
Mietek Sobik Fog Climatology  
Conrado Tobon Fog and Ecosystems  
Mitsuo Uematsu Organizer 6th Congress  
Michael Witiw Education Outreach