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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH4.1 Investigation of historic and prehistoric mass movements (co-listed in GM)

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Yan, SH.J.; Xiang, W.; Tang, H.M.
Shallow Landslides Survey and Rainfall Induction Mechanism Study for Xiang Xi River Basin of Three Gorges Reservoir

Klimes, J.; Vilímek, V. ; Zvelebil, J.
Large-scale slope movements around the Machu Picchu historical monument, Cuzco, Peru

Forczek, I.
Slope deformations endangering historical objects in the Protected Landscape Area Bohemian Paradise

Ehret, D.; Götz, S.; Reschreiter, H.; Rohn, J.; Lang, S.; Rumpler, N.
Analysing Prehistoric Mass Movements in a Salt Mine (Hallstatt, Austria)

Thuro, K.; Berner, Ch.; Eberhardt, E.
The 1806 landslide of Goldau – 200 years after the event

Hatem, M.; Thuro, K.
Distinct element modelling of the 1806 Goldau landslide event

Grützner, C.H.; Fernández-Steeger, T.M.; Reicherter, K.R.; Müller, D.; Rodríguez Bouzo, L.; Silva Barroso, P.G.
Historic and prehistoric landslides and rock falls in the Bolonia Bay region/SW Spain

Petrucci, O.; Calendino, A.; Pasqua, A.A.
A GIS of historical data concerning landslides occurred in north Calabria

Salvati, P.; Guzzetti, F.; Bianchi, C.
A new catalogue of landslides and floods events with human consequences in Italy

Schädler, W.; Ronchetti, F.; Meier, J.; Borgatti, L.; Corsini, A.; Schanz, T.
Deformation modelling of the Valoria earth slide - earth flow and reconstruction of past evolution phases in its head area

Rohn, J.; Ehret, D.; Ruff, M.
Historic earthflows in the Alps – mechanisms, triggering factors and recurrence times

Van Den Eeckhaut, M.; Moeyersons, J.; Poesen, J.; Nyssen, J.; Deckers, J.; Haile, M.; Abraha, A.
Characteristics and consequences of ancient mass movements in the Northern Ethiopian highlands

Pánek, T.; Hradecký, J.; Smolková, V.; Šilhán, K.
Giant Holocene landslides in the Crimean Mountains (Ukraine): types, distribution and predisposition

Petley, D.N.
The global occurrence of fatal landslides in 2007

Smolková, V.; Pánek, T.; Hradecký, J.
Landslide dams in the Czech part of the Flysch Carpathians

Hartvich, F.; Mugnai, F.; Proietti, C.; Smolková, V.; Strom, A.
A reconstruction of a former rockslide-dammed lake: the case of the Kokomeren River valley (Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan)

Castellanos Abella, E.A.; van Westen, C.J.; van Asch, T.; de Jong, S.M.; Begueria, S.; Jetten, V.
Integrating methods for investigating a historic landslide: Jagüeyes landslide case study, Cuba

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