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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH5.4 Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warnings (co-listed in SM, TS & OS)

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Koehler, N.; Wenzel, F.; Boese, M.
PreSEIS - Applications to a Neural Network Approach for Earthquake Early Warning

Stempniewski, L.; Tyagunov, S.; Rönnau, C.
Decision support tool for seismic risk mitigation in earthquake prone areas

Behrens, J.; Androsov, A.; Harig, S.; Klaschka, F.; Mentrup, L.; Pranowo, W. S.; Cui, H. Y.; Schröter, J.; Hiller, W.
Design and performance testing of a multi-sensor quick assimilation technique for tsunami early warning in the GITEWS simulation system

Trendafiloski, G.; Wyss, M.; Rosset, P.
New loss estimation module implemented in QUAKELOSS2: Case study M6.6 Bam earthquake

Rosset, P.; Trendafiloski, G.; Wyss, M.
Use of seismic wave propagation data for loss estimates in QUAKELOSS2: from regional to local

Di Giacomo, D.; Grosser, H.; Parolai, S.; Wang, R.; Bormann, P.
Rapid determination of energy magnitude from P-waves of teleseismic seismograms

Hoechner, A.; Babeyko, A. Y.; Sobolev, S. V.
GPS-based inversion: a sensitivity analysis and application to past and possible events

Luckett, R; Ottemoller, L; Baptie, B; Whitmore, P
A Tsunami Warning System for the Northeast Atlantic

Brune, S; Babeyko, A. Y.; Sobolev, S. V.
Using tiltmeters for early warning of tsunamis generated by huge submarine landslides

Delouis, B.; Charlety, J.; Vallée, M.
Fast determination of earthquake source parameters from strong motion records: Mw, focal mechanism, and slip distribution

Korolev, Yu.
On the creation of a local tsunami early warning service.

Ionescu, C.; Marmureanu, A.; Marmureanu, G.
The first European early warning system (EWS) for deep strong Vrancea earthquakes is working

Lobkovsky, L.; Kisel'man, B.; Mazova, R.
Possibility of strong earthquake and tsunamis in zone of residual seismic gap in region of Central Kuriles

Christophersen, A.; Wiemer, S.
Would you sleep in a tent after a moderate earthquake in your neighbourhood?

Papadopoulos, G.A.
NATNEG: the national tsunami network of Greece

Babeyko, A. Y.; Hoechner, A.; Sobolev, S. V.
Modeling tsunami generation for local tsunami early warning in Indonesia

Raveloson, R.; Sodoudi, F.; Kind, R.
Broadband Seismometers are good tsunameter

Charléty, J.; Vallée, M.; Delouis, B.
Fast Source Parameter Estimation from Green Function Deconvolution: Application to Shallow Earthquakes

Cua, G.; Maechling, P.; CISN Earthquake Early Warning Group
Evaluating and comparing performance of earthquake early warning algorithms

Picozzi, M.; The SAFER and EDIM work groups
Seismological and early warning activities of the SOSEWIN

Fleming, K.; SAFER and EDIM work groups
Outline of the Self-Organising Seismic Early Warning Information Network

Michelini, A.; Faenza, L.; Lauciani, V.
ShakeMap® Implementation in Italy

Fleming, K.; The SAFER and EDIM work groups
Generation of alert and shake maps from data provided by the Self-Organising Seismic Early Warning Information Network

Satriano, C.; Zollo, A.; Iannaccone, G.; RISSC-Lab
The Irpinia Seismic Network (ISNet): a modern facility for earthquake early warning

Tinti, S.; Armigliato, A.; Bressan, L.; Manucci, A.; Pagnoni, G.; Zaniboni, F.
An algorithm for the detection of tsunami signals on sea-level records

Wächter, J; Löwe, P; Häner, R
The Distant Early Warning System (DEWS) Project - A standard-based Reference Model for Integrated Tsunami Early Warning Systems

Milkereit, C.; The SAFER and EDIM work groups
The Self-Organising Seismic Early Warning Information Network, a new concept

Heglmeier, S.; Lichtblau, B.; Nachtigall, J.; The SAFER and EDIM work groups
The Self-Organizing Seismic Early Warning Information Network: Network Software

Krueger, F.; Ohrnberger, M.; Roessler, D.
Rupture Imaging of Large Earthquakes With a Poststack Isochrone Migration Method

Kühnlenz, F.; The SAFER and EDIM work groups
Simulating the behaviour of the Self-Organising Seismic Early Warning Information Network

Rudloff, A.; Lauterjung, J.; Muench, U.; Acksel, D.J.; & GITEWS Project Team, .
The german contribution to the Indian Ocean tsunami early warning system GITEWS – Status quo

Lancieri, M.; Zollo, A.
A probabilistic evolutionary approach for the real-time magnitude estimation from the early P and S wave displacement peaks

Rivera, L.; Kanamori, H.
Rapid source inversion of W phase for tsunami warning

Vogfjörd, K. S.; Pétursson, G. G.; Kjartansson, E.; Slunga, R.; Ágústsson, K.; Hjaltadóttir, S.; Gudmundsson, G. B.; Roberts, M.J.; Geirsson, H.; Ármannsdóttir, S.
Seismic and tsunami early warning activities in Iceland.

Zulfikar, A.C.; Cagnan, Z.; Sesetyan, K.; Demircioglu, M.; Durukal, E.; Erdik, M.
Development of a Shake Map Archive for Recent Earthquakes in Turkey

Zollo, A.; Iannaccone, G.; Convertito, V.; Elia, L.; Festa, G.; Lancieri, M.; Martino, C.; Satriano, C.; Gasparini, P.
Development and testing of an earthquake early warning system in southern Italy

Dardala, M.; Smeureanu, I.; Reveiu, A.
Developing geographical information system using software components technologies

Iervolino, I.; Galasso, C.; Manfredi, G.
Toward EEW engineering applications: lead-time maps for the ISNet infrastructure in the Campanian region (southern Italy)

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